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Help me shop! Help me shop!

Hey there GT, it’s been a long minute, but I need your help!

Happy Joy!  I got the job!!! Happy Joy!  I got the job!!!

You guys, that job I asked advice for follow up e-mails? I GOT IT!! I start tomorrow!

Hey HR peeps, quick question

I just got back from an interview that I think really well. I was interviewed by the positions direct supervisor, and the Director of Development who was there to give an idea of some of the unique situations that her job creates for my hopefully new position, but I pretty sure that the supervisor is making the…

Help me make potentially huge life choices (please)

I know I’ve brought this up before. I also know I have been a pretty absent member of the community lately. I’ve been busy y’all. But you guys are smart, and also often whimsical, so you can help give me real talk, please.

Crafty GT-ers, is this doable?

So, I finally found a dress for my brother’s wedding which is this weekend. It’s a very pretty blue lace. But it’s boring, and would benefit from a belt.

Weird community indicators

Have you ever learned a lot about the local community in a really weird way?

What's Happening Miss Simone

Have we talked about this?

Denver GT-ers!

You guys exist, right?

Beer! Beer!

You guys, I did one of those mix and match 6 pack beer things at the grocery store, and for the most part, meh. I got a stand by, two that were terrible (Lemon Shandy was a bad idea), one that apparently I don’t remember, an untested one (might be horrible, but I am so curious about the whole Sweet Potato thing and…

Let's Talk Lucid Dreaming

Do any GT-ers do it on the regular?

Craft Round Up! Craft Round Up!

It’s been awhile since we had one, right? Plus I reached a milestone on my Exploding Tardis project, so I want to share.

Want to make big life decisions for me?

Because I sure as fuck don’t know what I want to do. And I literally have no one to talk to that doesn’t have an invested interest in my decision.

Thanks Universe (Whine, whine, whine)

You guys, I’m pretty sure the universe is either upset with me or testing my limits right now. Because fucking shit man.

Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones!

Obviously, spoilers.

Passive Aggressive Netflix

So, I've been binge watching House. It's a really fun way to future star cameo watch. Plus, it kind of became a roommate bonding show to watch. But I only saw like a season and a half or so, sporadically. So I was curious. This post is not about me rationalizing watching House.

Group Poll - How Useful are your keys?

I get a lot of crap from my keys. My keys consist of multiple rings and bulky, yet I can never seem to find them.

Parallel Universe Fiction Recs?

Hey Hivemind! Does anyone have any recommendations for parallel universe fiction? I'm thinking more Sliding Doors type, where there is a point of splitting and exploration into the different possibilities, as opposed to the deliberate exploration of alternate realities, like Doctor Who.

More Bachelorette party help requested

Apparently wedding season is in full swing on GT. More wedding logistics request.

Help me be a MOH! (PNW GTers, input would be super helpful)

So my sister is getting married. I get to be Maid of Honor! Woohoo!

Let's talk Survivor y'all

Since Morning After doesn't be seem to be doing a live thread anymore.

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