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Tour dé France Tour dé France

By far my most exquisite and rare model.

RLC Rockster ORAT RLC Rockster ORAT

One of these pictures does not belong!


Haven’t done an ORAT in ages. With the end of the weeklong downpour here in Dallas, thought I’d take advantage of this and take some shots... before it potentially starts raining again.

First Tomicarama First Tomicarama

I was never able to obtain a Tomicarama at a decent price.. until now.

Rennsport Reunion Rennsport Reunion

Is it too late for Rennsport Reunion? Haha...

Unexpected Rennsport Unveil Unexpected Rennsport Unveil

So I definitely did not see this coming...a limited production run of 77 units each with a staggering price tag of roughly $817,000 USD.

Most unprepared HAWL Most unprepared HAWL

I know we’re in the middle of Rennsport Reunion, but thought I’d share my Sunday hawl..which honestly went from 0 to 1,000 real fast.

Another Grail Piece Another Grail Piece

Wanted to give a shoutout to our resident @RatedGolfR for sending me this convention wagon! It has been a holy grail of mine and he was more than willing to help me obtain more at a bargain price compared to eBay. I thought I’d share pictures here, because apparently some Hotwheels group on Facebook aren’t too fond of…


$15 Costco models are back. That means a slew of old and new castings will be back, taking advantage of a good percentage of our hard earned money.

Grails obtained  Grails obtained 

Wanted these since roughly half a decade ago and now, I’m finally able to obtain them for a fraction of the market price, thanks to local collectors/Facebook.

End of Summer Sale End of Summer Sale

I’m letting go of a good amount of extra I was suppose to use for customs and trades but work and life turned them into a stash of cars that could use a better home.

Oh hay. Oh hay.

Got a mint carded RLC Green 240Z to match my loose one! This one came at a pretty good (undisclosed) price so having another is a must.

Photodump Photodump

Haven’t posted anything in a long time mainly because I don’t really have much time in the day to do so, so here’s a photodump of a few items I’ve acquired/found recently.

For you RLC peeps For you RLC peeps

The RLC sELECTION 2018 Fairlady Z in the flesh

Running of the Bulls, Day 1: Superveloce Running of the Bulls, Day 1: Superveloce

As much as I’d say this is a contest, for me at least, this is more of a reason for me to show off some glorious Bulls that hasn’t seen the day of light in recent months. I was in the midst of preparing/finishing up my thesis, getting a well-need promotion after slaving away in that ‘fun’ corporate lifestyle and had…

2018 $TH Completed 2018 $TH Completed

I was only able to find half of the ones for this year, but with the help of local collectors on IG/LaLDers, I was able to track down the rest! The Fiat and the Tooned Mustangs are probably the ugliest ones from the year while the Aventador and RS6 are by far the best in my opinion.

White Lightning  White Lightning 

Out looking for the Honda Anniversary set but came across something I completely wasn’t expecting.

BRE 240Z BRE 240Z

After this experience, I have became a fully fledged DLMer.

Hour Rule: Mail Call + Grocery Run Find Hour Rule: Mail Call + Grocery Run Find

Been after that Aventador for the longest well as the RLC BRE 240Z

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