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Things I was considering over the FiST Things I was considering over the FiST

Glad to hear the 2019 is better than the 2018, so no buyer’s remorse for not buying one of those last year!

Probably a good reason why I’m banned from lecturing at the community college. Anyway, happy Victoria Day!

Happy Sunday Happy Sunday

How’s it going today?

Why people don't like us Why people don't like us

TwinCB is looking for a car, and the first thing she links me is a 2015 Versa hatchback. Which, objectively, fine for her, because she doesn’t care in the slightest about cars (although she doesn’t want a Ford or VW [she’s the smart one]), and just needs something to get her from A to B. I gave her a list of models to…

Gods dammit Gods dammit

A rock must’ve bounced and hit it. I could probably fix it on my own. Still, a bit of a bummer.

Melville is a nice town Melville is a nice town

Filled with nice car spots. And a Timmies. And a grocery store. Maybe I'll move here in two years, depending on how life goes.

Hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmm

I guess I have options for plates whenever I get a new car.

I think I'm going to like this camera I think I'm going to like this camera

Only drawback? 24 megapixels at high quality means absolutely massive file sizes that Kinja is very unhappy about. I’ll be spending the next few days going through the manual. Welcome home, A7ii.

The Can-Am Ryker The Can-Am Ryker

Because it turns out the Spyder had a littler brother no one knew or cared about.

"Man, a lifted wagon would probably be smarter than a truck" "Man, a lifted wagon would probably be smarter than a truck"

“An inline-6 XC70 would be a great idea!”

Conspiracy theory (in the post)

The devs have purposely tanked the Kinja subblog style of posting in order to reduce viewership, lower demand, and finally kill off the subblogs since they probably cost more than they’re worth.

Hi Oppo Hi Oppo

How goes it today? I woke up, worked out, and had to drive with spaghetti legs. What’s good?

E28 M5 > E39 M5 E28 M5 > E39 M5

Also, Ronin was great, but the chase involving the M5 which was actually an E34 but hey I’m an idiot was a smidge too long. Solid movie overall, would recommend.

What should I watch tonight: Heat or Ronin? Picked up both at the thrift shop, figured I should finally watch them.

Nature is beautiful and stupid Nature is beautiful and stupid

Sometimes I dislike living in a swamp, but my backyard is basically a bird sanctuary. This yellow bellied sapsucker (we think [and my favourite name for a bird {thanks Calvin and Hobbes!}]) slammed into my window. Flipped her over, put her in some grass, and she took off after about half an hour. Hopefully she…

Hour rule hipster edition Hour rule hipster edition

Loving this tune.

Seen today Seen today

It would've been cooler without the hotwheels badges. But some would argue it's more my speed than a truck.

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