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Lubed Calipers on Friday(Pic Dump) Lubed Calipers on Friday(Pic Dump)

Spent 5 1/2 hours Friday lubing the slide pins on the BMW’s calipers. I’ve never done any brake work before, this was easy and rather straight forward. while the rotors, pads, and calipers are rusty none of the bolts were seized.

2 Days

Parking on the street has already descended into chaos. And I've left the sunroof tipped open in the rain, it's raining hard.

I love fuel injection. I love fuel injection.

Went to get my BMW out for the summer. The car cover blew off the car again over the winter. Check to make sure all the fluids are still in the car, throw in a hot battery, and this will fire up every time.

OPPO Stuck on the truck. Also a little help please. OPPO Stuck on the truck. Also a little help please.

I scraped off the dealer logo ( yes it only took me 9 years), and installed an OPPO sticker.

I think the streets are dry enough I can wash my Ranger I think the streets are dry enough I can wash my Ranger

Which is good because it’s getting real scuzzy.

Just bought new tires. Just bought new tires.

With the upcoming Oppo spring cruise, one of the many things I’ll be needing is new tires. I had wanted to avoid Goodyear because of the G159 scandal, but this was such a good deal I couldn’t pass up.

Zoidberg bait Zoidberg bait

New addition to the neighborhood, a Camry wagon.

Chilly kitty Chilly kitty

Bella (our neighbors cat) was waiting for me when I got home from work (so I could let her into our house), and how could I say no to this cute face.

New Tool New Tool

We can’t install software on the work computers, so I brought the new TPMS tool home to register and update.

Car Art

Just thought I’d share this article here incase y’all hadn’t seen it.

Wallpaper requests Wallpaper requests

I recently switched my monitors around and am in need of some more wallpapers, if anyone needs to know this is how my monitors are setup now.

Clean Clean

Decided to take advantage of the nice weather, took my truck to the car wash and got it nice and clean.


Took my Ranger in for an oil change Friday, when I went to do some shopping at night I noticed my dash lights wern’t working (Instrument cluster and Climate control). I’m thinking that because of the temperature differential in the shop and outside( -30*C), something expanded and contracted in a odd way. So today I…

*Personal Rant* Today was a shit day *Personal Rant* Today was a shit day

After the buffer image.

Secret Senna Sent

It is in the hands of Canada Post now.

Punch it, Chewie! Punch it, Chewie!

The roof turret actually fires.

Just got these from my SecretsSenna over on Oppositelock. Very nice.

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