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917 Redline Restoration Process Pt.2 917 Redline Restoration Process Pt.2

I couldn’t find either of the colors I wanted in store. However, when I saw “Fifties Aqua”, I had an even better alternative! For my first time, I’m happy! This picture was my fourth and final attempt. Not having an airbrush makes not overdoing it hard.

Second Godzilla: King of The Monsters Trailer Second Godzilla: King of The Monsters Trailer

Just dropped today. The hype cannot be contained anymore.

917 Redline Restoration Process 917 Redline Restoration Process

Here’s what I’ve done so far over the last day.

I've nothing to contribute car-wise I've nothing to contribute car-wise

But I can tell you that Galactica is the best designed starship EVER.

931Lyfe: Winter Project Season 931Lyfe: Winter Project Season

Oil pan gasket, turbo seals, control arms, exhaust rattle, and more will be happening over the next three months. And right off the bat I’ve got a dangerous head start.

What color should I paint my 917? What color should I paint my 917?

Deciding between Gunship Gray and Light Sea Gray (left and right respectively). Just ordered supplies from the Redline Shop, and gotta get primer, paint, and clear coat later in the week. I feel like the latter is more of a vintage racing color than the former, I could be wrong.

Huh Huh

No one’s posted about it yet...Certainly lived a helluva life.

Late Night W/K-Roll Late Night W/K-Roll

This is where I check in across the pond and with anyone that’s still awake! (P.S. if I don’t respond now, I will in the morning)

Graveyard Shift Graveyard Shift

I’m taking over.

Music Help? Music Help?

I’ve got two versions of the same song, and I can’t decide which I love more and can’t have both on my phone. Here are the two and I‘d love opinions on why one is better or worse than the other. The first is the original and below is the 2017 version.

Where Does Oppo Stand? Where Does Oppo Stand?

On the DBS Superleggera

How does this Bozo still have money?!? How does this Bozo still have money?!?

He’s gone from supercharging things and going 200+ on Texas freeways to drag racing McLarens, one of which is actually his?!? Who’s still funding this? I want some of this coin!

Graveyard Shift? Graveyard Shift?

Is that still a thing in ‘Murica? And how’re the Oppo’s across the pond doing at this hour? I’m gonna be awake for a while.

Geckositelock Geckositelock

Haven’t done one of these in a while.

I'm bored (late night boredom) I'm bored (late night boredom)

So here’s the prettiest Ferrari ever made. The Dino 246, in literally any form.

The gif you wanted

From that Porsche article this morning. Dunno why gifs are turning into videos nowadays. But here ya go.

K-Roll's Driving Playlist (REDUX): Autobahn Edition K-Roll's Driving Playlist (REDUX): Autobahn Edition

For this round, imagine you’ve got whatever car you want and an empty Autobahn to max it out on. What will you blast as you max your car out on the fastest road in the world?

It's a Porsche 928 It's a Porsche 928

Isn’t that sweeeeeeet? :D


ONE more hour before I can get off work and hang out with friends! Howabout the rest of you all?

Perspective is Everything Perspective is Everything

Watching the threads about the 992 on Rennlist really gives you perspective. I’m gearing up for a suspension refreshing on the 931 and changing the oil pan gasket and turbo oil line seal. There, some are concerned with how “Lexus” Porsche is becoming and whether or not they’ll buy the next $100k+ 911.

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