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Are humans air cooled?

Are humans air cooled, because of... I guess breath, and airflow over the skin?

I've had my scooter for a whole year I've had my scooter for a whole year

And I’ve loved every second of it

Wish me luck oppo

I have a date.

Two wheel life: a(n) (longish) update Two wheel life: a(n) (longish) update

Most likely not a single opponaut remembers my post a few weeks ago about my trusty Saturn being, in actuality, a RUSTY Saturn, and that my roommate and I were replacing it with, of all things, a bright orange 125cc scooter. After a few delays, and much debate over whether this was a purely emotional terrible decision…

2 wheels economical

A couple weeks ago, my trusty 98 saturn failed the everloving crap out of an inspection (lots of rust, 500$ car, 1600$ in work plus tax to get it road worthy). This left me and my roommate in the uncomfortable situation of not having a car. Our broke-ness, combined with the parking disaster that is our neighborhood…

How to move a three wheeled car (carporn for your troubles) How to move a three wheeled car (carporn for your troubles)

Asking for friend. No, really, I’m far too broke to have a project car (plus I live in the city)...

Mopedlopnik? Opposcootlock?

Seeing as I’m now 25, my lady-friends truck has succumbed to the rust-monster, and I (almost) have disposable income, I’m in the market for a moped. Help me decide. Anyone out there have experience with these lil guys? Any models to look out for (either good or bad)? There are TONS of Puch Maxi’s out there

Sportslopnik: Hockey Edition

Anyone else watching the Caps-Flyers game? Anyone else also feel like a literal murder will happen during this game?

Spotted in West Philly Spotted in West Philly

New DeMuro post soon?

Just had some delicious pizza Just had some delicious pizza

Now, the gym before it snows again.

Ever have one of those days... Ever have one of those days...

Where you think it's gonna go great, and then the corporate hatchet-men* show up and start snooping around? And your coworkers are extra annoying? And there's no coffee left in the break room (caffeinated, and we only buy decaf for the irritating coworker from last sentence)?

Talk me out of selling my kidney on the black market

I really want one of these, even though it's not a Redline. Plus, 28k miles? Basically showroom fresh. (just kidding about the kidney comment, I can scrape that much money together, it's just not a financially wise decision yet.)

Warning: Divegrass/Soccer/"football" post Warning: Divegrass/Soccer/"football" post

This has never been so appropriate. Also, someone explain to me the USMNT's standings. We have to be Germoney now, right?

This better not be a repost...

Twin engine MkIV Jetta with a vr6 and a Turbo W8

Keep oppo metal Keep oppo metal

My dad is dead set on getting a hunting license again this fall (and I'll probably join him), this song (and album cover) is highly relevant right now.

Classy stuff needed? Classy stuff needed?

Nothing classier than Jalopnik Brefass Scotch.

Bond films are back Bond films are back

Netflix brought back a bunch of Bond films, just in time for finals week.

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