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Thanks Kinja Thanks Kinja

I’ll never be able to take part in those fun name changes, for Kinja is dumb.

Bike thread? Bike thread?

Let’s talk about bikes. Bikes are cool. Like snowmobiles, but cooler. Post some bikes. What you want, what you have, what you’re looking at.

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

I missed the sun. I just wish I didn't see it set and rise on the same shift.

Late night Canada edition Late night Canada edition

My coworker and I got lost while looking at obscure 90s Canadian rock music, and found some Kids In The Hall. So have that instead of something serious. Fun fact: I know one of the Daves in this video.

Spring is here Spring is here

Which means that I should clean my car, but it'll be impossible to keep clean.

Interior car cleaning products?

With spring happening soon, I figure it’s time to start thinking about cleaning inside my car. There’s a lot of dust, mud, and messy glass (look, having to scrape ice off the inside of the windshield is rough), and I’m wondering what people recommend? I’m thinking of a mini-vac and Armour All wipes should deal with…

Selective Colour Selective Colour

Just a fun little edit. Original below.

Soon Soon

Hopefully the temperature stays steady above zero and that my town's streets thaw soon. I'd say maybe three or four weeks until I can put my all seasons back on? And maybe I'll give autocross a shot this year.

On wants and responsibilities On wants and responsibilities

A personal rant inside.

The question is, which one works? The question is, which one works?

The probable answer? Neither.

Whelp, time to sell the FiST and buy an Outback Whelp, time to sell the FiST and buy an Outback

His name is Archer, and he is the best boy.

Hour rule (damn Australians edition) Hour rule (damn Australians edition)

(I’m out of car photos on my phone)

Neat Neat

He left without buying any gas. Maybe he forgot his wallet.

"Wait, where are those last few photos I took?" "Wait, where are those last few photos I took?"

Oh cool, they didn’t save on my memory card? Great.

Left my house this morning Left my house this morning

It's not a little after nine. But I'm off to Bobcaygeon. Should be fun!

Thanks to everyone for meeting up tonight in Toronto! It was great to see some old friends and some new people! Hopefully the next one has better weather and timing for a drive!

It begins It begins

Already downstairs for people coming.


Rich dad edition: a C300 wagon.

Good morning Good morning

What's everyone got on the go today? I'll be heading to the Toronto Oppo Meet tonight. Until then, missing my car. Saw this on the way from the airport the other day, and it's somehow more obnoxious than what I drive.

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