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Doggo post Doggo post

On a night when the weather radar looks like this (and looked like that all day, which never really happens in Southern NM), the doggos find ways to cope.

What I have done oppo?

Today and tomorrow is a public policy conference put on by the university that is directly related to what I do working with political papers. We’re involved in the planning and execution, as well as I put together and man a show-and-tell type table exhibit about the relevant (and very, very large) senatorial…

Spotted: a beloved part of my automotive past, now with fake M badges Spotted: a beloved part of my automotive past, now with fake M badges

I went out to pick up some oil and a filter for the mustang in the household, and I spotted my old E39. 200o 528i, factory sport package car. It now has a roundel front license plate, some M colored stripes on the grill and some fake M badges added by the guy I sold it to, but on the whole the car still looks…

Bedroomlopnik, completed Bedroomlopnik, completed

A few weeks ago, I posted about starting the next room on updating the house after doing a bathroom a few months ago. This room was a menagerie of woe, with horribly painted baby-blue walls and pink trim. It was the one room in the house that just looked bad. I can’t stress enough how badly painted the room was, with…

Bedroomlopnik, tearing stuff out.

I’m back at it updating the 90's out the house. With the main bathroom out of the the way, it’s time to tackle the front bedroom. This room is, by far, the worst looking room in the house with baby blue walls and pink trim. Toss in the builder’s grade crap carpet that was probably put in around 2005ish, and you’ve got…

Words are important Words are important

Up the road a bit from my house is this sign in which someone in the county sign shop forgot a word, and I’m guessing the guy who installed it wasn’t being paid enough to care. A block down the same road they managed to include all the words.

DOTF (and David Tracy bait) DOTF (and David Tracy bait)

I was up in the Nebraska Panhandle last week to visit some friends and family. One person we always visit is a relative who still actually lives on a family homestead. She’s spent the last 40 years running the place and restoring the 1870's main house (literally a rock house built with 6-foot slabs of limestone for…


Spotted this survivor parked in Potter, NE. Not perfect, but someone has certainly cared for it. Didn’t look rusty underneath, so maybe someone’s grandparents stay home when it snows.

DOTS: Trinidad, CO DOTS: Trinidad, CO

By far the most interesting paint job I saw while stopped for lunch yesterday.

Some people hang horse shoes over doors... Some people hang horse shoes over doors...

I hang old sets of Bosch fog lights over the side door to the garage. I finally got around to unpacking and setting up the garage after a few months of procrastinating. I’m about 90% done after today. Having about 1/3 of the garage finished in pegboard is coming in handy.

Good News! (here be hot takes on race rubber) Good News! (here be hot takes on race rubber)

There may not be a new Dacia Sandero (so far as I know), but the July Fastrack is out.

DOTSS (Down on the shade structure) DOTSS (Down on the shade structure)

This shade structure is over the entrance to the library and directly outside my office window. Sometime yesterday a facilities maintenance worker dropped this golve from the roof three stories above. It bothers me slightly every time I look out the window. What does oppo have for the over/under for how long it stays…

I've severed my last official tie to Texas I've severed my last official tie to Texas

Because New Mexico requires out of state vehicles to have their VINs physically inspected by the MVD, I hooked up the trailer and took it by the MVD this morning to re-title and register it in NM. For those that know NM, having a titled and registered trailer displaying a plate and current sticker is decidedly…

Watchlopnik, with bonus toolopnik content. Watchlopnik, with bonus toolopnik content.

I wore a watch from 6th grade up through my early twenties, and it was usually something digital, black and with a rubber band. A Casio G-shock of some variety was usually on my wrist. Early in my time with the boy scouts Marine Corps, I stopped wearing a watch with the exception of a police academy where one was…

May your Saturday be good May your Saturday be good

We’ve got a cloudy day in Southern New Mexico, which makes for a very rare treat at the lake. It’s still 97 degrees out, but being overcast makes it feel downright pleasant outside. I even got some solo time on the boat (we’ll call it a repositioning cruise), which means it got some excerise in the form of extended…

The F-150... is no longer a Texan The F-150... is no longer a Texan

I went out at lunch today and made the truck a New Mexican. By taking an early lunch at around 10:45, I even managed to avoid a significant crowd at the MVD. I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes, which pretty much unheard of for one of the public, state run offices.

Hey, there's a Jalopnik writer's broken down car. Hey, there's a Jalopnik writer's broken down car.

The 964 Kurt Bradley was driving to LA is about a mile down the road from my house. I didn’t see any sign of Kurt, but the tow eye doesn’t suggest it made it to the Holiday Inn Express all on its own. Hopefully he found his way to the seriously good brewery just up the street. Fun looking car.

D'oh. Non-oppo internet car wandering... D'oh. Non-oppo internet car wandering...

Having done some SCCA licensing and permenant number stuff this week, Facebook is suggesting racecar related stuff for me now. One suggestion is a Spec Miata discussion group. While I don’t play with them, my mechanical mentor owned a Miata shop and Spec Miata rental operation so I know the cars and class reasonably…

Bathroomlopnik Bathroomlopnik

Being moved in, it was time to start updating the house a bit. I decided to start on the hall bathroom along the lines that it is a small room to start with. I’m not sure this was the best decision in retrospect, but at least I think I’m on the putting it back together side of the project now.

Late night doggo post. Late night doggo post.

I’ve got my desk set up in the guest bedroom of the new house (or more accurately, the extra bed is set up in my computer room), and the dogs like to accompany me for oppo browsing. Shelby watches from her nest of pillows. Soft places to lay are very important to her.

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