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An Addendum To The Macro Battle Post An Addendum To The Macro Battle Post

I was taking pictures of the kittens the other night and used the 18-300mm lens. This shot was at 280mm and f/6.3 (1/200 and ISO 1000).

Done And Done Done And Done

After two weeks of working on frames, getting mattes made, and a midnight repair session, these are done.

I’m A Moron. I’m A Moron.

I was drilling a small guide hole for new handing hardware on a framed print that is getting dropped off at a gallery Monday. I didn’t realize how far over I was drilling. I drilled right through the front of the frame. I should have been a hair over, drilling behind the thick part, not the thin curved area. 

iPhone Pics iPhone Pics

I haven’t been out taking pictures with the DSLR this week. I’ve been rehabbing frames for some stuff that got into a gallery show. I’ll post about that after I’ve got all five done. But I have taken a decent amount of pictures with my new phone.

Some Lightning (Finally) And Yet Another Rocket Some Lightning (Finally) And Yet Another Rocket

Last Saturday night I drove back over to Cape Canaveral for yet another rocket launch. SpaceX was sending up the Telstar 18 Vantage communications satellite. It was supposed to be cloudy but clearing up around the 11:28 pm launch time. That didn’t exactly happen, but it all worked out in the end.

Macro Battle! Macro Battle!

After taking those dragonfly pictures last whenever, I realized that I was not using the 18-300mm lens to its full potential. As pointed out by Agrajag, it seems you can get awfully close to the subject with the lens at 300mm.

Reflecting On Things Reflecting On Things

Ventured out to downtown for a thing on Sunday. I wasn’t going to bring my camera but a little voice in my head told me I probably should. I threw on my 50mm and headed out.

Dragonfly!  Dragonfly! 

Caught this little dude hanging around in the backyard a few days ago. Thankfully it stayed put while I grabbed my camera.

Baby Trash Pandas And A Few Meteors Baby Trash Pandas And A Few Meteors

A few days ago, there were three baby trash pandas chilling in the banyan tree in our backyard.

Finally Got This Shot!  Finally Got This Shot! 

I attempted this shot back in June but got clouded in.

That Full Moon Rising Was Sweet That Full Moon Rising Was Sweet

Except for one thing...

This Never Gets Old This Never Gets Old

Sunday’s Spacex Falcon 9 Telstar 19 VANTAGE ripping through the atmosphere and off into space. Seriously, this never gets old. It’s amazing every time.

Dead Boys Dead Boys

The legendary New York punk band Dead Boys have reconstituted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their 1977 debut album “Young, Loud and Snotty.” Guitarist Cheetah Chrome and drummer Johnny Blitz are the only original members involved.

Fireworks! Fireworks!

Fourth of July! Fireworks!

The Sleep Deprivation Was Totally Worth It (Updated With A New Photo) The Sleep Deprivation Was Totally Worth It (Updated With A New Photo)

So I had been meticulously planning a shot for a few weeks now. The SpaceX CRS-15 mission was going to launch less than half an hour before sunrise. From the spot I planned to shoot it from, the rocket and sunrise would be happening at virtually the exact same spot on the horizon. On top of that, I was going to get an…

Into The Heart of Darkness of Florida Into The Heart of Darkness of Florida

I rolled out on Tuesday afternoon for a trip into some of the darkest skies Florida has to offer. Between 1:00 pm and 4:00 am I covered about 500 miles. I had a plan and didn’t stick to it because of stupidity on my part or things totally out of my control. I didn’t get every picture I wanted, but I am happy with what…

A Kitten And Some Tilt Shifting A Kitten And Some Tilt Shifting

The last intact female feral on our block had kittens a while back. Despite looking everywhere, we never found where she had them stashed. I finally saw a little dude on the side of the house on Saturday. He (I think he’s a he) is the only one that has survived.

Variations On A Theme Variations On A Theme

SpaceX sent a rocket up last night and I had been scoping out a new place to shoot it from here in St. Petersburg.

Re-Edits Re-Edits

I had planned on posting these before I saw ttyymmnn’s Mustang re-edits, so I guess it’ll just be a theme of the day or something.

Cars, But The Coffee Line Was Too Long Cars, But The Coffee Line Was Too Long

This weekend brought with it the most anticipated Cars and Coffee of the of the year for the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. The monthly duPont Registry C&C normally takes place at its headquarters in St. Petersburg. This one was held across the bay at the Peter O. Knight Airport on Davis Island in Tampa.

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