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Time for some new rubber Time for some new rubber

My ‘12 Kia Soul is at about 72k miles with the original tires and I’m getting ready to swap them out for something with a bit more bite. I’m torn between the Kuhmo Ecsta 4Xii and the Continental DWS06.

Southern Ohio Forest Rally photos Southern Ohio Forest Rally photos

I’ve been pretty busy lately but thought I’d share some photos I took at the rally with you guys. I’ve got a few more if anyone is interested.

Better late than never guide for where to eat at the SOFR Better late than never guide for where to eat at the SOFR

Earlier I had mentioned posting a guide for where to eat in Chillicothe for the Southern Ohio Forest Rally but I’ve been busy and never got around to doing it. I figure I can at least take a few minutes and put something together for you guys.

Saw a post on reddit/r/photography on car photography

Figured this would be a good place to share it.

200MB gif of some geese

I got a whole bunch of new gear from my pops and decided to head out with my T2i and my new 80-200 f/4 ai-s lens and see what I could see. It’s a big change for me as the only other zoom lens I’ve ever used is the kit 18-55 lens and now having a manual focus zoom lens with a bit more reach then I’m used to makes it...…

Potatoshopped Potatoshopped

We went to downtown Cincinnati this weekend and got a nice room with a view. All I had on me was my iphone but I got some decent shots. I uploaded this shot to instagram but when I got home I realized there was a fatal flaw.

I should buy a bus I should buy a bus

and by should I mean I will but I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve decided to get into the skoolie lifestyle and I’m currently shopping for buses. I know I want a diesel and I’d really like a bus with a GVWR under 26,000 lbs so I don’t have to get a CDL. I don’t know if I should get hydraulic brakes or air brakes,…

For Torch For Torch

Merry Christmas. Found while browsing imgur.

I've been in a creative funk for a bit I've been in a creative funk for a bit

This is the first thing that has made me want to go out and shoot something in weeks. I just cracked up laughing at this when I saw it. Sharing for anyone who may need the same pick me up.

FF9 Plot Leaked FF9 Plot Leaked

At the end of FF8 they all get sucked though a time portal to 1903 and have to stage an elaborate robbery using period cars.

Getting ready for work tomorrow

Going through and updating a document my boss keeps on the network for items for us to review and I realize after nearly three years my boss doesn’t know how to spell my first or last name. I bust a stitch cracking up at this. Just figured I’d share it with you guys as this is probably the last place anyone else would…

Let's have a discussion Let's have a discussion

How do you define a wagon vs. a crossover? What’s the difference?

The craziest listing The craziest listing

As far as I’ve seen anyways.

Just saw a movie this weekend Just saw a movie this weekend

Finally got to go see Arrival which I wanted to see as soon as it came out but Sunday was the first time I had time free to go see it. It is great. I don’t want to say much more than that here without ruining it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I specifically chose the first teaser trailer to give away as little as…

Driving a slow car fast Driving a slow car fast

What it feels like

Sunriser 400 stuff Sunriser 400 stuff

In light of the good news that Ohio will be on the Rally America schedule I figured I’d share some stuff from the Sunriser400, the rally that was part of the SCCA Pro Rally series that preceded Rally America.

I'm so excited! I'm so excited!

My town is on the Rally America schedule!

2016 automakers “lol”

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