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Spring Sale Spring Sale

It’s that time of the year~ Gotta make room for other things in life.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day fellow LaLDers! Let’s see your favorite red/pink cars~

Anyone has this that they'd like to trade or sell to me?  Anyone has this that they'd like to trade or sell to me? 

I have a mint carded Rollcage variation but I’m looking for the non-roll caged version as pictured above as well... better to ask the community first before I take my luck with evilbay.

RLC Raptor RLC Raptor

This is honestly one of the best RLC releases of 2018... definitely up there with the RLC Datsun 240Z released around September last year..

Diorama sneak peak Diorama sneak peak

The diorama is roughly 80% done. There are still portions that I need to add/figure out what to use to make it seem a tad more realistic.. as for now, here’s a peak at the new “Car detailing warehouse”/background for future 1:64 posts~

LaLD Care All Around LaLD Care All Around

Before I get started, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Doug, Samanosuke817, Cars4Marc as well as my Secret Super R32Rennsport for the following items. Love the fact that we’re able to help each other.. whether we live in LA, Denver, Dallas or the whole nation for that matter lol

HK Exclusive Civic FD2 Mugen RR HK Exclusive Civic FD2 Mugen RR

The FD2 is probably my favorite gen of Civics besides the EK9.. so when Inno64 released the Hong Kong exclusive Mugen RR with the optional carbon fiber decals, needless to say it was a must.

Top Five 1:18 of 2018 Top Five 1:18 of 2018

Happy New Years Eve fellow LaLDers! This just so happens to be the last post I’ll make this year so might as well end it with my top 5 1:18 purchases of 2018. Now, to begin with, I didn’t actually purchase a lot of 1:18s this year simply because one of my “diecast resolution of 2018" was to track down a few holy…

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer  Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 

RLC definitely knocked it out of the park with this gorgeous Christmas edition Texas Drive’em.

Top Ten 1:64 of 2018 Top Ten 1:64 of 2018

Seem like it has become an LaLD tradition to post your Top 10 buys of 2018. To no further ado, here are my Top 10...

¿Trade? ¿Trade?

Would I interest anyone in a trade for a combination of either the R34 Super, Corvette Grandsport Super, RLC Pink Batmobile or JDM white lightning?

Quick showcase: Mercedes 190E Quick showcase: Mercedes 190E

This is by far one of the best castings Hotwheels has done in awhile. Now that Period Correct x Hotwheels collab is out, thought I’d take a few quick shots of them together in a somewhat-abysmal lighting.

Period Correct Period Correct

These came surprisingly fast. Order came out last Saturday and shipped on Tuesday. After coming home from work, these beauties were just sitting at my door steps waiting for me.

Long shot  Long shot 

This may be a long shot but I’m in need of a mint carded R34 Super from 2019..... or the RLC pink party Batmobile that I completely missed out on.

Custom Firebird- Original 16 (Day 3) Custom Firebird- Original 16 (Day 3)

Ah. The original Firebird...pretty sure we all know this casting. The countless variants and colorways helped spawned the further generation of what is essentially and arguably the most well known model line Pontiac has ever produced.

Chase piece! Chase piece!

Never knew these NASCAR chases existed until recently.. there’s only 750 of them made. I was actually out looking for supers when this was sitting at the front of the pegs.

Hot Heaps- Original 16 (Day 2) Hot Heaps- Original 16 (Day 2)

This is one of the more unique model of the set. The Hot Heaps is a major throwback to the original and unique Hotwheels designs... everything about this from the nostalgic “bath tub” style to the homage of classic ‘20 era cars are all presented in this model.

Original 16 Original 16

One RLC Exclusive Original 16 car a day for the next... 16 days

BBR Ferrari F12 Tdf Review (Picture heavy) BBR Ferrari F12 Tdf Review (Picture heavy)

Ferrari would characterize the F12 tdf as “The ultimate expression of the concept of an extreme road car that is equally at home on the track.” This quote would go and describe what is essentially the epitome of ‘legal’ (if we could even use that) Ferraris.

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