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"Zontar" (1981) "Zontar" (1981)

By now you should all be under my power.

Books to Read, 2019 Books to Read, 2019

(Not one of LightningLouie’s bookshelves, but a remarkable likeness nonetheless.)

Today's Forecast: So Ding-Dang Cold Today's Forecast: So Ding-Dang Cold

It’ll be 70º on Monday. Texas in January.

"Wolverines" (1975) "Wolverines" (1975)

I used to recite this from memory to friends and they’d stare at me like I was insane. 

"Winter" (1973) "Winter" (1973)

Proof that Mick Taylor transformed the Stones into an arena rock band. 

Mere Anarchy Is Loosed Upon The World 

And everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned (by foul-mouthed Muppets). 

The Stone Tape (12/25/72) The Stone Tape (12/25/72)

UNIT better send in Agents Smith and Grant to investigate. 

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