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Can we just stop with the salt? Can we just stop with the salt?

Since shopteacher is sharing his woes with rust I thought I’d join the misery. Like shopteacher I feel like things got exponentially worse this winter. Most of the rust here was not all that noticeable last year.

Last day before heading back to reality  Last day before heading back to reality 

Spent it like a true Bahamian, with a conch salad and a Kalik on the beach

God damn brits 

Trying to take over the world again

McMike’s scrounging for those precious internet points

I love stumbling across fellow opponauts in other corners of the internet.

These ice storms can go back to Oklahoma where they belong These ice storms can go back to Oklahoma where they belong

Things are going to be a shit show around here very shortly. It’s been raining all day and the temperature is dropping to 0F by tomorrow morning. The rain just changed to snow too.


While I’m sure we can all agree that Miller Lite/Coors Light/Bud Light all technically meet the definition of beer we’d rather drink something else. That being, said I’m enjoying the stupidity of this new “controversy” about corn syrup.

Paging shopteacher

Found a possible rally cross replacement...I’m not in a position to be buying anything right now unfortunately.

The Czech “secret weapon”

Came across this on Reddit, figured you lot would appreciate it

 Someone must have called Mayor O'Reilley

Updated: Wednesday January 30 10:43 a.m. EST The current Mayor of Dearborn, Mayor John B. “Jack” O’Reilly, has ordered the issue of Dearborn Historian containing this deep dive into Ford’s anti-semitism not be sent into circulation, Deadline Detroit reports. O’Reilly took exception to the cover of the quarterly…

That's just good writing

If “trickle down” means the government and business come together to piss on workers, we’re in good shape.

The old girl still impresses The old girl still impresses

So I’m tearing apart our basement bathroom and closet attached to the bedroom. First off I found this lovely wallpaper hiding behind a wall mounted cabinet.

Zoidberg bait Zoidberg bait

Actually wait...screw you I want it

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