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From the Year S2000 From the Year S2000

A quick wash when I was almost home. This is a good little car. There’s an assorted array of resonances the car doesn’t like (heat shield squeal, assorted other 18 year old car noises) but no drama on this long trip, KY-DE-VT-KY. Might make it my summer DD when I sort out the radio and other noises.

Hell Yeah Hell Yeah

It’s Christmas y’all! 🎄

I Haven’t Forgotten This One I Haven’t Forgotten This One

Just taking the scenic route to the east coast. Getting a nice 26.5 mpg while doing it. That’s helped by not wanting to go more than 76mph as that’s 4000rpm in 6th. Short little gears on her.

Worst Photo of Worst Photo of

A McLaren

At My Local Drift Event At My Local Drift Event

Always a good time for MkII content.

At the Local Carmax At the Local Carmax

A carmax warranty seems like the perfect solution to potential head gasket trauma.

Lemons Rally  Lemons Rally 

Is the best road rally because

Lotus Update Lotus Update

It was 55* and sunny so I did what came naturally to my mind. Back roads!

The Grand Tour

This second season is damn good. even the celebrity segments are decent. if you wrote it off after that hit and miss first season, give it another shot.

Louisville Auto Show Louisville Auto Show

Guess what’s already here!

Check Up Time Check Up Time

Post purchase inspection! Because you want to make sure you didn’t actually miss any yellow flags when you buy the cheapest one.

In Case Y'all Missed It In Case Y'all Missed It

I have a red exotic car.

It's an Economy Car Everyone! It's an Economy Car Everyone!

Not much worse than the Yaris tbh. Was 33.0 before idling. ~180mi highway. Probably optimistic.

Welcome to Lotus Ownership Welcome to Lotus Ownership

This was a smart life idea.

I'm a Stupid Man


Waiting at the Toyota Dealership (update) Waiting at the Toyota Dealership (update)

Getting my airbag of doom replaced on the Yaris. I bet they love doing free work on 270k beaters.

Not Politics But Will Likely Devolve Into Politics

Good. I don’t care that there are worse allegations for others, or that only one party is taking action, abusers should always be pressured to step down from positions of power everywhere. Some will respond to that pressure and some won’t, that doesn’t make the pressure any less righteous. yeah, that’s a loaded word,…

Help Me From Myself


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