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Finnish musician has an elk crash with a Hilux pickup from 80's Finnish musician has an elk crash with a Hilux pickup from 80's

The rap musician Talonpoika Lalli and his dog survived with scratches but the poor elk died at the scene. Lalli wants to fix the car as it’s very dear to him and has appeared in his music videos. Here’s one of them. The weird motorbike contraption and the plane don’t represent Lapland very well. They have pretty much…

I found an engine I found an engine

I was bicycling back to home and took slightly different route than normally. And then I did find a Zetec engine attached to a broken gearbox. I wonder what’s it doing there.

Ultrasonic cleaner (electronics) experts needed Ultrasonic cleaner (electronics) experts needed

I rescued an old ultrasonic washer from our company’s recycling bin. It’s old and broken but the tank is nicely sized and the power rating is nice (375 W). I opened it and took out my multimeter.

A thing rarely seen A thing rarely seen

While pedaling to work I spotted a fairly rare thing in Finland. It seems to be from last year model of Unos and registered to Finland some months after the production had already ended.

Stupid construction yard worker messed up Stupid construction yard worker messed up

During my normal working days we usually eat our lunch at the same place. There’s ~200 meters of walking distance to reach the place from our office. We are passing a very massive renovating project while walking to the lunch place. They are converting one large office building into a school building.

Empty mass for Opel Ascona B Empty mass for Opel Ascona B

I just weighed my project Opel using couple of scales. Any guesses what’s the outcome? The whole mass and the weight distribution can be guessed.

Russian cheese smuggler caught, again Russian cheese smuggler caught, again

Russian customs caught again nasty smuggler trying to import a huge number of cheese and butter from Finland to Russia.

A thing rarely seen A thing rarely seen

This thing briefly visited our parking lot. It’s not a rare car in the country where it was born but this was a new spotting for me. I even drove a short distance with it. It looks quite silly, but I kinda like it.

Russian smuggler caught Russian smuggler caught

The Russian customs caught today a ruthless smuggler. The stash was hidden inside a VW Caravelle that was coming from Finland back to Russia. The smuggler was carrying 99 kg of Finnish cheese!

MotoGP is going to race in Finland in 2019 MotoGP is going to race in Finland in 2019

This has been negotiated for quite long but in yesterday the official news told that Finland will be hosting a MotoGP race in 2019 (and at least four following years too). It’s happening on a brand new track called KymiRing. Despite Kymi sounds slightly like Kimi they are not related. Kymi is a place name related to…

Weird assignment from work

I have just returned my (yet unreported) long European journey but soon I’m heading back to the same direction. I’m going to Antwerpen port to hitch a ride from a ship.

Buying a car from Spain Buying a car from Spain

In early June I will be traveling to Spain to attend my friends’ wedding. One of them is Spanish and they decided to have their wedding there.

Special workshop tools for 204 Special workshop tools for 204

I managed to find a bunch of Fenwick’s special workshop tools for a Peugeot 204 (or 304). I found these from Germany. One set is used for the clutch, one for brake calipers and two for front wheels hubs. My workshop manual doesn’t cover the brake caliper set or the second set for front hubs, so I have yet no idea what…

I managed to fix something I managed to fix something

On Sunday I managed to fix something that was broken from my friend’s car. It’s now installed and working. The yellowish part is the one that was damaged. The pipe had a rounded hex head that has been repaired by soldering a new hex head in place.

Colleague has retired Colleague has retired

One colleague of mine is retiring. Today he had his last working day. As he was a car enthusiast, he had a special treatment and was given a ride in this thing during the retirement celebrations.

Tortoise politics

My pet (Russian) tortoise lives usually in my parents (larger) house, but he spent one week week in mine since my parents were on vacation. He has a plastic (cat carrying) box which is his sleeping place during the night. Of course he usually doesn’t go there himself, but I put him there so I’ll at least know where he…

(European) Car of the Year 2017 (updated)

There are seven nominees and the winner will be announced in Geneva within one hour or so. So which one of them will win? The remaining are:

What has happened to Toyota Century?

A fellow Opponaut was just telling about the nice tradition from Japan that car interior can be from other material besides leather. Which is incredibly nice idea, if my opinion matters.

Autosport International 2017 Autosport International 2017

In yesterday I visited Autosport International in Birmingham. The show was awesome, but I was in low performance mode as I managed to find a flu just before I flew from Finland.

Spotted while leaving Göteborg Spotted while leaving Göteborg

I flew back today from Göteborg. I didn’t see much interesting cars after seeing the Volvos displayed in the airport. Most of the Swedish people just drive with pretty boring cars.

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