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Such disappoint Such disappoint

You know the feeling when you see a car for sale alongside the road but discover it’s not what you hope it is?

Snow day Snow day

Entertaining Jeep ad. I don’t have a TV, so for all I know everyone has seen this 50 times.

Toledo Jeep Fest: registration is open Toledo Jeep Fest: registration is open

Heads up, Jeepers. This will be the event’s 3rd year, and mine as well; plan a trip and see some amazing vehicles, and probably David Tracy to boot.

This is different  This is different 

Someone has created an account mimicking my Kinja name, except with a smart apostrophe. This is their only comment, replying to me.

Spring is here Spring is here

Wednesday is the first day of spring, and coincides with the end of freezing weather in the forecast and the start of a dry spell. This must mean it’s time to start removing Jeep parts!

Dad, is that you? Dad, is that you?

This Scrambler on BaT is my LJ’s spiritual ancestor. A longer wheelbase that retains the classic 2-door Jeep look, yellow because all the best Jeeps are, and the classic Dana 300 transfer case make this a verrrrry interesting auction.

1962 AMC Rambler 1962 AMC Rambler

Fairly confident I’ve never seen one of these in person. Shame most modern cars lack this kind of character. Looks rather European to me. $6500 on CL.


I’ve never cared enough about German cars to, well, care. Every time I see the Mercedes-Benz logo I have to mentally picture BMW’s logo in order to remember which manufacturer it belongs to. (Yes, I’m really that oblivious.)

Taillight question

I first posed this a few months ago but I’m still perplexed and keep seeing this so I’ll ask again. Does anyone know whether some cars will compensate for a failed running light by turning on the brake light instead?

How to make a limousine

Haven’t actually watched this yet but looks interesting.

Bruce Willis' best action movie Bruce Willis' best action movie

Were I to take a poll, Die Hard would be at the top of many/most people’s list of best Bruce Willis action flicks. Unbreakable isn’t really an action movie, but it certainly would deserve to be considered. My choice is neither of those.

Paging CoFL

Want to rent a Vancouver mansion for dirt cheap?

Owner knows what he's got Owner knows what he's got

And, damn, he’s got a winner. Anyone need a clean, manual, 2-door XJ?

More light adventures

I’ve tried not to inflict more boring stories of chasing people with failed brake/tail lights, but today saw an odd coincidence, so what the heck. You’re always free to ignore these, and I’ve been quiet for a while, so deal with it.


I know a fair number of you don’t pay attention to Jalopnik, so I wanted to share this interesting tidbit. I had no idea there was a tracking site watching the progress of the first Tesla in space:

Entirely OT: nerdy business card Entirely OT: nerdy business card

I’ve been thinking about designing a personal business card, but this popped up on Twitter and now I know I need to wait a long while before trying, so I don’t try to compare mine to this work of art.

DOTS(idewalk) DOTS(idewalk)

This is...curious.

Union claims victory

I would expect the union to say they negotiated a strong deal, but at least FP content should keep coming.

DOTS, European edition  DOTS, European edition 

I don’t know much, nor honestly care much, about German cars...but this blue gets a big thumbs up.

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