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Fiat 2000 Fiat 2000

Before the Fiat 124 spider became the Fiat 2000 there was another vehicle to use the name. The Fiat 2000 was a heavy tank designed for WW1 but never saw service there and only 2 were ever completed. While they were sent to Libya to enforce Italian colonial rule they were practically useless. One was left in Libya…

Fiat 8V Supersonic Fiat 8V Supersonic

Ghia made eight of the rebodied Fiat 8Vs. They are powered by a little 2l V8 that sounds quite nice

Volvo 262C Volvo 262C

Showed up to the local cars and coffee. First one I’ve ever seen and I was surprised at how big it was.

Today is Day 124 on the Julian Calendar! Today is Day 124 on the Julian Calendar!

Post all things 124 to celebrate!

Lancia Flaminia Presidenziale Lancia Flaminia Presidenziale

Lancia was commissioned to build four of these Presidential limousines in 1960. While all still exist only two of them are still in government service.

Colle del Nivolet Colle del Nivolet

Source gallery

Lingotto Lingotto

I love that this old factory has been put to good use. The old cars sprinkled throughout the hotel are a really nice touch as a nod to its history. If I ever make it to Torino I’m staying here.

Guys, I'm not sure AMC is doing too well Guys, I'm not sure AMC is doing too well

Just going through some old pictures. This AMC specialist/dealer(?) is from Las Vegas, NM in 2012. Google streetview shows that all but the main sign have been picked as of 2016.

Mice on the ISS Mice on the ISS

Pretty incredible video of mice in micro gravity.Definitely worth the time to watch.

Streets of Paris circa 1981 Streets of Paris circa 1981

After the Notre Dame fire yesterday my mom shared a few pictures she took from when she took a trip to Europe in the early 80s. I was particularly interested in the ones that inadvertently caught a bit of the day-to-day traffic.

Down on the GeoGuessr: Alfisti edition Down on the GeoGuessr: Alfisti edition

What can I say, it’s a slow night at work. All I got so far is that it’s an Italian city, they sure do love their Ypsilons here.

Down on the GeoGuessr: Um, what? Down on the GeoGuessr: Um, what?

What else do you expect to find outside an old Norwegian coastal defense battery? Just two people fighting in immersion suits(?) and a golf club. Totally normal, carry on.

Curves and Angles Curves and Angles

Maybe not as striking as the difference between the Stratos and the Dino, but I think this shows the different philosophies between Pininfarina and Bertone as well.

Down on the GeoGuessr: Daihatsu Copen edition Down on the GeoGuessr: Daihatsu Copen edition

I had no idea these were a thing, but I love it. I really like this thing, reminds me of a Figaro. Half the fun of GeoGuessr, to me, is finding cars I don’t know about. It was just outside of Mantua by the way.

Drove this today Drove this today

From a place called Oxotic in Golden, the same place that had someobe crash their Ferrari a few years back. It was pretty nerve wracking, actually. Couldn’t really relax and enjoy it as much as I should. All that was going through my mind was don’t wreck it on repeat.

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