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11/10 would drive 11/10 would drive

Fun fact: a ‘91 Chevy Lumina sedan was the first car I ever drove at the age of 9 after riding in it almost every day of my life to that point, and I drove it to its final resting place in the junkyard since it was our fourth car at the time and had a leaky rear main seal but was otherwise perfect (except for the…

Yessss Yessss

$120 from a coworker for this lightly used VR headset. Very excited to get home and thrash around in Assetto Corsa!

Mazda6 Suspension fixed! Mazda6 Suspension fixed!

Nice shiny control arms! The car made death noises when going over bumps and under accel the tire would actually touch the front of the wheel well due to the slop in the bushings. One of the ball joints was also SUPREMELY sketch. 2 hours later I had replaced both frontupper control arms and the lower rear front…

Soul Red Soul Red

This color is the absolute business. Saw this car while walking around and snapped a couple shots of it. I love the way this color plays with the light.

Cozy Cozy

MIL finally found the spare engine for my wife’s bike so I hauled it to my storage unit so it doesn’t get lost again. There it will stay until we have a house next year then Michaela and I can restore her Rebel 250 to better-than-new condition and go riding! She’s wanting a teal color scheme (think 90s Honda teal)…

2JZ muffler delete exhaust. 2JZ muffler delete exhaust.

I’m a pretty big fan of this straight-6 thing. I just wish it had a manual. The auto is fucking terrible.

Year in Review: fuck it edition Year in Review: fuck it edition

Let’s drink. Here’s hoping 2019 turns out better.

Bike things! Bike things!

Happy Holidays, Oppo. Got my bike torn down a bit last night. Airbox is out (without breaking it!), seat and tank are off, wiring harness is out. Going to piece together a new working wiring harness out of the new one I have with bad controls, and my bad harness with good controls. Sounds like a plan. Also going to…

Telluride Cars & Colors VLOG: Last day! Telluride Cars & Colors VLOG: Last day!

For the one person who still cares, here’s the last day of my end-of-summer trip to Telluride Colorado for the Cars & Colors event. We saw some cars. Was neat.

So what you do is take an SUV and put it on bags So what you do is take an SUV and put it on bags

Did some light painting last night. Was a good time. 5 hours of shooting + editing for three photos, lol. 

It sleeps It sleeps

Plans! New wiring harness. Gauges. Turn signals. New levers/controls. Pod filters. Rebuild/clean carbs. New jets. Strip fuel tank. Build new tail section. After all that I can do tires. Paint... eventually. Exhaust at some point.

Frosty the Honda Frosty the Honda

A brisk 27 degree ride to work this morning. It wasn’t an enormous fan of idling.

It lives! It lives!

Now with 100% fewer coolant leaks!


I find myself incredibly unhappy with the lexus suddenly and was looking at CTS-Vs and other such manual shenanigans. Quoted an ‘05 CTSV on my insurance and it came to $280/mo just for that car. Thinking “hm” I quoted something a bit more reasonable and put in a CPO 2016 Ford Focus base model hatch. $340/mo. Guess I’m…

Oppo Educate Me: 1st-gen CTSV Oppo Educate Me: 1st-gen CTSV

C5 Z06 with four doors and for half the price? Sign me the fuck up.

Old Man Convention 2k18 Old Man Convention 2k18

Update: Still want a C5 withastick.

The best idea The best idea

This 180k mile Buick LeSabre Custom is for sale locally for $850. Bad trans. My friend just got a free 4MT Iron Duke Pontiac Fiero which he is going to use for a couple youtube videos and then scrap. Said 4MT will bolt right into a LeSabre, and after some minor clutch pedal and shifter mount fabricobbling would be the…

I want it.

This would probably be the most reliable thing I’d ever own.

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