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This is why we can’t have nice things This is why we can’t have nice things

So much salt, and that rust is starting to get bad

Jackwad  Jackwad 

Some jackwad hit my wife’s mirror and broke the cover while we were inside a restaurant eating. They must’ve known too because the mirror wasn’t on the ground below the drivers side mirror but in a snow bank on the passenger side. I mean it’s only like a $50 piece of plastic (at most) leave a god damn note. I probably…

Any snowboarders/skiers know what this is saying?

I was reading this article and am somewhat confused by this passage

But what about the boat?

Reading through this frontpage article about restoring Range Rovers and I just keep going back to this part...

Goodnight from Animal Kingdom Goodnight from Animal Kingdom

I’m tired as shit, it was worth it though

The coolest dude in Florida The coolest dude in Florida

I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but when we were driving back from Florida a few weeks ago as we were heading north, I notice this guy in the southbound lane pulling a camper. Why is he the coolest dude in Florida? Well he was pulling one of these

Oppo Politics Oppo Politics

Buffer image

Stevie Ray Vaughan Stevie Ray Vaughan

I figured you guys would find this interesting. I am a volunteer ski patroller at the ski hill that Stevie Ray Vaughan’s helicopter crashed on, until this year I never knew there was a memorial plaque near the crash site.

Secret Senna (2/3) Secret Senna (2/3)

Now what vehicle does this key ring get matched to? The ‘vette already has a Ferrari F40 key ring so that’s out. So does it go on my slow truck or my less slow truck? Lol.

Fuuu....     Need advice oppo: Updated Fuuu....     Need advice oppo: Updated

So we had the pistons and rings replaced on my wife’s Matrix from Toyota’s oil consumption recall. She drove the car back from the dealership Monday night and was only driven on a short trip once during the week. Last night we leave to go to a friends house and I notice the oil light start flickering as we leave our…

Yay! Secret Senna arrived today Yay! Secret Senna arrived today

This is awesome. I’m going to have to find some frames for these. Apparently this is one of 3 too! You’re awesome whoever you are.

80 degrees later 80 degrees later

Amazing what a difference a short 20 hour car ride can make.

Any opponauts from Georgia? Any opponauts from Georgia?

Cause WTF is with the cops? Just finished a road trip from Wisconsin to Florida and saw more cops with their radars out and people pulled over than the rest of the states combined. By a large margin too.

Hahaha (NSFW) Hahaha (NSFW)

Safety image

Yay or nay?

Thinking of making an offer on something that the FP guy being forced to sell his stash has.

Okay then Okay then

Sorry for the potato picture

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