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*Looks at stock market*

Cashing out that 401k for a used Lotus was a good financial decision. 

I’ve Mended Something! I’ve Mended Something!

Previously in the Altima the driver side visor was the passenger side visor and the passenger visor was their hand.

Goodbye S2000 Goodbye S2000

And hello new hotness.


Eurobeat doesn’t turn you into Takumi during your track session but it does add an extra dose of fun

Baby’s First Track Day (repost for morning/kinja fail) Baby’s First Track Day (repost for morning/kinja fail)

And supposedly the car’s first as well

Dyno Day Dyno Day

Local shop was hosting a dyno day after cars and coffee so I decided to see how much a stock Sienna coupe puts out.

Tomorrow’s Plans:

Install fresh spark plugs and shifter bushings in the S2000 and then put it up for sale. If any Oppos are interested feel free to email me at (screenname)@gmail.com.

First World Problem

Getting into the S2000 my body decided to muscle memory getting into the lotus and I smashed my shin into the dash.

12 Hour Road Trip 12 Hour Road Trip

No cup holders.

S2000 is One Step Closer to Market S2000 is One Step Closer to Market

Getting a baseline offer from CarMax.

Neat Neat

I’ll probably be going ~80mph when I hit 33333 so this’ll have to do

Maybe This is Too Obvious...

(In response to “Ford is blowing it”)

Mecum (Zoidberg Bait) Mecum (Zoidberg Bait)

The cleanest Camry coupe in the world. It went for over $5,000. CP.

Mecum Update is in Kinja Purgatory.

It’s particularly Oppo with a Lanica Fulvia and the cleanest 1995 Camry coupe in the nation. 

The Mecum Auction is in Town This Weekend

Has anyone ever been? Tickets are a bit steep for just a lark ($30) but then again there are lots of cars, some of them even cool! 

Considering Moving on From the S2k 

Just thinking out loud

From the Year S2000 From the Year S2000

A quick wash when I was almost home. This is a good little car. There’s an assorted array of resonances the car doesn’t like (heat shield squeal, assorted other 18 year old car noises) but no drama on this long trip, KY-DE-VT-KY. Might make it my summer DD when I sort out the radio and other noises.

Hell Yeah Hell Yeah

It’s Christmas y’all! 🎄

I Haven’t Forgotten This One I Haven’t Forgotten This One

Just taking the scenic route to the east coast. Getting a nice 26.5 mpg while doing it. That’s helped by not wanting to go more than 76mph as that’s 4000rpm in 6th. Short little gears on her.

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