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No one seemed to pick up on it in my post on Sunday, but that was Hoovie’s McLaren

Clean. Clean.

It takes much less time to wash this one

Oh yes Oh yes

Picked the right wheels for sure. Too bad Subaru lugs are apparently made of paper and I snapped ANOTHER stud.

Thoughts on an FR-S, a few days in  Thoughts on an FR-S, a few days in 

In case you somehow missed it, I traded my Camero in for a Scion FR-S last Thursday. Since then I’ve put about 350 miles on it, which is enough for a quick oppo review

Baby's first autox Baby's first autox

utocrossed the FR-S for the first time today. Yes, I autocrossed a car within the first 48 hours of ownership.

Update  Update 

Need new plate ideas. TOYODUH is the leading candidate aat the moment, but I don’t love it. Something referencing scion as a dead brand would be ideal. (Well, TOYODA would have been but it’s taken)

I hate being that guy but...carfax?

Anyone got a free check and wanna help a brudda out?

What should I know about the BRZ? What should I know about the BRZ?

Alright oppo, tell me all the good and bad about the BRZ.

New whip who dis New whip who dis

I took all your advice, threw it out the window, and got a Taco

Thought Experiment

As you all know, I own a 2015 Mustang GT, premium with performance package and a 6 speed manual.

Now for daily use Now for daily use

My all seasons were starting to approach replacement time, so since I’m allergic to saving money I went ahead and got new tires today. But I decided to put them on what had been my autocross wheels - the better looking silver version of the performance pack 19s.

Darwin may not be appropriate here  Darwin may not be appropriate here 

Evolution missed if it gave us the Smart Car

 It's over  It's over

Look, I respect that people celebrate and enjoy Christmas. I spent time with my fiancée’s family and enjoyed it too. But the lights, the colors, the aggressive marketing, the music: I’m always at least a little glad when it’s finally over.

Secret Senna Arrived Secret Senna Arrived

Thanks Stef! So much swag:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

I saw it on Wednesday, and it’s been a while since a movie has stayed on my mind so long after viewing. It’s a fantastic movie, you should go see it.

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