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Celebrity sightings by accident. 

Yesterday I was eating at Weber’s grill downtown Chicago and saw Grace Gealey and Trai Bryers in right in my fucking face. Then! Then! Today in Argo Tea. I SAW FUCKING GEORGE FUCKING LUCAS!!!! Fucking George Lucas everyone. My husband wanted a picture and went after him too late. I was in fucking shock but I knew…

Y'all see this shit? Come on now, what type of fuckery is this?

I am ready for all of twitter to snatch @CW_TheFlash wigs so hard. I cannot stand people right now.

Update on women of color in TV (Podcast)

Hey everyone! It’s been a while. Grad school has been kicking my ass so I haven’t been doing too much other than lurking and commenting every once and a while. Anyway, do you remember when I said there would be a podcast on women of color in TV and how people treat them? (I’m sure Melanin Monroe does!). Well here it…

Melanin Monroe may I share your Iris West Article? (edited for my bad spelling)!

As I have said before, I am a part of a closed Facebook group called podcast fandom on Facebook. One of the podcasts by Nina Perez called Geek in Review (the one by Project Fandom) is going to be doing a show on the racism, misogyny, and lack of recognition Iris gets in the show as well as touch on some of the women…

So here is a podcast (among other things) you will enjoy if you love TV.

If you like TV then you will like this podcast, website, and Facebook group (sorry for the length!)

The Audacity of White Women The Audacity of White Women

So I am listening to this week’s episode of the read while I am working out. I get to the Sandra Bland portion towards the end and I am on the seated leg press. I am pushing a huge amount of weight so I am resting for about 15 seconds and in comes a older white woman who just entered the gym (I know this because she…

Web series about beauty with Black women

I was on clutch today and saw a cool beauty series that talks about beauty with black women from around the world. I checked out a few episodes and it is really good. If you all have the chance, check it out!

Marvin Carr on Gawker: I knew that kid

Holy Sheet. It is both sad and strange to see how the lives of individuals you knew turned out. I knew Marvin when he was little and he used to hang out with my brother when they were in kindergarten. This is similar to learning about a woman I went to school with, in the same class with and tangentially spoke to on…

Imma just drop this dope video right here

I know, I know. It’s Worldstar. But the video is great.

Bantu knots are twisted mini-buns according to White people. Bantu knots are twisted mini-buns according to White people.

I have self-destructed today. I am not surprised but I can’t today. So I bring my anger to you all. Enjoy. Or you know, don’t.

I hate my insurance!

So long story short, I found out nothing is wrong with my kidney’s and my bladder works fine too. However, I have paid so far a total of $515 dollars with savings and help from friends. I thought all I had to pay was 129 dollars. Nope! Here comes another $35 dollars a few days ago and then and fucking wopping $1,411…

Just came back from a forum on racial microaggressions... Just came back from a forum on racial microaggressions...

Just came back and guess what the last question was on the topic?

Gaining skills in study abroad

So I want to work in study abroad when I graduate from my PhD, which is about 4 years from now. My area is in foreign language and study abroad so my desire to work in this field is great. I am going to be volunteering with the study abroad office with projects (I don't know what they are about my first meeting is…

Sleepy Hollow's latest episode...

was good. It was damn good to me. It is like they are slowly going back to what made it a good show. There are a few things I thought about while watching it.

I applying for fellowships-a rant I applying for fellowships-a rant

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I am applying for a fellowship to get funding for next year and there are so many documents I have to get in just to apply. For example, a voter's registration card O_0 to prove my residency. I am a freaking resident you assholes and I don't have my card anymore because I just don't! I…

Sleepy Hollow-A Rant (Some Spoilers)

Edited to move the paragraph down (I didn't want people who didn't want to see this to be spoiled by something) :)

What Podcasts do you listen to?

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

Dude, I am sick of being in the grays (I need to complain) Dude, I am sick of being in the grays (I need to complain)

So I have been in the grays forever despite commenting forever. I get out of the grays by someone who followed me and I was able to comment on Jezebel gray free. Now, my ass is gray again? I cannot automatically be a regular commenter out of the fucking grays? I was un-gray for all of what, 3 hours? Now I am back to…

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