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Crazy Kinja

So I really want to post a crazy theory on the internet with just enough links to look good. My theory on the international incident involving 3 UCLA athletes. These men’s freedoms were traded to silence a Chinese dissident named Guo Wengui and punish reporters for giving him a platform. On November 15, this story…

Why I Kinja

My Kinja experience is over. 10 days of limited contact with my staph carrying dog is over. I can go outside and leave the rabbit hole. My face has returned to normal ugly. It amazes me that I ended up doing this.

So when news broke of the NCAA corruption scandal it gave my algorithm-based assistant an orgasm of story sources. I was heartbroken by the first name I saw, Chuck Person. I heard the other names and one sounded familiar, Evans. But with everything NCAA I definitely remember the school names and one of them was…