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Please explain

“According to him, the cars were owned by a retired employee from the dealership building up the collection with the goal of owning one first-gen MR2 (otherwise known as the AW11) from each year of production. The specs for the cars traded in are as follows:

My drunken review of my girlfriend’s 2018 Camry

Color: Blue-Green. It probably has a name. This is a good car color. Toyota should be proud of itself. 10/10

You know what I don't like about convertibles? 

People thinking it’s okay to talk to me at a light.  It’s not.  Same rules apply.  I’m looking straight ahead.  I do not care that there is nothing physically over my head.  I’m not looking to engage you, please stop thinking that not having something over my head means I want to talk.  I do not.  I just like…

Do you ever feel that you get stupider when you get older?

I was looking at some things I had written when I was a college student, and I was like, “damn, that’s wrong, but you argue so strongly for something wrong.” With one, I was even like “I’ll un-fuck that and publish it.”

So, like, I may have gone nuclear on sow mother fucker. 

Like, scorched earth. They dead now.

Me, receiving an invite to some “all-Ivy” bar hop organized by Columbia alumni:

Texting everyone I know who didn’t go to an Ivy: “want to go bar hopping with some fake-Ivy people? Lmk”

People don’t deserve dogs. 

I’m dog sitting, and I never wanted to be that kind of person who liked animals more than people, but I’ve never met a person who I could give an ice cube to and they would think I’m the greatest fucking thing in the universe.

I joined a girl gang?

Well, shit. 

I’m hyper-social, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. 

I need people 24/7. I had a lot of salesmen in my family, and it’s kind of a game. Will everyone like me? Yes. Yes. They. Fucking. Will.

You know what’s nice about being old?

I move seamlessly between selling people in relationships and being a cock blocker, and I give zero fucks. 

I’ve been single for about a week. 

I have four dates in two weeks. And mostly I want to get back together with one of my exes, and I’d put my chances at 50/50. Sometimes being pretty sucks. 

Please explain. 

You can now buy an SVR in BRG, but it’s $4900 extra (worth, since that was the only reason I never fake configured SVRs). It’s not Range Rover and their frigging $15,000 BRG paint, but how is BRG a $500 option on most Jags, but $5k on an SVR?

I don’t like people. 

Everything I’ve ever done is predicated on getting on well with people. I come from a family of salesmen, and winning people over was drilled into me from a young age.Sometimes I pick a random person and think “we’re going to be friends now.” And we will. But, shit, I do not like people. On a fundamental level, I like…

My Ivy League ass drinking with a dude from a biker gang: “tell me more, please”

Internally: “Stop telling me more, that’s very illegal.”

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