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Reflections Reflections

I’m currently in Switzerland resting after a surgery on my shoulder, this has given me lots of time to reflect on the effects of my leadership, not just on FCA and Ferrari but my Directorship at Philip Morris International as well.

Announcement: Jalopnik

I am very proud to announce that I have made an offer for Jalopnik to Univision that is currently being considered. I’d like to share my plans for the site once the offer is accepted.

Cruise control testing Cruise control testing

Needs improvement...

Please, someone help me Please, someone help me

How did I get here? Please end my nightmare.

O Geely, Geely! wherefore art thou Geely

Let’s merge already. I’ve eaten 3lbs of pasta and had half a liter of Grappa. It’s now or never. 

Jeep Truck? No, Truck Jeep! Jeep Truck? No, Truck Jeep!

Everyone thinks I’m releasing a JL based truck. Well, I’m actually planning a RAM 1500 based off-roader!

Ads Ads

This whole MLK deal hasn’t gone well. Can I focus group you guys and ask if I should proceed with my Wrangler ad campaign?

Product Research Product Research

Lately we’ve been having great success with the Hellcat program and putting it into most of our vehicles.

Delicious Trademark Infringement Delicious Trademark Infringement

Lawyers! Assemble! I want the settlement paid in chocolate!

Happy FCA (Fucking Christmas Again) Happy FCA (Fucking Christmas Again)

Merry Christmas you filthy poors. May your FCA products bring you safely home from whatever slum your visiting.

Government Contracts Government Contracts

As most of you know, FCA provides a lot of vehicles to municipal, state/provincial and federal organizations (generally law enforcement)...

Recall & Stop Sale: Dodge Journey Recall & Stop Sale: Dodge Journey

It’s come to my attention that we still sell the Dodge Journey (“2018" Model pictured above).

TSB Notice for Alfa Romeo 4C Owners TSB Notice for Alfa Romeo 4C Owners

Please ensure you are keeping your olive oil levels topped up and that you are using an FCA approved brand with the proper viscosity. Your engine’s oil is key in maintaining the driving performance of your 4C