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Photo shoot outtake/TL update Photo shoot outtake/TL update

I have a better take of this photo, but I still think this one was fairly decent. I’ve now put over 1000 miles on the TL, and aside from that one tire pressure sensor failing it’s been perfect. Very, very little oil consumption (which is normal for these engines), quite comfortable over short and long distances. I…

Sainz to McLaren

Which means Gasly to Red Bull. So who will be the other McLaren driver: Vandoorne or Norris?


Saw this Maybach S600 last night at Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach. Also note the 5GT with awful wheel/tire selection behind it. Also seen: 2 R32 Skylines (including a lady-driven GT-R), a 991 Turbo, a 991 Carrera T, an RS7, and a Focus RS.

TL’s first road trip TL’s first road trip

Made it to the beach just in time for the weather to come in. Parked next to a couple black similar-ish cars...S5 and Solstice GXP.

DOTS Norfolk DOTS Norfolk


At a dealer At a dealer

Went to Acura again to get the TL’s airbag repaired. They have some red things on the floor.

I need an exhaust

I’ll take “sounds you never expected a Honda engine to make” for $800.

Canada should be green too Canada should be green too

But I didn’t make it.

The face you make...

...when you drive for Toro Rosso and hear that a seat at Red Bull just opened up.

TL Tuesday TL Tuesday

Got the TPMS fixed under warranty. Was actually a dead sensor instead of it being merely unplugged.  Now just enjoying some back roads until my brother gets off work and we go try to finish replacing the radiator on his Civic.

Night Oppo Night Oppo

The AWD TL in its natural habitat

Night Oppo Night Oppo

I can’t even

Crystal Black Pearl Crystal Black Pearl

It’s a good color, Brent. Found a random CTR while out with friends tonight. It and the TL are somewhat related...both CBP, have “305" HP, made in a Honda factory outside Japan, have six gears, and are frequently criticized for their looks but praised for their performance. The similarities end there.

2012 TL SH-AWD Advance initial impressions 2012 TL SH-AWD Advance initial impressions

I’ve had the TL for a day now, and I’m getting acclimated to it very quickly. It’s a very good car. No unusual noises (the prop shaft failing produces a tea kettle-type noise, and thankfully I don’t hear it. The car was a CPO Acura at a dealer in Nova at one point, and half the mileage came in the first 2 years. I’m…

I bought a thing I bought a thing

They put a big bow on it.

Judgment Day (part 2) Judgment Day (part 2)

Credit union gave me a great deal, so Friday I make the switch. I’m very excited.

Judgment day, part 1 Judgment day, part 1

I took the TSX to CarMax to get it appraised. It did better than expected. It was close enough to what I owe on it that the payoff will balance out what I plan to put onto the TL as a down payment.

Coming next week Coming next week

A car most of you will think is ugly but I thoroughly enjoyed. More power, more driven wheels, more beak.


I’m going to look at a beaky TL tomorrow morning. It’s a facelift model, which means the beak was toned down from the garish monstrosity of the early ones.

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