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Good timing Good timing

Hatched a Beldum today. Gonna get as much candy as I can before Community Day Sunday when a bunch of other ones will be out, so I can more easily get Meteor Mash Metagross.

TL Tuesday TL Tuesday

Still the one for me.

A day with no power A day with no power

Means I've been wandering around the metro all day. Stopped for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants and parked next to another TL. Also made lots of PoGo progress...

I have problems I have problems

I went out into a tropical storm to catch a shiny Pokemon. I’m in my 30s. Edit: if anyone wants to add me my code is 3589 7324 1344

Vacation time Vacation time

(Pic unrelated) I’m debating going up to the mountains this weekend to stretch the TL’s legs a bit. Otherwise I just plan to relax, do housework, and play lots of PoGo.

I need this

Going to put this in the rear deck of one of my cars. I was going to get Eevee but there's less of a chance people will think this is a real animal.

Evening cruise Evening cruise

I decided to drive the Prelude around town a bit tonight. I'm getting back into Pokemon Go, and I wanted to ride around town trying to find PokeStops (responsibly, of course) and maybe an Eevee or two. I struck out on Eevee, but I found a PokeStop gold mine in the next town over. So that's good.

Spoopy Spoopy

I am not complaining at all, by the way. I love extended summer.

Late night Oppo Late night Oppo

Got called into work unexpectedly. Bored. Send help.

Japanese Classics Oppo Meet? (For real this time) Japanese Classics Oppo Meet? (For real this time)

Unlike the meet I’d planned this past spring, I can actually make this one. Anyone else interested?

Roval Roval

I would be the kind of guy to go to a NASCAR race and search out for a local IPA.

Cars & Coffee Richmond, 9/22/18 Cars & Coffee Richmond, 9/22/18

My second ever C&C, first time in 2018. Quite a variety today. I went with a longtime friend, who recently bought a 2018 Camaro SS 1LE. It was his first time going.

Brand new $kaybait Brand new $kaybait

At Cars & Coffee Richmond this morning. So far this is the only photo I have, because the other ones are stuck on my camera. Whoever invented compact flash, you suck and your storage format sucks.

Kitty Kitty

Saw it under the TL when I randomly drove to North Carolina the other night and stopped at a rest area. Also I accidentally made a double payment on the TL today. Oops.

Florence and the Machine Florence and the Machine

Some of the outer bands of Florence are reaching up into the Richmond area, but the forecast for us this weekend isn’t as dire as it was earlier in the week. I decided to take the TL for a little night cruise and get some gas before the inevitable price spike. Hope everyone in the Carolinas is doing all right.


My brother had one of these for his first car. It was a ‘92, in that brownish-grey color with the red interior. I drove it a few times. It was solid.

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