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Meanwhile, in Canada ... someone has a bad idea

The school is a very old one (by our standards), founded in 1867. It predates even St Misanthrope’s. It seems like someone didn’t do their due diligence.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... it's election day in Ontario

... amd even better than the BEWARE OF DOUG signs or the VOTE FOR ZOD signs, there is this house ...

Meanwhile, in Canada ... Doug Ford is having a bad week

The beastliness of the Fords knows no bounds.

mrsfinch's musings from an old fart: What's your morning routine?

What’s your morning routine? I ask because mine was disturbed this morning. The guys were coming to look at the plumbing under the sink and in the bathroom, so on top of all my usual morning stuff I had to pull out everything under the kitchen sink and also vanquish the pee pads and anything else that might suggest…

mrsfinch's musings from an old fart: What you do collect, or what have you collected?  Is there anything you once collected that you never want to see again?

mrsfinch has a bad Etsy habit. I mean, a baaaaad Etsy habit. It’s so cheap! And easy! I don’t even need to leave my seat! “But mrsfinch,” I hear you say, “how can you have a bad Etsy habit when we already know that Casa Finch is crammed to the rafters with stuff?” Well, my doves, this is because mrsfinch has a…

Meanwhile, in Canada ... mrsfinch would totally do this

And I will do it as soon as I can find a dinosaur costume with an adequate field of vision.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... Chrome cow sheds shards, neighbours nonplussed

Meanwhile, in Canada ... How your misinformation sausage gets made, and by whom

mrsfinch is STILL laughing, even though it makes her cough.

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