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The Horror! The Horror!

While I admire this guy’s dedication and workmanship, I still think that the world would be a better place if this car had just been crushed. Also, his “donor part” eerily looks like some half or quarter cut from a stolen vehicle that got stripped. Pretty sure BMW doesn’t sell them like this.

Interesting how little it takes to total a car these days. Interesting how little it takes to total a car these days.

My stepdad suffered from a little spatial misjudgement when entering an underground car park the other day. Apparently this is after he tried to buff it out. He never buffed out anything himself, always made me do it, so I don’t know which products he used or tried to use. All I know is that at some point a black…

Good luck with that! Good luck with that!

Reminds me of that pic of a Miata on a dyno where the fronts were on it and the rears were strapped down.

Neat! Neat!

My Russian is a bit rusty, but as it appears, the newest version of the GAZ Gazelle (Russian Sprinter/Transit competitor) has a hidden Easter egg.

What a way to meet new people! What a way to meet new people!

As far as I could verify it this is pretty much internet hearsay, and I wasn’t able to find a truly credible source, but the story goes as follows. Guy in Berlin puts splatter vinyl on X6, Taxi driver spots him and calls the police. They set up a road block with several cruisers blocking him in. No fines mentioned.…

Educate me, oppo! Educate me, oppo!

Are they really only making 6000 Type-Rs for the US ever, or only in the 2018 MY? What I’m asking is, are there going to be 2019 Type-Rs or not? If so, all that dealer markup nonsense would be even more stupid than it already is.

Ballin' on a budget Ballin' on a budget

Can anyone identify the car?

Ce he sin bait Ce he sin bait

I thought this might be relevant to your interests.

Someone had the same idea! Someone had the same idea!

Went to get the new roundel and on the way, what do I see coming the other direction? RÜG E 60!!! A silver E60 msport. I desperately need to find that car, park next to it, take pictures, and maybe talk to the owner. Although being a BMW driver he’s probably a colossal.....

Guess the price! Guess the price!

Today, while doing a tad over 230 kph, the roundel decided to leave. I have no idea what I did to deserve this. I just changed the oil ahead of schedule on Monday. I was being a good boy. We had so little time together! We could have become besties, had beer together, shared secrets, but no instead it abandoned ship…

School me on NCs!!! School me on NCs!!!

Friend of mine is interested in a roadster. If he doesn’t change his mind by then, we’ll be looking at this on Saturday. Anything to know or watch out for?

I don't know what to think I don't know what to think

Sorry for the shitty pics in portrait mode, another member of the E60/61 FB group spotted this. Also, when you see it!

Cheers! Cheers!

Decided to reward myself with something fancy. What ‘s Oppo drinking tonight?

Some people around here might relate Some people around here might relate

Doesn’t necessarily have to be Bavarian, although they have a tendency to do that. Other makes can do the same to you. On an (almost) unrelated note: Co-worker who had an E92 which kept going into limp mode and couldn’t get fixed despite the parts cannon being fired at it for over a year, finally bought an X1 factory…

Sunday Nite Shots Sunday Nite Shots

Show us the best pics of your car, and maybe comment on what gear you used and/or how you edited them. We have some pretty savvy photographers around, so maybe we all can learn a thing or two.

Stereotype 0:1 Reality Stereotype 0:1 Reality

I hope that this picture gives those who like to perpuate the age old stereotype of BMW drivers being unable to park aneurisms.

Roadworks finished, road now open again, and I haz a sad! Roadworks finished, road now open again, and I haz a sad!

For the past couple months the main artery connecting the southern and the northern parts of my island has been cut by roadworks. This being tourist season, the official diversion was clogged, so I found another detour along very narrow and twisty b-roads, through little hamlets, and through tree-lined alleys. I loved…

How many can you identify?

I got 10/10 but that’s easy for me, as I’m old enough and European.

Again? Again?

Come on fate, noodle monster, Spongebob whoever is running this show, the joke is getting old.

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