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Comanche ponderings (with bonus FJ) Comanche ponderings (with bonus FJ)

Regrettably it appears I waited too long to contact the seller of this Cherokee, although the listing hasn’t been pulled, so there’s hope.

Giving it some serious thought Giving it some serious thought

If I hadn’t just committed to a $3500 transmission rebuild, I’d be all over this. Talk me out of it, Oppo hivemind. If it helps, I’m not interested in fixing up a project; I’d definitely get this checked out first.

#notajeep, a micro-Oppo-meetup story #notajeep, a micro-Oppo-meetup story

But we’ll start with one. This is a 1969 CJ-5, purchased in 1970 by Brian’s grandmother, so it’s been in his family since it was new. Unfortunately it experienced an electrical fire 10 years ago, but Brian hopes to get it running again someday.

#lifehacks #lifehacks

Brilliant solution to a very real problem. $2 might save your life.

When life gives you lemons... When life gives you lemons...

Rent a yellow S2000 via Turo to get the hell out of town.

Project Azorian

I think I was vaguely aware of this, but particularly if you’re not already familiar with the audacious recovery of (part of) a Soviet submarine by the CIA in the 70s, you should give this a read.

Mostly mild Endgame spoiler, with auto question

So, upon seeing the movie a second time, I have a question.


I only heard parts of the interview that just aired locally, dates back a couple of years, but I recommend catching it if you haven’t already. Interview with the founder of Patagonia, sounded like a fascinating guy, definitely a different type of company.

Why You Should Own A Vintage Vehicle Why You Should Own A Vintage Vehicle

Granted, I doubt I can drive anything without power steering until I significantly strengthen my back, but still a charming video.

Referrers? Referrers?

I assume we have no visibility into the traffic here? Curious why my CL post blew up.

Not a muscle car guy, but... Not a muscle car guy, but...

This restoration process is way beyond me, but this car is the first to make me think, maybe I could have fun with an old muscle car.

$42,000 XJ $42,000 XJ

I’m betting you’d think for that price you were getting a Jaguar XJ. (Or maybe not, I have no idea how much a Jag runs.) Buy this baby now for $42k!

Blue Indy, a trip report Blue Indy, a trip report

Indianapolis is not precisely on the cutting edge of transportation technology. Our bus system is sketchy, we have (so far as I can tell) only one Zipcar location, we have no rail systems.

The future of history

Fascinating look at the conceptual shift that occurred when someone finally started counting years in a monotonically increasing fashion, and an interesting correlation between that and apocalyptic religion.

How to land on the moon How to land on the moon

Makes me want to rewatch Apollo 13.

Optimism is... Optimism is...

...an ice cream truck on an overcast 60° day. Summer, I’m getting tired of waiting for you.

Radwood? Radwood?

I don’t think the car is to my taste, although anything convertible sparks my interest. And Radwood definitely isn’t on my priority list. But someone here might be interested. 300ZX Turbo, 8k.

Cheating the system Cheating the system

ttyymmnn recently posted a piece about a fatal Gulfstream crash which was tied in part to a crew who repeatedly cheated on their checklists. This is a different, rather dramatic take on that syndrome. (Reposting for the weekday crowd; this really is a fantastic read, relevant far beyond aeronautics).


Crazy evening I’ll bore you with some other time. The rain and cold make for interesting naked Jeeping (after having the window slashed I decided it was time to just tear everything down for the season).

Worst way to die, April 2019 edition

Who had meat grinder in the death pool?

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