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Massive collector's sale in Little Rock

Maybe this’ll make the front page.

Maybe I do want an electric car...

I’d pretty much decided that next year I want to get a GTI, maybe a Golf R if I can find an acceptable CPO for a not ridiculous number of dollars.

ID that steering wheel (Star Wars-related)

Calling Jason Torchinsky.

The dumbest thing you'll see today The dumbest thing you'll see today

Taken this morning in Austin, amidst a gas shortage panic.

Where'd the gas go?

As some may know, I’ve been battling a non-running Alfa Romeo GTV6 for several months. After doing everything suggested by the AlfaBB crew, I decided to start over - AGAIN - with the basics. After checking compression, visually verifying spark, bypassing various failure-prone components, etc. I decided to drain the…

Is it Kinja or Chrome? Somethin's dun busted

I can’t write more than a few words in Kinja without the cursor jumping back to the beginning. It’s impossibly frustrating and I can’t seem to make it stop!

Recommend a dash cam

Ideally it would also have a rear facing camera. Less than $200. Otherwise...

How the hell do you test drive a new Golf R?

I came up with a new plan, wife approved, to sell both of my cars (yes, my Alfa too - long story) and this fall-ish get a new daily driver that’s not, however comfortable, specifically designed to be non-threatening to middle-aged, middle-management Japanese men who think a BMW is too hardcore, nor a boring 3-box …

Fuel economy goes from crappy to intolerable... ideas?

I have a 2007 Infiniti M35 with 97k miles. My average fuel economy according to the car’s computer and Gas Cubby is 17.6 MPG. That’s not great, but whatever. Since January it has begun to decrease with every fill-up (approximately every 8-10 days), to the point that for the last two it was 15.8 and today 15.4…

Anyone want to buy a non-running Alfa GTV6?

I’m seconds from throwing in the towel, guys. I’m in over my head with this car and have just run out of patience. I fear there’s something badly wrong with the engine, possibly crank related. The problem seems to compound itself with every fix I make.

Asking for a "friend" - mechanical question

Let’s say you, or someone, accidentally mixed up the fuel send and return lines while replacing the hoses, and tried to start the car a few times before you, I mean they, had realized what they’d done. Then let’s say that car began experiencing a number of issues, like erratic and inconsistent fuel pressure and vacuum…

Help me diagnose a misfire and stall - Bosch ignition specialists if you're out there Help me diagnose a misfire and stall - Bosch ignition specialists if you're out there

Here’s a good video of the situation. You can watch the revs go nuts on the multi-meter beginning around :40. It stalls out eventually, with more pronounced misfires starting around the 2:00 mark. Injectors check out, fuel pressure is good. Coil and ignition amplifier are both new. Distributor rotor is fairly new.…

Plug wires question

Can spark plug wires check out for resistance and conductivity when cold, but begin to fail when hot, then check back out again when you pull them off to test them again? My old GTV6 has a BAD problem of missing, stumbling, and stalling, but only AFTER the car is hot. Runs smooth and clean for 10 minutes then it goes…

Radiator issues - Nissan gurus? Radiator issues - Nissan gurus?

I was bleeding some air from my M35's cooling system this weekend to improve my heater output, when the engine-side inlet of the air relief valve (image below - something Nissans have that I’ve never encountered before) broke off inside the hose. After much swearing, when I tried removing the remains it literally…

Howsabout that bullshit... Craigslist bait & switch

I love this. Go ahead. Click the ad. Sure looks like a nice little Spider, huh? yeah. Check out the photos. Go on.

The Mustang meme became extremely unfunny this weekend

“Police state that eyewitnesses observed two Ford Mustangs racing northbound down AW Grimes Road. A red Mustang clipped a minivan and jumped the curb, striking and killing two pedestrians, an adult and child.

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