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watchlopnik: what's your oppoinion on smart watches

I really like the customization options and flexibility, but unless you really need the phone tethering and the fitness options, I don’t like the idea of having another device to recharge.

there's already been a few posts about this on Oppo today, but...

Normally, I’m not moved by celebrity deaths. It’s not that I don’t care about them as human beings, but I’m so far removed from them that it’s not something I feel deeply about, despite the fact that I can empathize with others over the loss of someone important.

woke up on time to watch the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Traffic Jam woke up on time to watch the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Traffic Jam

This is probably the one circuit where the race director can liberally use footage of celebrities in the garages or grid girls and it’ll probably be more interesting than the race itself.

I gave up on work today... beer time!

Had some time banked, had no motivation at work. It’s now beer o’clock. and life is good once again.

Super active aero Zenvo Super active aero Zenvo

I’ve never seen active aero like this, but I suppose it makes sense. The Pagani Huayra is the other car that comes to mind since it has wings (or body panels/flaps) that can move independently based on speed and steering angle.

to my fellow Canadian oppos

Have an excellent long weekend. I’m largely indifferent to the British monarchy but at least we got a holiday out of it. I also enjoy The Crown as well.

I haven't watched any WRC this season

I didn’t renew my WRC+ since I just couldn’t find enough time to commit to it between MotoGP, F1/F2, and all the other TV I watch in between.

Alonso is now in the Toyota for the final stint!

I didn’t even realize WEC was going on today but at least I was able to catch some of it. Seems like Toyota should sweep the season given that they’re the only LMP1 Hybrid car.

I just watched The Raid 2

I don’t really remember much about The Raid: Redemption other than the gory action/fight scenes.

I know a lot of people shit on starbucks, but when the alternative is tim hortons I'm going to pay the extra

I was just at the post office mailing something and stopped at the nearby starbucks - I usually buy regular coffees or whole beans to grind at home, but they have a rewards program where I’d had enough for a free coffee.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled 

The doc put me on an opiate of some sort (tramadol). Thank fuck he did since regular Advil doesn’t seem to do anything.

Paging Miss Mercedes: Lyon Edition  Paging Miss Mercedes: Lyon Edition 

I’ve been drinking so it’s blurry but it looks right to me.

French police car French police car

America has mean looking police cars. The French have this. It’s a Peugeot something or other.

What the fuck  What the fuck 

I’ve been up for 24 hours so I took a photo to make sure I wasn’t delirious. A Smart Evoque is what I’ve decided to call it.

i got my filthy car totally washed today i got my filthy car totally washed today

I thought it missed some grime but some miserable fuck of a shit appears to have scraped my driver’s rear fender. Looks like a bit of paint transfer but it should buff out. Anyways, the car’s 1.5 years old and this is the first bit of “significant” damage to it so I guess I’m lucky. The bodywork isn’t deformed or…

god damn i love motoGP

The Qatar Grand Prix was excellent.

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