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Kastle’s Easy Baked Gnocchi

1 pkg shelf stable or frozen(?) gnocchi

Ordering in Food

I keep reading posts about people ordering in fantastic food, regularly. I can’t quite wrap my brain around that because where I am that is extremely expensive! Like, “I have to be seriously sick and have no other option” expensive.

Kastle’s Roasted Aloo Gobi

It’s been ages since I posted a recipe here, so this is what’s on tonight’s menu.

Hi Backtalk!

I hope you aren’t mad at me for being gone so long. Omg, I hope you still remember me?

Feeling crabby? Out of Plaice?

Have I got a short video for you!

The Third Option 

I’m talking about my story (which I thought was boring and mundane) because people don’t seem to realize that abortion or becoming a mother aren’t the only two options for a pregnant woman. There is a third option, and it can be an amazing experience if you choose to do it.

Canada: more than Tragically Hip

I love music of all kinds, but I love ballads and folk songs the most I think. Canada is rich with great music no one else has heard, or if they’ve heard it, not realized it is Canadian. Here’s a sampling:

Voting against your beliefs 

All my closest are liberal people. They believe in equality and human rights. They want a better world, are willing to work for it, and have been known to speak up against suppression, Islamphobia, sexism, separation of religion and state, and illegal parking in handicap spots. They are pro religious freedom, minority…

Paddington Bear needs our love 

RIP Michael Bond, and thank you for introducing me to Peru, the joy of marmalade sandwiches, and the ability to overcome mistakes.

Grenfell Tower Red Cross

Finally! The Red Cross has created a dedicated page for donation to the London fire victims:

Meanwhile, in Canada: Political Edition

Promise me I’ll always be welcome here.

RIP Sir Roger Moore

The Saint. James Bond. UNICEF ambassador. It’s no wonder he was the first crush of multiple generations.

Monday Morning Coup, Or: What Would Queen Victoria Do? Monday Morning Coup, Or: What Would Queen Victoria Do?

Today is Victoria Day in Canada, in which we celebrate either the start of cottage season, the reign of Queen Victoria, or just the long weekend, respectively.

I miss Blaurg Talk

I do not want to piss on my American friends who are having a really bad day, but . . .

If you get Discovery Channel

Check your listings for

What. The. Actual. Fuck. 

I’m rage stroking. Not only has this happened, which is scary and disgusting enough, BUT I cannot find any coverage on it from a well know reputable news source. But it happened.

Meanwhile, in Canada

Pringles are da Bomb!

Ya learn something new every day

One of the joys and pitfalls of being an English speaking Canadian is the amount of French that seeps into one’s subconscious without realization.

Meanwhile, in Canada

“Send out the Bat Signal!”

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