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Lovely Lazy Sunday Morning Lovely Lazy Sunday Morning

Bindi would say good morning but she’s busy taking a morning nap.

Now Streaming on Hulu: If Beale Street Could Talk Now Streaming on Hulu: If Beale Street Could Talk

I don’t know if it was the best movie I saw last year* but Beale Street was excellent and definitely the loveliest. While made for the big screen, Barry Jenkins’ adaption of the James Baldwin novel didn’t get the press or release it deserved, so if you missed it, I recommend it.

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows (TIFF Review #12) Songs She Wrote About People She Knows (TIFF Review #12)

WINTER 2019 UPDATE: I’ve finally run across this great little film streaming somewhere. On tubi. I’ve been taking advantage of Roku’s general search feature a lot these days and happened across Songs She Wrote.

Favorite Movie Opening of All Time 

and one of my favorite films to this day, is the sweet little 1992 Australian film Strictly Ballroom. The first five minutes of Baz Luhrmann’s first feature draws you into an amazing world of competitive ballroom dancing with the costumes and characters and tone and set design. Perfection.

Black 14  (how little things have changed)

I consider myself a relatively well informed person when it comes to both history and politics but I had not heard about the Black 14 until I stumbled across this short documentary on the Topic roku channel,

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast

As some of you have small children in your lives, I thought I’d share this podcast series you and they might enjoy. I bought the Good Night Stories books for my nieces last year so I keep getting emails about the podcasts. Not really my thing as they meant for children and I’m into more sophisticated…

Sami Blood - TIFF 2016

*** I was looking for something to watch last night and saw this was now available on Amazon Prime (US, anyway) so I”m bumping this post. The Secret Scripture (also a TIFF 2016 film) is available but it’s a less interesting film.***

So who's gonna get fired next? So who's gonna get fired next?

A. Evil Elf Sessions who trump’s been wanting to fire for ages

Bats in Hats Bats in Hats

Since somebody claims every day is Caturday, I proclaim today Baturday. And so we have, bats in hats.

Mankiller Mankiller

When history fails to preserve stories from our past and present, it’s up to us to correct the record. Wilma Mankiller, the first woman elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, is omitted from most history books despite ranking among revolutionary leaders like Harriet Tubman or Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an…

Shutdown, Shutdown, Shutdown! Shutdown, Shutdown, Shutdown!

And everything looked so promising earlier today.

20 Minutes Into The Future

In preparation for hooking up a Roku for someone, I was checking out some of the free channels that I have but never bother to look at, and what did I find streaming on CW Seed* ... both seasons of the 1987 ABC series Max Headroom.

We should be long past commercials by now

Blipverts is where it’s at. I’m sure for the right price congress will pass and el trumpo will sign a bill protecting the networks from any damages resulting from this new technology. Nobody* cares about the old, sick or unemployed. Except when they vote. And the dead can’t vote.**

Happy Easter Happy Easter

Only two more weeks until the premier of American Gods. I am ridiculously excited.

Fabulous Netflix News!

I was poking about for something to watch and found AbFab is a new release on Netflix.

Wonderfalls (2004)

Wonderfalls might be considered a “weird” show by some. But like the other shows I came up with when racking my brain for examples of weird, I consider it underappreciated and on the cusp of brilliant. I expect no less of a show created by genius Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, Hannibal and the much…

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