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What should I know about the BRZ? What should I know about the BRZ?

Alright oppo, tell me all the good and bad about the BRZ.

New whip who dis New whip who dis

I took all your advice, threw it out the window, and got a Taco

Thought Experiment

As you all know, I own a 2015 Mustang GT, premium with performance package and a 6 speed manual.

Now for daily use Now for daily use

My all seasons were starting to approach replacement time, so since I’m allergic to saving money I went ahead and got new tires today. But I decided to put them on what had been my autocross wheels - the better looking silver version of the performance pack 19s.

Darwin may not be appropriate here  Darwin may not be appropriate here 

Evolution missed if it gave us the Smart Car

 It's over  It's over

Look, I respect that people celebrate and enjoy Christmas. I spent time with my fiancée’s family and enjoyed it too. But the lights, the colors, the aggressive marketing, the music: I’m always at least a little glad when it’s finally over.

Secret Senna Arrived Secret Senna Arrived

Thanks Stef! So much swag:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

I saw it on Wednesday, and it’s been a while since a movie has stayed on my mind so long after viewing. It’s a fantastic movie, you should go see it.

Secret Senna Sent Secret Senna Sent

Themed Post

2018 in Review - Teaser 1 2018 in Review - Teaser 1

Last night I wrote up a reflection on the year. I don’t know if I’m going to share that version, might be a bit too personal, but I’ve done some reflecting recently regardless. Including going through all the pictures on my iCloud and saving the best ones of the year.

It's caturday somewhere It's caturday somewhere

And I haven’t posted my cat in a while

Autocross season is over Autocross season is over

I celebrated with a 2nd place PAX finish and a smokey burnout

Neat Neat

Super Guppy just landed here delivering mission control consoles for the Cosmosphere to restore. And the B-29 ‘Doc’ happens to be parked on the same ramp waiting for its new hangar to open

I'm not normally very political but...

...please vote. It matters. And chances are your polling place isn’t far from home and it won’t take that long, so don’t make any excuses. 


Except it isn’t because it has a built in ‘spool up’. But I bought a lawnmower and mowed a lawn for the first time ever

Endurocross Endurocross

Autocross, but with three laps. For reference of what that is, my best time was 168 seconds and I was 2nd fastest street tire on the day. It’s my favorite autocross event each year.

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