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For your consideration For your consideration

Cordelia by The Tragically Hip. Yes, I picked up Road Apples last week, and this has been on repeat.

Yeah bud Yeah bud

CKX helmet with a heated visor. It’s gonna be freaking cold in Carrot River for snowmobiling on Wednesday, so it should make it worth it. Also, apparently the helmet can be used for motorcycles. Future proofing! 

Whoops Whoops

I don’t know what I did, but I don’t think it’s good. Everything went fine after this one shot, at least!

FiST update

It's failed to start three times today. Locking and unlocking, then starting it seems to work. Calling the dealer tomorrow. I can't have my car be this unreliable.

Call for Authorship/Rules Call for Authorship/Rules

Since it’s probably been years since anyone has done this, Photography is once again taking on new members! Photography is a subblog that has been dedicated to, you guessed it, photography! Equipment, photos, questions, anything and everything.

"I think I'll sell the car in a year" -Me "I think I'll sell the car in a year" -Me

“I could buy it” -My girlfriend

Snowmobile helmet recommendations Snowmobile helmet recommendations

Well, work wants me to go snowmobiling more, and they’re not sure that existing helmets we have will fit my head. Anyone have any recommendations? They’re recommending a modular design that’s full face, heated visor, and can open up so I can talk with people without taking it off. I’d prefer not to break the bank, but…

Today, in weird history Today, in weird history

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Boston Molasses Disaster. On January 15th, 1919, a 2.3 million gallon tank of molasses ruptured, sending a tsunami of molasses at 35 miles per hour into Boston, resulting in 21 deaths, 150 injuries, and $100 million (in today’s dollars) in damages. The causes are believed to be…

"Okay, base model Wrangler, just a few opt-" "Okay, base model Wrangler, just a few opt-"

“Why is everything so expensive?!”

Not bad

Kind of neat to have my photo used on a tourism page for the city. It's not much, but it's a sign I'm doing something right.

Workin' late Workin' late

Teenage angst music ought to help me get through the next three and a half hours. Adult me, who now has money, is seriously considering buying a used copy of this album for $60. Would be worth it. Who else is up late?

NPoCP: Land Cruiser Edition NPoCP: Land Cruiser Edition

$35,900 CAD for this super clean 1987 Land Cruiser HJ60 with a straight six diesel, manual transmission, and 414,000 kilometres. And surprisingly, it’s sold at a Toyota dealership. I’m gonna go CP on this one, but it’s a sign that the Land Cruiser bubble is very much here.

"Alright, Ranger is out, it's a midsize, so it should be-" "Alright, Ranger is out, it's a midsize, so it should be-"

“... dammit, it’’s cheaper to buy an F-150.”

Positivity Thread? Positivity Thread?

It’s Thursday night, so tell me what's good in your life right now. For me, I'm doing pretty great, really enjoying photography again, had two random people compliment me today, and my girlfriend says my manual driving skills are much improved. So what's good in everyone's life right now?

I need a Volvo I need a Volvo

Not necessarily one like this, but a Volvo nonetheless.

I like the Tahoe I like the Tahoe

It drives pretty well, is good in snowy fields, seems like a solid all-rounder, but gods damn do I wish that the new ones didn’t start at $55k CAD. A stripped down model would be awesome, but wouldn’t sell. Oh well.

Two shots Two shots

One day I might stop using this 35 mm lens. One day.

Good morning Good morning

How goes it?

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