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The Challenger T/A 392 (and pretty much any Challenger) is cool The Challenger T/A 392 (and pretty much any Challenger) is cool

But I don’t think I’d ever spend money on one. Cool, would be badass to cruise in, but they’re pretty damn pricey for something that’s been around for ten years. I wonder when they’ll do a platform upgrade.

For the embiggens competition, I was going to bring back Advice From Uncle CB, but it was basically just going to be a longwinded rant on how you should do some self-reflection on your actions, thoughts, and values every once in a while and ask yourself if you’re an asshole, why that might be, how to work on it, et…

Was looking at Autotrader, when suddenly Was looking at Autotrader, when suddenly

I’m guessing there are some really bored kids over in Indian Head who put this up. It’s allegedly a Canadian-made AWD SUV with two doors and a V6 powered by electricity. Link to the ad for prosperity.

Home sick Home sick

Made it to work, worked half an hour, and said to my boss “I think I’m gonna go home”. He agreed that it was a good idea. It’s nice having a boss who actually gives a damn about their employees’ wellbeing. Here’s hoping the Zzquil kicks in soon.

Damn Damn

Minis really have gotten too big.

Tonight's Earworm: Fully Completely Tonight's Earworm: Fully Completely

Bought this album yesterday (yeah, I get that I’m 25 years late to the party) and this has been stuck in my head all day. Such a good tune.

"I know what I have" "I know what I have"

Sure, it doesn’t say it, but it might as well when you’re asking $11,997 for a 2006 3 series with 260,454 kilometres on it. There is no NPoCP, just CP.

The Clio V6 Renault Sport The Clio V6 Renault Sport

Also known as the least useful hatchback in history. It’s cool, but outclassed in pretty much every way.

Z4 M > Z3 M Z4 M > Z3 M

Yeah, the Z3 M is probably more practical in Clownshoe form, but the Z4 M looks way better. If offered one or the other, screw the quirky choice, give me the Z4.

My evening My evening

Go Canada go! I’ll be heading to get a slushee after the snowboarding is done. What is everyone else up to?

Sleepwalkers Mini-review Sleepwalkers Mini-review

If you liked Painkillers, you’ll like this. If you didn’t, you won’t. I enjoy it from my first listen through, and I’m definitely looking forward to cruising to this album. Have one of the songs for your time.

Pink Pink

What are the odds of someone buying a special edition solely because it’s the only way to get a colour they want? Probably good.

So So

Is the Fiata doing as well as expected? Last year in the US, 4478 were sold, and 601 were sold in Canada, compared to the Miata, where 11,294 were sold in the US and 1144 were sold in Canada. I think that’s surprisingly respectable. Also, kudos to the 13 Canadians who bought Fiatas in January.

My dumbest plan to date* My dumbest plan to date*

Import an Avantime. Drive said Avantime all the way to St. John’s, Newfoundland, hitting every provincial capital along the way. Sell the Avantime after, with an additional 8,000 kilometres or so on it.

Things that seem reasonable Things that seem reasonable

Having an XC70 as a daily driver, and then another car for fun. Inline-six and AWD seems responsible enough.

Not my usual type of music Not my usual type of music

But I was rewatching some of John Wick (one of the best action movies, in my opinion) and this is the song playing in the basement of the club and now it’s in my head. I love it.

Americans on the Internet: "Who would pay $50k for a WRX STi?" Americans on the Internet: "Who would pay $50k for a WRX STi?"

Canadian on the internet: “That seems perfectly reasonable.”

She's dead, Jim She's dead, Jim

Looks like it’s finally time to put Elizabeth v2.4 to rest as I can’t get it to work and honestly I don’t care to anymore. This time, the login screen won’t load visually: my monitor detects no input, it goes to sleep, then I can hear the Windows startup chime. System restore isn’t fixing it, and honestly, at this…

Awww yes Awww yes

Ever have something that you enjoyed as a kid and then had as an adult, only to be disappointed? Not this time. I love bagels.

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