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mrsfinch's musings from an old fart: What you do collect, or what have you collected?  Is there anything you once collected that you never want to see again?

mrsfinch has a bad Etsy habit. I mean, a baaaaad Etsy habit. It’s so cheap! And easy! I don’t even need to leave my seat! “But mrsfinch,” I hear you say, “how can you have a bad Etsy habit when we already know that Casa Finch is crammed to the rafters with stuff?” Well, my doves, this is because mrsfinch has a…

Meanwhile, in Canada ... mrsfinch would totally do this

And I will do it as soon as I can find a dinosaur costume with an adequate field of vision.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... Chrome cow sheds shards, neighbours nonplussed

Meanwhile, in Canada ... How your misinformation sausage gets made, and by whom

mrsfinch is STILL laughing, even though it makes her cough.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... Operation Jockstrap straps on

I am, however, slightly concerned by the following sentence:

Meanwhile, in Canada ... we value our raccoons Meanwhile, in Canada ... we value our raccoons

To the point where a subway was delayed in order for Animal Services to come and grab the little guy rather than running him over.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... mrsfinch cannot stop laughing

... at former Toronto Maple Leaf Phil Kessel’s lame-ass performance in this plug for the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Star Wars promotion night.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... there is no love like the love of a hockey player

As Stompin’ Tom Connors said, it’s the best game you can name. 

Strange choices for the Jezebel drop-down menu

Every now and then I click on something I think is new and it’s a way old post from way back ... the last two having been authored by terrible human being Hugo Schwyzer, today’s being

BlaurghTalk! BlaurghTalk!

Bertolt’s on the other side of the world, so without even asking I’m just throwing up a quick BlaurghPost for all y’all, as I’m pretty sure there’s some blaurgh out there that needs to be blaurghed out.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... one brave woman asks you to think before you pink

A serious note for a change, my kind and patient readers. mrsfinch has very strong feelings about pinkwashing, and is always pathetically glad to find she is not the only one.

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