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It’s Not Fur Friday  It’s Not Fur Friday 

But look at this shit. Wilber is using his brother’s neck as a pillow.

Screw You Hilton Hotels.  Screw You Hilton Hotels. 

My wife got what looked like a great deal on a 4 star hotel suite in down town St. Paul. Except they charge 30 bucks a night for parking. We were okay with that, but they also charge 14 dollars for Wi-Fi. Never in my adult life have I stayed in a hotel without free Wi-Fi especially not s fancy one. Thankfully I have…

Little Trucky Boi Little Trucky Boi

very small Suzuki Mighty Boy actually. According to Wikipedia its just over 10' long end to end, with a wheelbase of just 7',and height of 4'2" tall.

FR Legends is Out On Android.  FR Legends is Out On Android. 

Good news anti apple non conformists! Now you too can play this stupid phone game! Also two new cars were added the JZX100 in Chaser and Mark II form. I got a Chaser.

I Need This I Need This

A clean Fleet spec, single cab, long box, 4x4, with an Ecoboost engine, and a ladder rack. This truck is perfect for me.

The Things You Find on CL  The Things You Find on CL 

like stupid externally mounted gauge pods.

The Coolest Car on BaT The Coolest Car on BaT

This is currently the coolest car on BaT. a 1966 Fiat van, that is claimed to have been a support vehicle by Ferrari. Makes sense, you have to have support vehicles in racing, and you might as well show some national pride and you one from your country.

I Love Shopping Online I Love Shopping Online

In a store you’re kind of stuck with whatever price is on the shelf. But it’s so easy to shop around in line. I’m looking at 1/2” impacts. Being that I already have a set of Ryobi tools, I figure one more wouldn’t hurt. I looked on Amazon and the bare tool is 106 bucks shipped. Seems fair, then in check out Home Depot…

Still a Ricer Still a Ricer

Might not have a Honda anymore but that doesn’t mean I’m not a ricer. Got these 13 color lights at O’realy’s on clearance a few months ago. Total impulse purchase. I was originally going to put them in the Rabbit, but the cigarette lighter doesn’t work. I’ve been driving to, and sometimes from work in the dark because…

Detective Pikachu.  Detective Pikachu. 

It’s been over 20 years, but it’s finally here. A live action Pokémon movie with an interesting, original plot. Get Hyped

I like This I like This

I feel that the owner chose the correct wheels.

This Hurts Me Physically.  This Hurts Me Physically. 

I’ve finally got my garage clean, my tool cart assembled, and I’m working on organizing everything in a way that makes sense. Which doing so I discovered that I’ve lost the 10mm from my Grey Pneumatics Duo impact set. Please say a prayer for my little socket.

Weird FB Find of the Day Weird FB Find of the Day

a 79 Suzuki motorcycle with a quad front end.

Advertising, A funny video, and Cattos  Advertising, A funny video, and Cattos 

Watching a Video withHome Depot in the title and I get an ad for Menard’s. If you don’t know what Menard’s is, it’s because you live in an area where that isn’t yet the Midwest.

Story in Two Ads Story in Two Ads

These to ads tell a story, of a man with a dream, and how he gave up on it.

Sno*Drift Switching to ARA Fromm Rally America Sno*Drift Switching to ARA Fromm Rally America

Sno*Drift in Atlanta Mi will kick off the 2019 ARA champion. That’s pretty exciting. With Subaru leaving Rally America LSPR was a bit less exciting last year, enough that I didn’t go with year. Maybe I’ll finally make the trip over to lower Michigan and go to Sno*Drift I’ve only been talking about for 4 years.

Doner Car for the Rabbit? Doner Car for the Rabbit?

Why don’t I just put a Honda engine in it? A 16y8 would be so much power in that car.

Snow! Snow!

First real snow of the season, and I just got my snow tires on last night! Much hooning was done before work this morning.

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