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Annoyed and bummed Annoyed and bummed

Frustrated with both my jobs. People need to feel useful and valuable: some days at my job I do, some days I feel like people go out of their way to minimize my value. Today is one of those days.

Hour rule? wow. Hour rule? wow.

Fun fact: the road doesn’t [fundamentally] turn right, left or stop up ahead.

durty durty

This is the little catch can on my air filter.  This is 5 days of driving.  

Ah yes. Ah yes.

more to come

FedEx... what are you doing? FedEx... what are you doing?

k. this is howell utah. population 200. was scheduled to be delivered yesterday

My parking lot is an eclectic place My parking lot is an eclectic place

I can’t even remember the last time I saw one of these. There are model 3's/X/S iPace, full off-road sprinter camper conversions, a couple of really built out off-roaders, sometimes a F458 and the usual rabble.

Random rant Random rant

“smart phone” is a stupid term that needs to die.

Honda....oh Honda Honda....oh Honda

Everything about this ad is terrible. Except sponsoring a race truck -thats pretty cool

The wrong kind of patina The wrong kind of patina

This truck has been for sale near me for a while. While I appreciate the idea the execution is poor.  this looks like a rust leopard skin truck.  Also I would not by someone’s project if they didn’t having matching lugs and at least one missing one.  Some details are okay to leave out and some details reveal the inner…

SOOOOOO much better SOOOOOO much better

I wish I would have gotten to this sooner.

NORM! - Land Cruiser related. NORM! - Land Cruiser related.

I’ve become a regular. I walked into the Land Cruiser Heritage museum...which I like to do when Im downtown for work and have a few minutes and or don’t feel like heading back to my desk. Yesterday was more a “or” but that’s beside the point. I walk in, start looking around and the curator on deck for the day walks…

FJ40 - ran when parked FJ40 - ran when parked

California car, always kept inside. ALL ORIGINAL. Doesn’t start now most likely just needs a battery.

Bathtub shopping Bathtub shopping

I guess they are putting them outside by the sheds now. Who needs a bathtub this big and gaudy? Pass

How do these things happen? How do these things happen?

DudeBra 1: You gotta try surfing it’s gnarly but fun.

Paging Montego Man Paging Montego Man

Saw this icebox in the parking lot after getting my haircut and it reminded me of your project. This was nice looking.

Witness a man hate his subaru Witness a man hate his subaru

But serious...that’s impressive. I would think long and hard before trying that in my cruiser.

New Shoes. Or...boots I guess. New Shoes. Or...boots I guess.

Im liking them. Sure, they are heavier than the mountain 600's I sent back but you can tell they are so much better made its scary. pretty comfy too. Don’t you dare judge my socks.

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