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Bulk Store Thursday Bulk Store Thursday

Costco restocked, here’s some dopeness. Frosted, please disregard this post 🙃

Today's Hawl Today's Hawl

Found some cool stuff today!

New DeLorean! And what's on the bench?  New DeLorean! And what's on the bench? 

I found the new DeLorean release and I had to share it’s pure brilliance. I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen/owned one of the BTTF models in the past, or that odd livery red one that came out last year. But now there’s a new color!

Hawler Hump Day?!  Hawler Hump Day?! 

Seems a lot of people are posting about haulers today, so I’ll give a progress pic of mine. This is that maisto I showed a week or so ago. Much better colors though. I am enjoying this one.

Nate's Summer Cleanout Nate's Summer Cleanout

Id prefer to sell these in lots. Send me an email at nateunderconstruction at Gmail.

Sweet Hawl(er) Sweet Hawl(er)

Found this guy looking for some team transports. While the car is of no interest, the truck certainly is! The scale is great and the bed slides back! This is going to be a future custom. Cool find!

I need some help LaLD 1:18ers! I need some help LaLD 1:18ers!

Ive been seeing many of these floating around eBay. I want one. But does anybody know who makes it, is it anything close to the pictures? Is it worth $100 like most vendors are charging (this ibe is $60 but with 0 feedback so maybe not a smart buy) Really any info would be great, it looks unbranded to me.

British Racing Tuesday British Racing Tuesday

I guess I never really updated on you all on this project. Shes been done for a while, sitting pretty on display in my living room. I love how this came out, the green is perfect, the details came out well (as long as I don’t zoom to closely haha).


Here it is, we all knew somebody had to do an SUV. The hot paint isn’t really traditional for VIP, so I’ll say its more fitting to the stance segment. I dig it, its super low. The Land Rover Evoque Coupe from Matchbox got the new 50th anniversary wheels from HW. I was saving these for another build, but they’re too…

Late Radwood entry! Late Radwood entry!

I know, I’m awful. I was away this weekend so now I’ll post up a little radness. Big body bimmer shown here. I know the MBX cast is better but this color is a stock HW color and it’s so good. Just giving a little love to this generally unloved cast.

A Blue Exclusive and Some Project Updates A Blue Exclusive and Some Project Updates

Hey Guys, I’ve been a bit busy this summer, but heres what I’ve been up to.

They do Exist!  They do Exist! 

I haven’t been able to do a lot of hunting lately, but have been keeping an eye on 20 packs to find this white (or blue as we see here) whale. I guess you can find them in 9packs too!

Nate's spring cleaning! Nate's spring cleaning!

Email me at nateunderconstruction at gmail if interested!

New Diorama Under Construction New Diorama Under Construction

So, I found a cool piece when I was home visiting my parents. Its an old crusher yard that I had as a kid. I thought I’d turn it into a good place to grab some pics of some of my scummier cars. Ratty cars are more fun to build anyway. Mistakes can just become friendly little shrubs *cue Bob Ross vid here*

My Tee arrived!  My Tee arrived! 

Mclaren Moustache bonus!

Nate13 Lald Car Week: Wild Nate13 Lald Car Week: Wild

I finally get to post my Warhol M1 art car! Seemed like the perfect time since wild day on car week is the only category it fits into. It’s been done for a while but with the color mix it’s hard to photograph.

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