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Presented without comment... Presented without comment...

This used to be a Ford Sierra XR4i, apparently. EDIT - apparently not. It seems far more likely that it’s an MG F/TF instead.

Mega clean Eclipse Mega clean Eclipse

I’m still not really sure how I ended up on the Seattle Craigslist looking at Mistsubishis, but I found this. I doubt there are many left that look this good now. I hardly know anything about them though - is $3k a good price?

Confession Confession

I quite like the 2nd Gen Ford Scorpio. They aren’t nearly as ugly as I remember them being, and imagine they’d be great for wafting about in, especially with the Cosworth engine.

RHD Innocenti? RHD Innocenti?

Just how many of these? did they make? I know some things about the cars (An Italian replacement for the Mini, using the same mechanical underpinnings, then later some sourced from Daihatsu - a lovely, and now pretty rare car that some people think should have been sold by British Leyland, rather than spending loads…

Sub £1000 Mini with an MOT? Sub £1000 Mini with an MOT?

Yes please! It’s even an unmessed with example in one of my favorite colours. Everything about it makes it look like a timewarp from the mid 90's. I haven’t got the space or money for another car, especially not a ropey looking old mini I’d have to go hundreds of miles to collect, but I’d still say NP, just because…

150,000 miles on a F355? 150,000 miles on a F355?

Somebody is far, far braver than I am...

Nice and clean Nice and clean

Had some good weather for the first time in a while, so I washed the Mini. Wish it could stay this way rather than getting dirty again...

'Collecting Place of Favorite Motor' 'Collecting Place of Favorite Motor'

What a name for a dealer. Beautiful truck too - if I win the lottery, I’d definitely buy one like this.

Oddest parts compatibility I've ever heard of Oddest parts compatibility I've ever heard of

Ford Pumas have a strong tendency to rot around the rear wheelarches, and when it gets so bad they need repairing, no panel is available. However, when angled correctly, the front wing off a Peugeot 206 is apparently the same shape and size, and as a result, is a near perfect fit. How this was found out, I’ll never…


EDIT - was wrong - checked again, it’s next week :(

New Top Gear tonight New Top Gear tonight

I’m sure this has been discussed to death already, but this actually looks really good. Looking forward to seeing what it’s like.

Well, that's a new one... Well, that's a new one...

Clicked on new post and got this mess, but when I refreshed, it was okay again. Anyone else had this issue?

DD, Track, Burn - Weird cars of the 80's edition DD, Track, Burn - Weird cars of the 80's edition

Choose your poison - by no means bad cars, but the second anything breaks, you’re in trouble...

Anyone know much about Panda 100HPs? Anyone know much about Panda 100HPs?

These have gotten my attention recently, and seem to be pretty great value for money right now, as well as really good fun. I’m just wondering if anyone here knows much about them

What's it worth? What's it worth?

I’m really short on money at the moment, and due to a lot of issues, I feel like the best way to sort them is by getting rid of my Mini. I honestly thought I’d keep it forever, and I know I’ll probably regret selling it, but right now, it seems to be the best solution. As a result, I’m looking for a rough valuation.…

Woah... Woah...

Very expensive, but so brilliant (and rare) I still want it. I can dream, Right? Only 30,000 or so miles too.

Oppoinions on some drawings please Oppoinions on some drawings please

I’ve been trying to learn how to use graphic markers properly, and could do with some help/tips from people that have used them a little more than me - the two drawings above were quick(ish) sketches done with some cheapo no-name brand pens I bought ages ago, but there’s still plenty of areas I can see to improve -…

Am I dreaming? Am I dreaming?

A decent looking S13 for £500? This can’t be real, right? If it wasn’t all the way in Kent, I’d be posting about how I bought it right now. Assuming this isn’t a scam of some kind, can somebody on here please save it before it ends up looking like this -

YouTube recommendations?

It seems like most of the popular car based YouTube channels seem to rely on low effort, clickbait content on stuff I have little interest in, and though I am subscribed to plenty of people, they upload randomly, and usually not very often. As a result, I’m usually lucky to have more than one new video every few days…

Portland oppos - MANUAL XR4Ti FOR $500 Portland oppos - MANUAL XR4Ti FOR $500

If this is for real, someone on here needs to get this - I haven’t seen one like this in a long time. It’s also worth noting that if the faulty U joint is the same as one on a Sierra, it seems to be a part used on most European RWD Fords, so is pretty inexpensive

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