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I have a sudden urge...

To go wheelchair racing in a hospital.

Homestar Runner updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Homestar Runner updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time in... 5 years?

9000 hours in mspaint 9000 hours in mspaint

Have some OC for this "Tiger-off" I keep hearing about.

"Dear Graduating Senior" "Dear Graduating Senior"

Dear Graduating Senior: Congratulations on the completion of your studies at [REDACTED] University.

A sudden realization.. A sudden realization..

Each year, the first nice day of weather brings out all the nice older cars, muscle cars, rods (both street and rat), sports cars, exotics... With the extra snowy and cold winter we've been having, the first warm sunny day here is going to make Central PA look like the glitz district of Dubai.

I found a video..

(or a gif, I should say).



Don't mind me Don't mind me

Just putting up pictures of a major interstate after a HALF INCH of snow. In a snowy area of the US.

Midday Music Break? Midday Music Break?

Midday Music Break

Trollin FB hard Trollin FB hard

And people are buying it.... My phone doesn't even run crappy bird.


Hasn't this... never happened?

You know you're a jalop when... You know you're a jalop when...

You see this picture

Keep oppo fishy Keep oppo fishy

Had salmon for dinner. It initiated within me a desire like no other.

Cars Cars

Cars go here.

Midday Music Break Midday Music Break

Probably my favorite marching band song of all time. Because we had a sweet ass drum break.

Beerlopnik Beerlopnik

The yeasties, yeast nutrient, and airlocks I ordered arrived today.

Arm yourself heavily, fellow opponauts... Arm yourself heavily, fellow opponauts...

For their vengeance shall be swift and merciless...

Thought of this on my terribad drive home today Thought of this on my terribad drive home today

I78 was closed, turning my 1:40 drive into a 5:30 kill-myself fest. BUT, I saw something that made me think of this....

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