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:( :(

No HEMTTs for sale today... :(

"Taillight Fluid" "Taillight Fluid"

Was in car the other day, and saw something in the taillight of a 944. Turns out, there was actual fluid inside the rear left light. No, I’m not kidding. It was quite humorous.

I might be insane... I might be insane...

But I’ve been wondering: is there any way to tune an engine such that it makes 200 horsepower per liter or greater? Inquiring minds want to know.

Quality. Quality.

First off, a picture of a V90 to make this quasi-relevant.

V10 V10

I feel a special love for this.

Some questions. Some questions.

So before Oppo gets sold, I have some questions.

why why

why does it always have to be on a Sunday?

Cat Videos Cat Videos

The internet loves cat videos, right?



Strangleheld (Rock, Disappointment, and Kinja.) Strangleheld (Rock, Disappointment, and Kinja.)

So, it’s Sunday, the Seahawks are playing the Browns, and Kinja’s been keeping my posts from posting anywhere but on a Surface RT tablet. Weird, huh? It just seems to show the “saving” screen, then deletes my post from existence. Lost a pretty funny (but technical) post to it, sadly. I might remake that one, though.


I feel dumber for even reading any of this.


this is a thing

My new background My new background

Feel free to steal this.

Opinions And Dumb Shit Opinions And Dumb Shit

Let’s jump right in, shall we?


Mid-Friday CAH? Sure.

Orthodontia Orthodontia

On Tuesday, the twenty-fifth of August, two thousand fifteen, it will have been eight and a half years (to the day!) since I got my braces on. It will also have been the fifth day since I got them off. Rejoice! Unfortunately, I have to wear retainers full-time for four months...


Password is “oppo”, without quotes. Don’t complain if it doesn’t work, goddamnit.


Password is “oppo’s back!” without the quotes, of course.

Custom Tips & Tricks? Custom Tips & Tricks?

So, I’m going to try and custom a relatively new Maisto Dodge Viper 2013. I have it disassembled and stuff. Any tips on paints, methods, etc?

Network Neutrality Network Neutrality

This is it.

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