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Group C Goodness Group C Goodness

The hunting in Vermont is sooo much better!

Commissioned 3D printed 1:18 wheels? Commissioned 3D printed 1:18 wheels?

Hey guys- I have a build I’m planning out so that when I get home for thanksgiving break I’m ready to hit the ground running.

Did someone say Porsche? Did someone say Porsche?

How could I not post this? This is the halo car of my collection, and my favorite car of all time. Of course I had to post it.

Midnight Koenigsegg Midnight Koenigsegg

I hope the owner of the full-size car enjoys it while they own it- because I will own this car one day.

I Hate Life I Hate Life

After a... non-smooth transition into college, I finally got to setting up and hanging up my diecast display.

The Megacar The Megacar

There is a whimsical shop in a faraway land, a mysterious magician works in a tiny shop with dozens of helpers, all speaking a strange, foreign tongue. For a heafty fee, these soothsayers can redefine the world.

Paging Craig Oesterling Paging Craig Oesterling

Newest addition to my 1:18 collection. Sadly it started raining as soon as I took this picture, so a more extensive photo shoot will be coming in the next couple days.

New stuff post  New stuff post 

Hey guys! Been awhile- my free time has been dominated with college stuff and working on my car, but I finally got around to doing some things.

Expirence with Mint Models? Expirence with Mint Models?

Hey guys, I was looking at a new 1:18 car, and Mint Models has the best price for the car I want, but I have absolutely no expirence with this site, and I don’t feel comfortable forking over a not-small amount of money.

Another day, another bust (Mild Rant) Another day, another bust (Mild Rant)

I have come to the conclusion that every store in my area is absolute garbage at stocking. I’ve tried every target & Walmarts within 20miles of my House, and I’ve come up with nothing good.

*sigh* *sigh*

Couldn’t sleep. Tried doing some hotwheels to calm my mind. Was continuing work on a front splitter, and used some glue to fill it a couple rough spots (don’t have the proper stuff, was kinda experimenting)


While I was waiting for me to find a STH in the wild before buying ones online, the RS6 Avant was an absolute must have for me. So when I saw our resident HowardYoung selling an Unspun one (which would be perfect for a wheel swap I’ve had in mind since I first saw the teasers for it), I just had to have it.

Probably Old News- but Wut

I had no idea he left Hot Wheels- well, I hope wherever he winds up, they give him the same freedom Mattel did.

What Loctite do you guys use? What Loctite do you guys use?

Hey Guys- I need some advice from the Oppo hive mind. I’m putting my 2004 Passat Wagon back together (finally- after being off the road for 10 months at this point). While taking it apart, I noticed a lot of bolts had this green hue to them.

What. What.

How? Why? $69, AND $10 shipping?

How long do I have to wait? How long do I have to wait?

Before this is a model in 1:18?

Stuttgart Saturday Stuttgart Saturday

I didn’t bother editing these, I’d be here all day lol. The 356 is from VDH customs, and continues to be one of my all time favorites.

An Old Friend Returns An Old Friend Returns

Continuing my interruption of ///May and my reintroduction back to the site, along with new phone camera and newly acquired photo editing skillz, comes an old sight: A 240Z By R32 Rennsport!

Interrupting ///May... Again. Interrupting ///May... Again.

I discovered a photoshop app, and decided to go to town on my 1:18 Corvette C5.R by Action.

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