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Today is going much better  Today is going much better 

I got the oil pan back in after fighting obstructions and gravity for two hours.

F*** Valentines Day F*** Valentines Day

An addendum to my first post of the day. Got my first rear-ending (love tap or whatever) on the way to class this afternoon.

Oppo, tell me everything you know... Oppo, tell me everything you know...

About the Megatron engine. I never knew such an amazingly engineered-yet clinically insane engine existed like this. And I’m more shocked that this is a god damned 4 cylinder! I F’ing love Germany. But I need to learn MOAR!!

Valentines Day Sucks Valentines Day Sucks

That’s what I feel every new year. What a stupid idea for a holiday. (If you like it for whatever reason, I don’t understand how/why, but good for you). Today is just another Thursday.


HORNET CV-8 HAS BEEN FOUND AT LAST!! The last sister of USS Enterprise has been discovered decades after the Battle of Santa Cruz Islands!! Huzzah!!

$39 Lesson of the Day $39 Lesson of the Day

Treat your torque wrench right, and you won’t screw yourself over. I needed to torque two banjo bols for the oil cooler lines for the turbo to the oil filter bracket at 41ft-lbs. One is above 41 and not broken, the other one is above.

Late Night w/K-Roll Late Night w/K-Roll

How’s it going, whoever’s still awake after 11pm?


I’ve been replacing things from hoses and lines, to even spark plug wires with new and blue ones. So when it came to repainting the A-arms, I had to stay consistent.

Control Arm Rebuild  Control Arm Rebuild 

These things were stupid rusty and the bushings were beyond mushrooms (read as DEAD). Spent maybe 30 minutes total walnut blasting them to the condition you see now and pressing in new bushings. I’m gonna continue my tradition of painting suspension bits weird but sensible colors. and the front can go back together…

Where's the Intern?!? Where's the Intern?!?

THIS LAYOUT ISN’T KOSHER!! There’s Jezebel in my Oppo now! There’s a lot of things in my Oppo and I hate it. It’s time for a good ole’fashioned Intern-Burning because this is CRAP.

Fudge NO MORE!! (Update) Fudge NO MORE!! (Update)

Duplicolor Rust-Fix sucks, so I improvised. Bought a small steel-wire brush, sprayed phosphoric acid all over the panel, and went to work. Testament to Porsche’s rustproofing in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, this was just surface and it came out clean.

Fudge Fudge

This is a bit of a delay in the project. I was set and ready to put the turbo back in tonight when I noticed the result of many many heat cycles on the frame next to where the turbo sits (not sure if the corrosion to the right is a result).

Crossmember Cleanup Crossmember Cleanup

From removal, to degreasing and grime removal, to the current use of phosphoric acid to remove the rust and etch the metal for paint. This should be ready and done by the end of the weekend!

Classes Cancelled Tomorrow Classes Cancelled Tomorrow

Because excessive snow and wind chills and whatever. I’m still going to work tomorrow and probably will workout (again). I just hope this weather doesn’t affect the shipment of parts I need to start putting my car back together.

Turbo is OUT!! Turbo is OUT!!

This wasn’t nearly as difficult a job as I thought now that I’ve done it. This is what the turbo looks like out of the car, and depending on your experience with turbos, this is either chonky, or small. My hand for reference below.

Buzzed/Bored Buzzed/Bored

Listening to the last few chapters of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”. I really like this book. 

Fun Fact Fun Fact

Removing the turbo on a 924 Turbo requires removing the rear half of the exhaust.

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