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Angry Angry

Left my Cruiser at the dealer last thursday morning, with VERY detailed and explicit instructions on what needed to be done.

These new jets are really something These new jets are really something

I didn’t even see the wings turning to molten aluminum or anything.

Tahara Tahara

[Ta-Ha-Ra] This guy has some serious pronunciation issues but I really liked this tiny insight in to the building of Toyota’s “J” trucks.

tymmmnnnmnnmn bait tymmmnnnmnnmn bait

Went to “the 2nd best museum in the US” which...not really. It was okay. Too many people, too little hardware. I guess I just have very different museum tastes to most people as the building with the coolest hardware was BY FAR the least attended and it was wonderful.

This just in, Bourbon street = terrible This just in, Bourbon street = terrible

In New Orleans for work and had dinner on bourbon street last night (the most most amazing turducken gumbo) and came to the conclusion that yes...bourbon street is terrible. touristy, dirty, and filled with drunken college kids, and its not even weekend. On an unrelated note:

Me vs March Me vs March

Bring it! Its kinda sucked for work but I’m winning so far. So that’s nice.

how are you gentlemen how are you gentlemen

some one set us up the bomb... cyclone. it was dry and warm yesterday

Seent at church Seent at church

My church parking lot is becoming a great car spotting location lately.

computer oppos - GPU computer oppos - GPU

Is this worth anything?

pointless pointless

working a conference and I’m being completely wasted. bored as hell.

You Diff Asplode You Diff Asplode

Dodge Demons owners are exploding their diffs.  Should we be surprised?

hahaha  ha haa...ha hahaha  ha haa...ha

One of my daughters best friends was asked to write down what she would do it she caught a leprechaun. Her mom shared it on instagram. Should I be worried? She’s 6


1989 Dodge 3/4 in what appears to be amazing original shape

Which of these is least bad Which of these is least bad

You asked for it, You got it! (1975–1979)[70]

Utah tables self driving car Bill

Self driving car Jeff feeling left out.

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