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A lot going on here A lot going on here

1. I’d think a car from 985 years in the future would go for more than $800, especially with inflation.

Patina for dayssss Patina for dayssss

Little car show here over the weekend and this is the only picture I snapped.

Hey Oppo Hey Oppo

Seems like every time I post it’s a “hey Oppo, been a while” situation. Hope you all are doing well. I was thinking this week I should try to stop by here more often.

El Uly Metal Bait El Uly Metal Bait

Picked up a copy of Doom for XB1 the other day and holy crap, the soundtrack is crushing.

*Induction Noises* *Induction Noises*

I don’t care if this thing causes me to actually lose a few ponies. The sounds it makes are worth it.

Found These Today Found These Today

Visited my grandparents today and found all of the Mattel Hot Wheels Redline cars I played with as a kid that were my dad and uncles when they were young. All made from 1967-1969.

Steeeeelies Steeeeelies

Went through the wash tonight so I decided to swing by one of the local dealers to snap a couple pics in some good lighting.

Center Caps for Steel Wheels? Center Caps for Steel Wheels?

I have my winter tires mounted on plain black steel wheels that I got from Tire Rack and I’m trying to find some simple center caps that will dress them up a bit. Kind of like the cap on a Crown Vic.

2014+ Mazda6 Owners, Does This Happen to You? 2014+ Mazda6 Owners, Does This Happen to You?

The plastic piece that goes where the drivers side fog light would go keeps coming off and falling into the cavity behind the front fascia. The fascia has never been damaged, but this piece is only held in place by 5 tabs and they don’t seem to hold it well. I’ve checked to make sure the tabs aren’t damaged and…

Storing Wheels/Tires During Offseason Storing Wheels/Tires During Offseason

How do you folks do it? This is the first time I’ve had snow tires/wheels. I took the stock set to the manual car wash the other night and gave them a good cleaning and now they’re in the basement. Do I need to cover them up or anything?

Ordered These Today Ordered These Today

Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT on 16” steelies. Got a good deal on them at Tire Rack. Should have ordered them earlier this week because we had our first snowfall today and the OEM Dunlop’s on my 6 were terrible.

Hey Oppo, I Did a Thing Today Hey Oppo, I Did a Thing Today

Much as I liked my 2016 Camry, I couldn’t pass this one up when I saw it for sale. 2016 Touring. Love it so far.

ATC of SeaTac Thief

Holy shit it is chilling to listen to.

747 Tanker Fighting California Wildfire 747 Tanker Fighting California Wildfire

This shot ought to win a Pulitzer.

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