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RIP Art Bell

Those of us who used to take long midnight drives in the 90s still have his voice baked into our being.

They really want to escape They really want to escape

Not the worst Thai driving I’ve seen though.

Fiesta Door Mirror

So, between ~2030 last night and 0500 this morning someone managed to whack off my driver’s side mirror. Any of the Fiesta folk or FiSTers on here had to replace one of those yet? Just curious how much of a PITA it’s going to be... Since it’s mounted on the door itself I’m assuming I’m going to have to pull the door…

Gas Station Cons Gas Station Cons

What’s up with them this month? I usually get one or two a year, but so far I’m at 4 since 1NOV.

Free Roomba Free Roomba

The continuing saga of getting free stuff from folks who live in a disposal culture.

Section 8 Section 8

Picture on the FP reminded me of my time living in public housing. See, Section 8 in rural Texas isn’t the monolithic public projects you think of in the cities. The one I lived in was a set of quadplexes about a mile long. To get there you had to go about two miles down an unmaintained gravel road (aka a set of ruts…

Opera Corolla Opera Corolla

World Class

Damnit Internet Damnit Internet

This is what I mean when I ask for a pigtail plug

Update: My wife bought a car last night (Previously: My wife said she's buying a car tonight) Update: My wife bought a car last night (Previously: My wife said she's buying a car tonight)

2016 FoST. Didn’t get the price as low as I’d have liked, but got significantly more than I would have asked for private sale on the GTI so came out decent enough. Blue inserts on the seats aren’t really my cup o’ tea, but she’s happy/I’m happy.

Sounds like fun Sounds like fun

Diving through the front door, dumping gas on yourself then lighting it is one way to get good parking and stay warm at least.

Outta my way Outta my way

Cats await.

Public Transportation Public Transportation

For the rest of you living in the DC hellhole...

Whatcha got on your wrist Oppo? Whatcha got on your wrist Oppo?

Just picked this fella up for a hundred bucks. Can’t beat that.

EV Comment Section

Funny, we've heard that before.

One way to move a screen door One way to move a screen door

I would have at least used a blanket for the roof...

Vertical Videos

Are the people who complain about them the same people who distort their viewing on TV by putting it on ‘stretch’ so it fills the whole screen? The same ones who made 'pan and scan' a horrible thing so it was nearly impossible to get letterboxed movies outside of expensive ass laserdiscs for ages?

Ice Drags Ice Drags

Listening to the scanner like I always do during major events and it seems all the criminals heeded the community leaders edicts and stayed home. Mostly the calls are for stuck cars and people in distress. However, there have been a number of calls for people ‘drag racing’.

DC Metro shutdown? DC Metro shutdown?

One of my junior employers just called me and said that the metrobus is shutting down at 1700 and metrorail at 2300 and they’re not restarting until Monday?

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