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Apparently nobody on TV knows how to dimple their tie Apparently nobody on TV knows how to dimple their tie

This is far more infuriating than anything they’re talking about.

Woohoo! Woohoo!

Yesterday I got the news that I’ve been accepted to the National Security Studies bachelor program at NJCU. I’m super excited and it feels like I’m finally starting to get my life sorted out. Brown RWD wagon for your time.

I have found a nearly perfect vehicle. I have found a nearly perfect vehicle.

This Frankenstein cross breed of a storied English carmaker, custom coachwork, wood paneling, and a full time 4WD system weighs in at (educated estimate) 6600lbs and is propelled by twelve cylinders. The only way it could be better is if it were a nice dark green.

*Important Announcement* *Important Announcement*

In a recent conversation with some fellow oppos, a picture of a Drift Mitsuoka came up. This got me thinking about the Neoclassics of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Cars from people such as Excalibur, Zimmer (pictured at the top of this post), and the revived Stutz. These were basically Proto-Mitsuokas, making gatsby styled cars…

This is the most actively stupid thing I’ve ever seen. This is the most actively stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

The fact that it’s actually a Rolls Royce honestly just makes it that much more offensive.

On one hand... On one hand...

On the other,

Here ya go Here ya go

Don’t say I never gave ya anything.

Wow Wow

I’m not gonna pretend to be well read on the subject of Brazilian politics, and based on his description I most likely don’t line up with this guy politically, but GODDAMN that Rolls-Royce is nice.

Mood. Mood.

post French cars. As former democratically elected president of oppo, I demand it.

Late Nite pondering Late Nite pondering

I love my car. I’ve always wanted one just like it. It’s the perfect car for cruising American highways, and when I got it, that’s how I intended to use it...

😧 😧

Days like this make me so glad I’m no longer working in north jersey.


Here’s a pic of the sun setting over asbury in exchange for the accidental spam.

Bored at work. Send help. Bored at work. Send help.

Here’s a really nice Mini for sale on hemmings in exchange for entertaining me. Link in comments.


This is one of the funniest music vids I’ve ever seen.

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