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Noisy Neighbors

So we live in an apartment complex and obviously from time to time we will hear our neighbors. I think we’re pretty tolerant of noise in general. If it’s during the day and reasonable, or a short duration, or obviously like event related (some sports games our upstairs neighbor gets worked up over) we generally just…

Wedding Registry Items Suggestions

Hi all! I thought making the gift registry would be one of the fun parts of wedding planning but we are having a hard time adding things to the list. Most of our friends will probably just give us checks but older family members tend to think of money as tacky/impersonal so the registry is mostly for their benefit.

Saturday Night Antisocial  Saturday Night Antisocial 

Here is your open thread!

Brand Loyalty?

So there are a lot of articles about how after the 2008 market crash nobody is really loyal to brand names anymore, especially Millenials. Here is an NPR article about it.

Regional Holiday Music Regional Holiday Music

Do you have any holiday music that is specific to your city or region? This morning on my way to work I was listening to WXPN which is a local Philadelphia radio station that plays a lot of independent music. This morning they played a new single by locals Roberta Faceplant and Drew Parker called Merry Grittmas, for…

Saturday Night Anti-Social

How is everyone tonight? It’s a dreary rainy weekend in the Philly Metro Area.

Are Professional Certificates Worth It?

My current company will pay for further education 100% as long as it is relevant to your job, you earn a certain grade, and that you stay at the company for a proportional amount of time afterwards.

Sunday Morning Check In

Hi all. What is on your plate this Sunday?

Death Anxiety

So every now and then I struggle with becoming fixated on death and my anxiety surrounding it. I first had anxiety about death when I was about 5 or 6 which was prompted by the child’s prayer Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep which made me afraid of dying in my sleep and an uncertainty of what happens after you die.

YouTube Stuff YouTube Stuff

I just came across this YouTuber, Sam Johnson, who is a vocal teacher. I’m not a singer but I do have some musical background so I’ve found a lot of his constructive critiques/reactions really interesting and thought I would share.

Fun Times While Canvassing

Today I canvassed for my district’s Democratic candidate for House representative. Overall it was fine, it was my first time volunteering for a campaign. I live in a very conservative area that has been written off as a given for Republicans candidates previously.

Maryland Warehouse Shooting Updated: 9/20 10:30PM

There was a major workplace shooting in my hometown today. A woman shot multiple people at a RiteAid Distribution center in Aberdeen, MD. 3 reported fatalities, multiple injuries, the shooter is in critical condition but still alive as of this post.

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Spice

Betsey Johnson - Kitsch Sweata Weatha Crossbody Bag

Twitter Recommendations

My Twitter has been overwhelmed with whatever the current political headline is lately and I’d like to diversify my feed a bit. What non-political non-news accounts do you recommend?

Sunday PM OT

It seems quiet here today so I thought I’d put up an open thread. How is everyone’s day going?

Apartment Hunting

I forgot how awful reading apartment complex reviews is. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if the leasing office/maintenance staff is actually bad or if the person leaving the review is just a bad tenant, particularly when there aren’t a lot of reviews for a place.

Fashion/Style Share

I am in the early months of getting a personal style box (Dia & Co for plus sizes). My first box was really great based on just the survey you fill out but the second box I got this month was a hard pass. There is an option to link them to your Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I don’t have a lot of photos of myself…

Local news not really local anymore

I chose to unfollow a Baltimore local news channel on Twitter because it was a constant stream of usually terrible headlines from around the country. The homogenization of local news channels has been weird because of the shared news sources. I could deal with seeing large national news stories and relevant local news…

Recommendation Request and Share Post

Please post your requests for recommendations and any stuff you think is great and want others to know about.

Complaints that aren't Dealbreakers

This is a place to air your petty complaints about products, services, people etc that annoy you but aren’t bad enough for you to quit it/them.

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