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Long Weekend OT Long Weekend OT

It’s a long weekend in the US for Memorial Day, how are you spending yours?

That's gonna be a no from me, dawg.

What in the pornhub is going on here? Is this grief fucking? OMG her poor kids!

Help me ruin my own surprise!

Like I mentioned in the OT, I FINALLY got an itinerary from my girlfriend for the big trip this summer.

Is anyone else just having a weird day?

I swear something strange is going on today, but maybe it’s just me.

Let's weigh some pros and cons Let's weigh some pros and cons

Inspired by this tweet, please grant us a scenario in which we can provide a pro and cons list:

The raw chicken debate

Probably not the best thing for me to have on my mind since I had a stomach bug and called in sick today. But I am curious: where do you stand on washing vs not washing?

Don't ask the internet their opinion on your baby names

Last night I had a dream that GC and I had our baby, and it was a girl named Brienne. I’m sure it got implanted in my brain because of GoT, but I decided to look it up as a name anyway. And it looks like someone in 2012 felt the need to ask complete strangers for validation on the name choice. It did not go well.

Tuesday OT, pity coffee edition Tuesday OT, pity coffee edition

I looked so exhausted this morning, our coffee counter guy took pity on me and gave me a free shot of espresso in my giant iced chai.

Hot Take Time! Hot Take Time!

My hot take: this song is unintentionally very funny, between “Oh no, that’s just his arm” and then her scolding the backup singers for not listening. Wasn’t she the one asking them?

My latest popcorn drama

This ridiculous Build A Bear party some parents threw for their six year old:


We toured my first choice for apartments, and not only was it everything that was listed on their website, but the smaller apartment was so perfect for us that we’re only going up $100 in rent for so much more!

Arbitrary decision Arbitrary decision

If you were to base your next vacation based on snacks alone, where would you choose to travel to? Alternate question, what's the most consequential arbitrary decision you've ever made?

House/apartment showings are all bad House/apartment showings are all bad

I say this both as someone hunting for an apartment, and someone unceremoniously regularly kicked out for showings on a house for sale. Can someone please create some kind of House Hunter Tinder that also lets current occupants designate blackout days for showings? Please? I don’t have money to offer, but I can make…

Help me kill my darlings: Kitchen gadget edition Help me kill my darlings: Kitchen gadget edition

So with the imminent move in the next few months, I think it’s time to do some kitchen culling again. This time, I think it’s time I say goodbye to at least one or two of my mid-size plugin appliances. Of the following things, which would you be willing to give up?

I'm going to Croatia?

It’s official, tickets are booked and we’re taking a 10 day trip to Croatia, followed by a stop in Iceland. I’ve never traveled outside of North America, halp?

I made a birb I made a birb

This is my latest puppet I’ve made for work. The wings are flexible, so we can rig it to gesture like the rest of the puppets in our videos. I still need to put another coat of paint on the feet, but I’m pretty much done. Birb!

The Mayor of Flavor Town The Mayor of Flavor Town

Oh god. Why is this a thing and why do I love it?

I just need to state this I just need to state this

The candy section of Whole Foods is the most depressing candy section. Like, I get it, it’s all natural and supposed to be “healthier”, but it absolutely zaps all of the nostalgic joy out of candy.

Screw Dress Codes and Industry Dress Standards Screw Dress Codes and Industry Dress Standards

The Great Big Story featured one of our local news anchors about how she’s changing the way people think news anchors (especially women) should dress. She may not feel like a pioneer, but she totally is. Thank goodness for Jana Shortal.

What a Monday (OT) What a Monday (OT)

No, Google, I have not taken a hot air balloon ride in the past week. There’s been record cold and/or snow the whole time. But thanks for asking!

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