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There's A Starman Waiting In The Sky There's A Starman Waiting In The Sky

You can probably guess what this is all about.

Super Blue Blood Moon! Super Blue Blood Moon!

The Super Blue Blood Moon, as you are probably all too aware, happened this morning. I got my butt up at 4:00 AM so I could leave by 5:00 AM or so. I got out to my spot about and was set up by 5:45 AM.

A Few From Last Week A Few From Last Week

After scrubbing the launch on Friday, United Launch Alliance got their Atlas V carrying the SBIRS GEO 4 Flight mission into space on Saturday evening.

First Roll From The Exa Is Back First Roll From The Exa Is Back

I sent the first roll from the Exa off and the scans were done today. I also sent off the mystery roll from the Yashica. Sadly, the Yashica roll didn’t have anything on it. I was pretty sure it was completely used, but maybe it got loaded but never exposed. Or maybe after 35 years, it was just undevelopable. The…

Agrajag's Fence Agrajag's Fence

This is my edit of the fence. I went for two different things happening at the same time. A harsh, depthless contrast on one side turning into a softer textured spacious area on the other; while leaving the green in.

Gabe's Best Of/Favorite Shots Of 2017 Gabe's Best Of/Favorite Shots Of 2017

These are my best and/or favorite shots from 2017. They are presented in chronological order. Many of them have been posted here, but some have not. I tried to keep it as short as possible, but I still ended up with 15 after I cut several. I’ll try to keep the commentary short. I tend to ramble sometimes...

Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from St. Petersburg! We went down for the fireworks and were not disappointed.

Whoa! Whoa!

So, I finally dug out the wife’s grandfather’s old cameras to see what’s up with them and to start using them. When I got the Yashica out, the winder was taught. It had film in it! (Always check for film before opening!)

Geminids! Geminids!

On Wednesday night, I went out to shoot some shooting stars. I headed back to the spot I shot the Leonids from not too long ago, though that trip only yielded a few meteors and lots of lens condensation. Conditions were much better this time and I came prepared.

Best Of 2017 Lists? Best Of 2017 Lists?

Does everyone want to post a “Best Pics Of 2017” list maybe the first week of January? Do a best five, ten, sixteen, seven, or whatever. Any pics, any camera; so long as you took ‘em in 2017. Well, let’s say took them by 6 am on January 1st, 2018. Who knows what you might find in the wee hours of the morning after New…

Some More Moon Pics And An Adventure (Of Sorts) Some More Moon Pics And An Adventure (Of Sorts)

After not getting the super-moon on the horizon the other day (stupid clouds), I went out to a totally different spot on Monday and Tuesday night. The moon would still be really close to full, and I was using this as training for the January 1st super-moon.

Moon Pics Moon Pics

So we had a supermoon. I first went out on Saturday evening to catch the (almost) supermoon moonrise. We had really clear skies that day and there was a chance that Sunday evening would be cloudy.

Leonid Meteors Leonid Meteors

It’s been almost two and half years since I was able to get a meteor picture. Every attempt has had something go wrong. Full moons, sand fly bites, almost rolling the truck, and getting chased by an alligator have all thwarted attempts. But not this time, damn it!

A Few Shots From The Past Week Or So A Few Shots From The Past Week Or So

The moon has been amazing these last few nights so I did my best with it. I did not coordinate this with Agrajag. Great minds...

Some More Stars And A Meteor  Some More Stars And A Meteor 

I went out a few nights ago to try for a better star trail circle shot with the North Star. We’ll get to that in a second. The header was taken on the walk back home. The Orion constellation was visible just above this house being built. Some trees blocked most of the direct light from the street lights and Orion was…

Two With The Phone And Two With The Camera Two With The Phone And Two With The Camera

Earlier in the week, we went over to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. That same day, there was a SpaceX launch right at sunset. I thought the parking garage at Universal Studios would be a great vantage point to shoot from.

Just Some Cars Just Some Cars

I posted this over in Photography as I’ve been hanging out over there a lot and just lurking around Oppo.

Just Some Cars Just Some Cars

A while back, I mentioned getting to do something really neat but couldn’t really say what it was yet. Well, this is it.

Irma Pictures Irma Pictures

We have electricity! The power was restored Friday afternoon. We went 5 days 22hours 56 minutes without power. It sucked. Yes, other areas of Florida, as well as several tiny island nations, suffered horrible losses. The scope of the outages and shitty management by our power provider were frustrating and brought our…

We Survived! (Updated) We Survived! (Updated)

No major damage. We lost power at 4:00 pm yesterday. It might be back on today or in a few days, just depends. The police pic and the first few are from yesterday as things started to get rough.

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