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Oppopinion: Toyota Paseo Oppopinion: Toyota Paseo

It’s like a Tercel but smaller. How reliable are these things? Fuel economy is rated 31-39, is that accurate? Anybody ever owned one of these snoozeboxes?

Engine | Bike Engine | Bike

A pallet arrived today!


The edmunds long-term Model 3 test isn’t looking very rosy.

yay! yay!

Little help and some motorcycle stands from a buddy and we got the busted engine out of the Vulcan! New engine goes in on Tuesday! This was fairly easy to take out. Had to go buy an 8mm deep socket to get the clutch lever out but everything else was reasonably painless.

Honda Fury: Oppo Review Honda Fury: Oppo Review

The Honda Fury is the 1300cc factory-modified cruiser that nobody remembers existing. I spent three hours in the seat of one yesterday, and here’s why I believe it deserves to be forgotten.

C&C Stuff! C&C Stuff!

First: The McLaren literally nobody has heard of.

Dun. Dun.

Engine = ordered. I was going to go with a Ninja 500 engine but the end result would have been a torqueless wonder of a cruiser and would have taken $100 in carb tuning parts to make it run right. It’s my daily, I need it to Just Work (tm). Now I need to strap on the go-pro and make a Fast Not Loud episode out of…

But why though But why though

I am so confused.

Hahaha, crap. Hahaha, crap.

Good news! Found my tappet screw. Bad news! Guess where my valve is?

Went and drove a 300 Went and drove a 300

Imagine this but much more beat up and way overpriced. It was in the wholesale lot at a local dealership so I went by to drive it around a little. Diver front end was mushed up, passenger door handle missing, some interior bits were just gone, the dashboard was a Christmas tree (lol MY2005 things), and it hat 140k.…

OMG Want

ok now tell me all the reasons why this is a horrible idea and i’ll ignore them while doing big smokey burnouts in a hemi station wagon

Good news! Good news!

I think my engine is fixable. Read on.

Wait, what?

When did these get cheap? Last I knew any Mustang GT was automatically $7-12k. I was waxing nostalgic about my last S197 and decided to hop onto AutoTempest...

Well fuck Well fuck

“pop, knock knock knock” followed by loss of power is not really the best way to end the evening. RIP Vulcan.

Screw you Kawasaki Screw you Kawasaki

These stupid rubber boots are the DUMBEST SHIT.

FNL Video: Rebuilding the starter on the Vulcan 500 FNL Video: Rebuilding the starter on the Vulcan 500

Do you like James May’s The Reassembler? Do you wish it was less entertaining? Well do I have the deal for you!

Photos! Photos!

This quaint-as hell coffee shop, music store, and a barber shop are just randomly chilling out in the middle of a neighborhood. Haven’t done proper photoshoot in a while so this was fun.


Local photography buddy wanted to shoot a motorcycle. I have a motorcycle. Effect was done by lighting a bunch of strips of tshirt on fire tied to a chain on the end of a pole. Open the shutter and walk behind the bike with it. Lot more to it but that’s the gist.

Glorious silence Glorious silence

I successfully, after 4 hours of everything that could go wrong going wrong, attached Ninja 500 factory mufflers to my Vulcan 500. Pics and before/after video after the jump.

First bike trip = completed First bike trip = completed

Rode an hour up to autocross on the Vulcan. Of course once it was over I went around the course on the bike, which was hilarious fun.

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