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Why am I at work instead of watching the last four episodes of this damn show?! If you had even a passing interest in Gurren Lagann this is 100% “your shit”. It is shockingly similar from a 1,000 foot perspective but the characters are all nuanced enough to carry the show and (most) of the supporting characters aren’t…

God damn it

This mazda6 is a fucking pile and this clutch job has turned into a $1200 affair. Son of a whore.

Bored at work Bored at work

Post motorcycles

im having a good time im having a good time

pardon typing I’m increasingly fucking drunk. So this mazda6 I bought for my wife. Got it from a buddy in texas who has been daily driving it since he picked it up in january or some shit like that. Good guy. I trust him. I hitch a ride down to texas to pick it up and he shows up that evening awkward like “uh so I…

Lexus update.

Insurance guy just came by. $8k+ in damage. Car NADAs at $5400 so yeah she’s dead jim. So now insurance pays my bank and the loan gets paid off. Doubt I’ll get much “extra” money to speak of, but my concern at this point is that once the insurance company pays the bank now the insurance company owns the car. If I want…


Hoover, yet again, buys one of my dream cars. A manual Aston Martin DB7.


Mazda6 V6 Manual Wagon. I had no idea they sold this here.

oh fun oh fun

Insurance appraiser called last night and said the lexus may be totaled. N E A T. Dunno what I’ll do if that’s the case.

Yeet Yeet

Came in last night at 1am from Texas and it was 40 degrees and raining. Told michaela to take the sportcross to work the next day because I knew how to baby the clutch in the Mazda to keep it from somehow blowing up completely and stranding her somewhere.

New whip for the wife New whip for the wife

2003 Mazda6 V6 5MT. 160k miles, 2 owners, complete maintenence records since new. Needs clutch and front wheel bearings. $1500. Cruises real nice on the highway and got about 25mpg. Leather seats, bose, has an aux cable added. Is car. Does car things.

Yes. Yes.

Stance the appliances. Stance them all. I love everything about this. The slab sides and insanely simplistic styling of the Malibu (most would call it “bland as fuck”) works EXCELLENTLY for this application. I applaud you, stanced malibu man.


Wow look at it go.

Drove a couple things tonight. Drove a couple things tonight.

CT6 Platinum and an F100 with an unsynchronized 3 on the tree and no brakes. Nailing a downshift on that thing is better than sex.

Wago-hatch Wago-hatch

What defines a ‘wagon’?

I give up. I give up.

Final word from the insurance company is $4400 for the Miata. Minus a $500 deductible, and $550ish to buy the car back. I’ve got $3,300 for a car. And spoiler alert the pickings are REAL SLIM this time of year. And now I have to find someplace to store this stupid car so I can yank the powertrain and interior and…

Insurance is fun

After three back-and-forths with the insurance company they’re insisting my car is only worth $4400. After my last email the response is a boilerplate “I will be out of the office” thing that contains the original incorrect appraisal (missing several options) and they STILL have not responded to my request for a…

omg omg

After driving the Hyundai Accent rental for a few days the Lexus is the absolute most sporty thing that ever sported. The steering has so much feel, there’s so much torque, it’s so damn faaaast.


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