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I made a birb I made a birb

This is my latest puppet I’ve made for work. The wings are flexible, so we can rig it to gesture like the rest of the puppets in our videos. I still need to put another coat of paint on the feet, but I’m pretty much done. Birb!

The Mayor of Flavor Town The Mayor of Flavor Town

Oh god. Why is this a thing and why do I love it?

I just need to state this I just need to state this

The candy section of Whole Foods is the most depressing candy section. Like, I get it, it’s all natural and supposed to be “healthier”, but it absolutely zaps all of the nostalgic joy out of candy.

Screw Dress Codes and Industry Dress Standards Screw Dress Codes and Industry Dress Standards

The Great Big Story featured one of our local news anchors about how she’s changing the way people think news anchors (especially women) should dress. She may not feel like a pioneer, but she totally is. Thank goodness for Jana Shortal.

What a Monday (OT) What a Monday (OT)

No, Google, I have not taken a hot air balloon ride in the past week. There’s been record cold and/or snow the whole time. But thanks for asking!

Super old internet memes

I am Mahir. I kiss you!!!!!!!

Sundays are for nature shows Sundays are for nature shows

Ze Frank’s True Facts about animals has been back for a few months now and I had no idea! We watched this one and laughed so hard that GC had to leave the room after grapefruit came out of her nose 🤣

Where have you been all my life? An ode to my new power shovel Where have you been all my life? An ode to my new power shovel

As a Minnesotan, I am a fool for not having a snow blower. As a renter, I’m totally justified in thinking that it’s a bad investment to get something so big and expensive and hauling it from place to place.

Tell me your AIM stories

Last night, GC and I we’re watching the AIM episode of of PEN15 again because it’s just so hilarious and sweet.

Share your weather pics! Share your weather pics!

This is outside of my home office. Um... How do i make sure this thing doesn’t melt and kill someone? I just watched a news report about a kid being stabbed in the head by an icicle. 😬

Daddy, there's a champagne cork in my yacht Picasso

I couldn’t sleep last night. And then I read this, so I couldn’t sleep and I was annoyed af. I hope all of these jerks get Velvet Buzzsawed*.

Let's be more of this kind of petty Let's be more of this kind of petty

Remember Vantablack, the blackest black pigment to ever exist?

It's so cold they cancelled mail!

Most of the grocery stores and other businesses are also closed because of the cold.

Paul, name names! Paul, name names!

PFT tweeted this out and then deleted it because, well,

The Most Amazing Scam

This woman, believed at the time to be the world’s oldest person, may have been basically an impressive old lady scam.

This is my new favorite meme

Because everyone knows these generously buttered noodles, sprinkled with just a quarter cup of parsley for color and freshness, are the perfect blank canvas for practically any stew or braise.

10 year challenge

So you know the 10 year challenge thing that’s going around where people are posting pictures of themselves a decade ago and now? I can’t seem to do it because none of my pictures before 2016 are time stamped and (humble brag?) I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between a picture of me at 23 or at 33. Context…

Really semi-hypothetical question

If you were granted an extra 2-4 hours a day, how would you spend that time?

This is a crime against flavor!

Didn’t even cover the sheet or put down a silicone mat. I bet I’m gonna find out this was the dude I once went out with who told me he only at the same 15 foods all the time.

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