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Denver Area Opponauts Unite!

Actually, y’all can just stay wherever you are for now. The middle kid and I are going to be journeying to UC-Boulder for a college visit in a couple of weeks. Anything in particular that I should think about doing? Thanks!

Kinja or FP editors?

Update: Others posted that they could see it, but I still could not. Just checked again and now I can see it.  KINJA! 

Pick the one that doesn't belong Pick the one that doesn't belong

Had some great fun doing some “spirited” driving with a group of NSX enthusiasts (and a few other cars) this weekend. But seeing this picture makes me feel like I need to put my car on a diet! 

Go to the doctor regularly. Seriously. 

I just turned 50. I work out regularly. I eat relatively well. I don’t go to the doctor.  I was at the gym this morning. I had a major heart attack caused by a total blockage of my LAD artery. For those of you who might be wondering, I didn’t die. 😀 What I’m trying to say is go see your doctor at least once a year.…

My first car My first car

Textured Soy Protein’s post earlier about his journey to the hidden Chinese restaurant reminded me about my visits as a kid to The Canteen Lunch, a little restaurant stuck in an alley in Ottumwa, IA, whenever we visited Great Grandma. And that reminded me of my very first car, given to me by Great Grandpa, a beautiful…

The politics of the main site are beginning to drive me insane The politics of the main site are beginning to drive me insane

Still, I would argue that this is exactly what unions are for: to agitate; to make management feel uncomfortable; to refocus the issues on the workers; and to remind people that the power of organized labor is useless if you don’t use it.

Do you want to be inspired?

Getting ready to run that 4th of July race? Here’s the story of a father who pulled, cycled, and pushed his son through the Ironman World Championship in Kona! It’s been almost 30 years since they finished, but I love watching this video every time it pops up somewhere.

Calling Seattle area Oppos

It’s our annual trip to the area with my now 17 yo son for his triathlon. The race is Saturday morning in Monroe. Anything going on Saturday night that might be fun? Our default is to go to the Sounders game. Thanks for any suggestions!

So, um, Black Panther (spoilers, I guess)

Yeah, I’m coming late to the party but just never had a chance to see it before now. I enjoyed the movie, thought it was very entertaining, but at the end of the day I don’t understand why it got so much love for the writing and story/screenplay (apart from the undeniable cultural significance of the movie). Pretty…

Why did you turn? Why did you turn?

At least it wasn’t a Mustang.

CP or the biggest CP in the history of mankind?

A brand new Kia Forte S for only $100,000. Normally I’d say this was a typo, but there’s no way a dealer would sell it for $10k so someone actually had to type that number out.

Fair warning -- don't read in a public place

I just had to share this article. Don’t ask me why, because I have no idea. All I do know is that I’m sitting in my office (thank goodness I work from home) with tears rolling down my cheeks. It’s a good reminder to hug your kids, be thankful for what you have, and try to do something good for someone whenever you can.


Watched the bumper sticker argument. I think I love Kristen Lee. She not only has the correct take, but her ability to throw around the term fuck-ass is beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can afford Fancy Kristen.


Mayfield could have been there at 4. And he’s horrible. Lol. Glad I’m a steelers fan.

A good experience selling through CL and FB A good experience selling through CL and FB

What? Yes, really! Got tired of staring at my old bike and threw it online in a couple of places (CL and 3 FB sale groups). Sold it for the asking price within 3 hours, although there were some lowballers even though I clearly priced this thing to move. What’s funny is a tried to sell it last year at a slightly higher…

Worst Simpsons ever?

Yes, I have kids. Yes, we watch the Simpsons. Yes, I believe tonight’s episode was the worst Simpson ever. (Top Gear gets recorded.)

Mother of God, why bother? Mother of God, why bother?

Why do I ever look at FB? It’s almost as bad as CL. The issue: someone in a local car group was in an accident and asked for attorney recommendations. Being an attorney, I tried to help and recommend someone (who does NOT advertise on radio or tv and does NOT have stupid nickname like The Strong Arm or The Texas…

Any Tampa area oppos?

If so, are you running the Skyway 10k this weekend? Should be some pretty good views as you run over the Sunshine Skyway bridge. Let me know if you are running so I can look for you at the finish line (my employer sponsors the Armed Forces Families Foundation, which is the beneficiary of the race).

New job, Christmas party in Florida, happy days! New job, Christmas party in Florida, happy days!

Started my new job yesterday as general counsel for a client — no more billing by the hour for me! The company Christmas party is in Clearwater, Fl, so we’re staying in a beachfront resort. The biggest issue is that I am now working from home, which is a huge change for me as I have never worked well from home due to…

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