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New Sticker, also bearings are done New Sticker, also bearings are done

I bought this sticker awhile ago and told myself I could put it on as a reward for getting the wheel bearings done.

Yay or Nay?  Yay or Nay? 

Should I get Orange seatbelts? I found this site called Seatbeltsplus, and for 170 bucks I can get 4 replacement seatbelts for the Rabbit. I could even in theory upgrade the rears to shoulder belts. This is a maybe someday thing, but im leaning toward definitely this spring.

Not Your Average Pedistal Not Your Average Pedistal

Lots of Dealership have pedistal/ramp things that they park cars on to get your attention. This one is a bit more special. They put a first gen Ram and a gmt400 in the gravel under the F-150. Regardless of you brand loyalties you gotta respect the clever marketing.

My Savings Account My Savings Account

When it hears me talking about TDI swappjng the Rabbit.

Little Part Big Improvement  Little Part Big Improvement 

Got a new grille badge in the mail today. So satisfing. It’s actually a fake part that isnt an exact match to the OEM one but it was a lot cheaper. Early MK1 cabriolet badges are like 40 bucks I got this one for 15.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

I have nothing to say I lust love this movie. It also produced some great reaction gifs.

Front Bumper Delete Front Bumper Delete

After getting the front suspension put back together, I decided giving the front bumper delete a go.

T Shirt Idea/Art Request T Shirt Idea/Art Request

I sure some one here is an artist capable of the task at hand or knows some one who is. I have an idea for a T-shirt design that I don’t believe exists. I’d be willing to pay some one for the original art work, or maybe you just want to sell it to Blipshift or something idk.

Persistence Paid Off! Persistence Paid Off!

Got that hub on the car!

Son of a B***h Son of a B***h

Got the parts for the Rabbit Yay!

The Picknik Basket Handle The Picknik Basket Handle

the mk1 Cabriolet has a nickname, the bitchbasket. because 1 its a “girly” car, 2 the roll bar looks like the handle o a picknik basket. Well i just came across this pick of a roll one, and that handle does its job.

VW Vortex VW Vortex

I just created a VWvortex account because I have some questions about the Cabriolet. I found a username that was unlikely to be taken. 

I Might Take Veronica to a Car Show.  I Might Take Veronica to a Car Show. 

The now ex-coworker that bought my Galant BR-4 trying to get me into the Car Show thing. So I might be taking the Rabbit to one at the end of September. It’s for a Pumpkinfest celibatuon in the UP, which seems fitting for the little orange car. I just need to get the car ready. I have a lift of minimum to-dos. Wish me…

Blue Plate.  Blue Plate. 

The Rabbit is now officially a “Collecctor Car”. The old school plate looks much better than the typical Wisconsin plate. I kind of want to paint the red numbers orange to match the car. I’d bet no one would notice, but I would. I’m kind of disappointed with the number I got, I’m not superstitious, just weird, but I…

I Want This I Want This

i want it Real bad. 51 GMC pick up, V8, 4 on the floor, running driving for less than 10k. Sign me the frick up!

I Request You Assistance  I Request You Assistance 

Dear Oppo hive mind,

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