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Flight Deck Flight Deck

And some other FSX pics

Airplane trip! Part 2 Airplane trip! Part 2

Check video description for a bit more info, but basically a very nice flight

Plane trip video! Plane trip video!

Recently took a short trip to Atlanta and decided to make a trip report! Flew on a Delta 737-900ER. Big thanks to the crew, who are helpful, friendly and attentive. I was really impressed with this trip, with both the crew and the hard product, which had tons of movies and entertainment. additionally, the cabin was…

The most Frustrating thing ever: Broken Taptic The most Frustrating thing ever: Broken Taptic

This. This is one of the most frustrating things ever. This occurred randomly and was not the effect of me dropping my phone. Every click of the home button, every notification, every taptic feedback I am greeted with this loud taser-like noise. Everyone within 20 feet or a room can hear it. This is even more…

Extra fancy Extra fancy

....and the 2018 GTIs have finally been updated

Dead pixel or dust under the screen? Dead pixel or dust under the screen?

when i view myscreen from an angle the spot seems to be gone, but i can’t be sure whether it’s a dead pixel or dust under the screen, and it really bothers me. How do i fix this?? Dell XPS 15 4k

Drone shenanigans Drone shenanigans

A great idea... when there’s no snow on the car so that the drone slides off

New Laptop! New Laptop!

Dell XPS 15 9560

New toy! New toy!

DJI Mavic Pro

Today i learned: Today i learned:

Volkswagen is very slow to update their website. The 2018 Golfs are here yet the website only shows 2017s, and there are “big” differences between the 17s and 18s

Do I hear GoT? Do I hear GoT?

at 1:58, there is no way i’m the only one to hear the Game of Thrones theme there

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