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To Buy or Not To Buy, that is the question; A Squarebody Soliloquy

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to buy old cars and trucks The slings and arrows of a very outrageous number of vehicles, Or to take Arms against a Sea of Priuses And by opposing end them: to do burnouts, and save the manuals.

I know it's been awhile, Oppo, but I need your help. 

I have the money, and know where I can find a running cummins+manual transmission. The question is, should I, or shouldn’t I...

Oppo Roll Call for Caffeine and Carburetors 4-17-16 Oppo Roll Call for Caffeine and Carburetors 4-17-16

Super excited for this weekend, first C&C of the year is Sunday! I’ll be there with my 325it, or “creamsicle” as everyone calls it. I haven’t had time yet to remove the hideous orange stripe, so I guess the name is fitting for now. I’ll also have the Jensen there, got that out from hibernation last weekend and took my…

 Über Rare 500TE

Holy mother of wagon

NEW CAR #WagonWednesday NEW CAR #WagonWednesday

Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come, I should have time to do a short write up on it tomorrow (#touringthursday?) but for now, I’m just going to sit here and be excited and try to do my homework. And not be able to drive it. Grrrr.

Anyone want to chip in?  Anyone want to chip in? 


Trolls... Such trolls... Trolls... Such trolls...

Spotted at the local Autozone

Any oppos know VR-4's?  Any oppos know VR-4's? 

Doesn’t look like a VR-4 engine bay, and it doesn’t look like it’s got the VR-4 badges.. The body kit looks like... I don’t know, I don’t know these cars well, so I’m not sure if it’s actually a VR or not. I would email the seller, asking for a vin so I could see if it’s real, but I don’t want to sound like an arse.…

Let's all say a little prayer  Let's all say a little prayer 

For my friend, who is on his way home with his family from Florida right now, and driving through the state of Virginia en route back north to Connecticut, let us pray.


Shelby Sp360 Supercharged Dodge Durango. They only made a couple hundred of these things, every single one of them being absolutely outrageous. I wish they did something like this still today, because, ya know, Murica. Link if anyone’s interested... It looks to be pretty well preserved, and the rear bucket seats it…

Belated Thoughts on the Volvo V90.... (Warning: Contains many Luxo-Wagons that will probably never exist) Belated Thoughts on the Volvo V90.... (Warning: Contains many Luxo-Wagons that will probably never exist)

Today, while doing schoolwork (since teachers don’t understand the definition of vacation), I got bored. While I was being bored, and searching the web for wagons of various mfr., displacement, transmission, and drive type, I thought of something. Volvo, will soon be producing, the V90.

The Wagons of NYC Photodump (ft. Some cool things that aren't wagons)  The Wagons of NYC Photodump (ft. Some cool things that aren't wagons) 

Went on a day trip to NYC yesterday, the drive there wasn’t bad, but the drive home was terrible, because we haven’t switched to snows yet for the winter, and the contipro contacts that are on the car are almost to the wear bars... Despite the interesting drive home, I saw some cool cars throughout the day, so here…

Ouch Ouch

Friend of mine sent this to me, some idiots geniuses at his school decided to try and drift this Mach 1 on completely bald tires, in a Khols parking lot, with other cars in it. Thankfully, noone was hurt, and it reallt could have been a lot worse. The poor Mustang was a stick, too :/ For any Oppos having a rainy day…

Crown Vic Hoonage Crown Vic Hoonage

Some decent Crown Vic hoonage going on in this music video right here. Not sure how or where they got the car from with lights and whatnot on it, and I’m pretty sure you can’t buy them as a civilian this way... Could a police precinct have actually been cool enough to let them use a car that’s about to go into…

Of Nostalgias Enters Into; Really, BMW? Of Nostalgias Enters Into; Really, BMW?

Saw an old picture this morning of the 530XIT that one of my friends’ parents had for awhile. (not actual car, but it was identical)

What happened to Kinja What happened to Kinja

me using kinja mobile for the next few days is gonna be like:

What if....

One were to mount a Porsche 911 motor and trans, in like, an E30, or an E28, putting the motor where the seats used to be, instead of in the trunk. No picture for reference, but I wonder if it’s completely impossible. Just an idea...

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