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Ben Franklin On Vets Day Ben Franklin On Vets Day

As taken last weekend for Veteran’s Day.

Some Shots I Took For Turo Some Shots I Took For Turo

AMA - Yes, I love this location.

Anybody Want These?  Anybody Want These? 

I’m moving in two weeks and have a few things I want to get rid of.

Hi-Res Cayenne? ...  Hi-Res Cayenne Hi-Res Cayenne? ...  Hi-Res Cayenne

2009 Cayenne GTS I shot for Turo last week. AMA

Top Gear Episode 2 Not Streaming Right :( Top Gear Episode 2 Not Streaming Right :(

Hey guys, I’m trying to watch episode 2 on BBC America’s webpage. It looks like they have Episode 1 uploaded where Episode 2 should be... Anybody else having this problem? I’ve tried restarting the browser, restarting the computer, direct links, going through the website... I’m about to lose my mind... Am I doing…

Portland e30 For Sale Portland e30 For Sale

Not my car, my brother’s car. I’ve worked on it several times when I was in the Portland area seeing him. Its a great car and AFAIK rust free. Is a perfect candidate for an engine swap/project car.

Looking at Buying 2007 G35 - What to Look For? Looking at Buying 2007 G35 - What to Look For?

Oppos! I am looking into buying a 2007 G35S with 120k miles. What should I watch for when I check out the car? Seems to be priced right with plenty of maintenance history on CarFax. Only a 2 owner car. What say you?

No LowBallerz I Know What I Gotz No LowBallerz I Know What I Gotz

Engine installed by professional mechanic in his back yard with receipts to prove it.

Replacin' the NOx Box Replacin' the NOx Box

Good morning Oppos! I will soon be replacing my 2010 NOx Box with a new (to me) car. I have my eye on a hawk eye Impreza 2.5. Don’t really want to go with a WRX since any car I buy will be high mileage and I would rather not have to worry about the cost of replacing a turbo, but I’ve read that the 2.5's have common…

Should have known not to post on the FP...

So I commented on a Jezebel post about race relations. Should have known that no matter what I said it would be met with opposition.

Cat Portraits Cat Portraits

Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot portraits but didn’t know where to start? Yea me too, so I started out with my girlfriend’s cat!

Saw an F-Pace in Philly Saw an F-Pace in Philly

Caught this street parked F-Pace in Philly yesterday when I was out shooting. One of my first 10 LightRoom edits so any advice is appreciated. Shot with a Sony A6000 with the kit 55-210mm lens. No lens filter. Not meant to be too “artsy” of a shot :)

First Time with LightroomYou Won't Believe What Happened Next First Time with LightroomYou Won't Believe What Happened Next

Finally got my own camera last weekend. A Sony A6000 with the kit lenses (16-50mm and 55-210mm). Also got my first Mac, a refurbished MacBook Pro AND downloaded Lightroom/Photoshop.

Any Dieselgate Updates? Any Dieselgate Updates?

So I think the next Dieselgate update is coming around June 22nd or the 24th or something. Can anyone confirm?

Weekend Photo Dump Weekend Photo Dump

These were taken with a Sony a5000 mirrorless camera with the kit lens. I think it is a 16-50mm with a polarizing filter. Since I don’t have Lightroom these were edited on my phone with the free VSCO app. I mostly just did a filter and left it. My mom let me borrow her a5000 so I could get a feel for the digital…

Old Body and Decent Lense or New Body with Kit Lense? Old Body and Decent Lense or New Body with Kit Lense?

Probably going to get my first DSLR around June for my birthday. I’ve noticed all kinds of camera bodies on KEH in the $100-$130 range like an old Nikon D70, released in 2004. A Pentax K100D, or a Sony A200.

Amateur Pictures Amateur Pictures

I’ve been taking some pictures with my phone since I don’t have a real camera. I edit with the free VSCO app and the phone is an iPhone 5S that is roughly 2 years old.

Best Amateur Camera under $200-$400 Best Amateur Camera under $200-$400

Hey guys, I’ve started getting into taking photos and as most people would do I started out using the equipment I already own, my cell phone. Yea they’re not THAT great but I can still practice and learn important things like composition and framing. My idea is to eventually have some photos printed and framed for my…

Looks like Minnie Mouse.  Looks like Minnie Mouse. 

I’m sitting in bed scrolling through the FP. My girlfriend never shows any interest in cars. She doesn’t feel emotion from cars. It’s mind boggling really. Anyways.... I try showing her cars to see if she EVER cares. I show her this and say, “Babe, what do you think of this car? Does it look sexy?” She says, “Sexy? I…

At Home Workouts At Home Workouts

So I’ve gotten a little out of shape. Not fat. Just lost a lot of muscle. I used to go to the gym 4 times a week on a lifting schedule. I ended up gaining about 20 pounds over 1.5-2 years of muscle. Now I haven’t been to the gym in almost 3 years and I lost all of that muscle. I’m 5'11"-ish and I weigh about 150lbs.…

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