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News Gun advocate featured on Who Is America? says that, actually, he fooled Sacha Baron Cohen | Earther Yosemite National Park Blanketed in Smoke as California Burns | The Takeout 10 items or death: The cutthroat world of competitive grocery bagging |

Field Guide 5 Smart Home Tricks That Are Actually Impressive | Kotaku What ‘Women Only’ Overwatch Groups Are Actually Like | Jalopnik The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Made Me Give a Crap About a Corolla | Lifehacker I’m ESPN’s Jay Williams, and This Is How I Work |

Deadspin Reports: Kawhi Leonard Is Going To The Raptors And He Hates It | The Root Papa John’s Founder Regrets Resigning, Whines About Board Making Him Step Down ‘Without Any Investigation’ | Jezebel Michelle Williams ‘Proudly’ Checks Into Mental Health Facility As Friends Shower Her With Support | Splinter How Jesse…

Earther Adidas’ Pledge to Use Recycled Plastic Is a Solid First Step | The A.V. Club Spielberg’s Jaws adaptation cut the mafia and sex subplots—and made movie history | The Takeout Ask The Salty Waitress: How should I respond when people throw measly change in my tip jar? |

Kotaku Star Citizen Backer Sues To Get $4,500 Back, Loses | Jalopnik This 2019 Chevy Corvette Lived a Tragic 15 Miles | io9 Marvel’s New Sentry Is a Sobering Reflection on the Golden Age of Wish Fulfillment Comics | Lifehacker How to Deal With Penis Size Anxiety |

Deadspin Virginia Man Calls Cops After “Hard Screen” In Pickup Basketball [Update] | Jezebel 50 Cent Tells The View He Would ‘Never’ Make Fun of a Sexual Assault Victim, But... | Very Smart Brothas We Don’t Trust the Criminal Justice System Until It Clears a Black Man of Sexual Assault. Then We’re All In | Splinter …

The A.V. Club The modern era of the superhero movie begins in earnest with X-Men | Earther Americans Increasingly Aware of Climate Change, Media Clueless | The Takeout 5 beer-menu rules I wish all bars would follow |

Gizmodo There Is Now Just One Blockbuster Left in the US | Jalopnik Elon Musk Told Workers Tesla ‘Would Allow’ Them To Unionize If He Couldn’t Make Them Safe: NLRB | Kotaku Overwatch League’s First-Ever MVP Illustrates Its Support Problem | Lifehacker Celebrate Bad Hacks on the DiWHY Subreddit |

Splinter Here Are Some Nuclear Takes from Bryan Goldberg, the Self-Satisfied Shitlord Who Now Owns | Deadspin You Don’t Forget Albert Pujols | The Root 2 White Women Attack Their Latinx Neighbors, Call the Police on Them, and End Up Going to Jail Themselves | Jezebel Justin Bieber Reportedly Dropped Half a…

Earther Why Florida’s Largest Lake Is Filled With Toxic Algae, Again | News Here’s a good take in the ongoing war over Luke Skywalker’s soul | The Takeout Make bourbon peach cobbler in a Crock Pot because peaches + booze + slow cooker = dessert |

Gizmodo Robbing an Apple Store Looks Exactly as Easy as You’d Expect | Jalopnik Where Flint Is At Today And What Elon Musk Can Really Do To Help | Kotaku Octopath Traveler: The Kotaku Review | Vitals Cipro’s Safety Warnings Just Got Scarier |

Deadspin An Utterly Ludicrous Hand Determined The World Series Of Poker’s Final Table | The Slot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic Primary Opponent Will Remain on the Ballot Because of Some Bullshit | Splinter Republican Freakout Sends House Hearing Over FBI Conduct Into Complete Madness | The Root Well, This Is…

Earther Scorching Heat Wave Reveals Signs of Ancient Civilization in the UK | The A.V. Club God bless The Washington Post, which cited ClickHole in a story about Green Day | The Takeout The Handmaid’s Tale has branded wine now, and no. No. No. No. No. Just no. No. |

Deadspin A Letter From A Parent | Very Smart Brothas This Is the America White People Wished For. This Is the America White People Want | Splinter Republican Congressman Unveils Authoritarian Nightmare Bill Targeting Antifa | Jezebel Who Hailey Baldwin Is Not |

Gizmodo Is Elon Musk Serious? | Two Cents Why a Roth 401(k) Is (Almost) Always Better Than a Traditional 401(k) | Kotaku Top PUBG Streamer Says He Was Banned After Playing With Hacker [Updated] | Jalopnik Here’s What Happened With The Tesla Model S Race Car That Got Too Hot After Five Miles On An F1 Track |

Earther Hurricane Harvey Is Officially the Largest Rain Event in US History | The A.V. Club Happy anniversary to the worst tweet ever | The Takeout If you’ve never made meatloaf in a Crock-Pot, you’re missing out |

Deadspin Divers Save Final Boys From Thai Caves, Completing Weeklong Rescue Mission | The Root Oxygen-Dependent Grandmother in New Jersey Dies After Power Company Disconnects Her Service | Splinter Brett Kavanaugh Is Bad News | Jezebel Miss Massachusetts Contestant Quits Over #MeToo Joke at Pageant |

Jalopnik Here’s What Happened With The Tesla Model S Race Car That Got Too Hot After Five Miles On An F1 Track | Gizmodo Microsoft Surface Go Is a Cheap, Tiny Tablet That Might Just Beat the iPad | Kotaku Rules For Eating And Drinking In Japan | Lifehacker How to Disable ‘Galaxy Apps’ Notifications on Your Samsung…

Deadspin Gather Your Mates And Have A Laugh At England’s “It’s Coming Home” World Cup Meme | The Root As Haiti Burns, Never Forget: White People Did That | The Muse Sharp Objects Dissects Our Morbid Desire for Stories About Dead Girls | Splinter Just a Deeply Satisfying Story About Stephen Miller Owning Himself |

Jalopnik NYC Apparently Has Only One Employee Who Can Fix The Subway System’s Vending Machines | Kotaku Top PUBG Streamer Finds A Hacker, Has A Hell Of A Time | Gizmodo Girl Arrested in Iran for Posting Videos of Herself Dancing on Instagram | Two Cents Should You Raid Your Retirement Account to Buy a House? |

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