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McMike's handy work? McMike's handy work?

I don’t think it is, but I stared at the Segal picture for a while deciding whether it was McMike’s work or not, that someone at Bloomberg picked up from a GIS.


There is so much going on here

Spring finally arrived in Wisconsin Spring finally arrived in Wisconsin

Did some things with the nice weather. Removed the window vents and bug deflector from my tow rig. I think it looks much better without them.

Ricciardo to Ferrari?

Looks like Ricciardo might end up at Ferrari next season, which means Kimi probably gets the boot. If this is the case it would make for an interesting team dynamic as I don’t think there is a clear #1 between Ricciardo and Vettel.

Rally Truck Rally Truck

Did my first rally-cross event, holy crap is that fun! Shout out to shop teacher for nudging me to go.

Yes please Yes please

It’s diesel, manual, rear engine, RWD how can you not want it? I wonder why Greg is selling it though lol.

“We’re a metric company” “We’re a metric company”

Is what a company I used to work for said. That doesn’t mean we did anything that made sense in metric though. We still used standard hardware and designed everything in inches and feet. The only thing metric was converting everything to metric on the drawings. So we had bolts that were 12.7mm and parts with a 25.4mm…

Might-as-well-itis is setting in Might-as-well-itis is setting in

Now that I have the trans and clutch out of the car might-as-well -itis is setting in.

Great, more stuff for me to irresponsibly purchase Great, more stuff for me to irresponsibly purchase

Craigslist apparently has added an aviation category. Looks like it was added a few days ago as that’s the oldest post. No actual planes listed yet though :(

This guy is doing it right

Found on Reddit

Oppo help needed Oppo help needed

I am replacing the clutch on my ‘69 corvette and while it’s out I figured I’d open the transmission and check if anything looked off. I’ve never rebuilt a transmission before so I don’t really know what I’m looking for. Everything looks okay to me but maybe someone more knowledgeable here can give me their opinion.

Car wash folly Car wash folly

I decided to go through a car wash with my truck today and when I got in line I was the third vehicle waiting. The first vehicle goes in an we all move forward. The lady in front of me gets out of her car and does her thing on the pad then gets back in and waits. Now this wash is automated and if you do the super…

*heavy panting*


Crack pipe, crack pipe, crack pipe Crack pipe, crack pipe, crack pipe

First comment: I’d take it for $500

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