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Hour rule Hour rule

Haven’t done this is a while

Enough to make a grown Oppo cry Enough to make a grown Oppo cry

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any car finds or flowers. So here’s some cars:

Big thanks to Oppo Big thanks to Oppo

Got the bolt out. Made a quick stop by HF and bought more tools than I needed.

Oppo repair help Oppo repair help

Replacing the struts on my girlfriend’s 97 Camry. Everything going relatively smoothly till now. I got 3 corners done in a couple hours but then I got to the driver’s rear. I had to set the sway bar end link nut on fire after soaking it in PB blaster to get it off. Got the bottom bolt/nut loose but can’t get the top…

Chuckles in 12 y/o Chuckles in 12 y/o

My odometer today

Thanks for the input Oppo Thanks for the input Oppo

I went with these. Only a little more than the no names from 1a auto. Now I have a project to finish in the near future.

Oppo opinions: 1a auto Oppo opinions: 1a auto

My girlfriend’s 97 Camry’s struts are long dead. She’s a grad student so $ is tight. Found this set from 1a auto which has the whole set for the price of a pair from most other places. Most of her driving is short distances around town but has to travel for field work from time to time. Figured they’re not likely to…

New mommy mobile

No pics because I haven’t seen it in person. My mom traded in the stereotypical mommy mobile (early 2000s Lexus RX). Close to 200k on the odometer and starting to need a few fixes, nothing major, just little things. I thought the transmission might have been slipping a little.

It’s that time of year again It’s that time of year again

I need tires. Looking for recommendations. Y’all know I drive a lot (175k miles in 4 1/2 years). Soft sporty compounds won’t cut it but I do want some good grip. Most of my driving is around town these days so I’m not on the highway 120 miles/day anymore since I’m no longer commuting. I’d like to keep the stock tire…

Mazda Finale (I hope) Mazda Finale (I hope)

It was definitely the wheel bearing assembly.

Mazda update Mazda update

Sound has gotten worse. Taking an educated guess and replacing the bearing. Unfortunately no one carries axle nuts for my car anywhere so I’ll have to reuse mine which depending on who you ask is bad or not a big deal. Will have to wait for a new one in the mail.

More update (sort of)

Made the drive to get my car back. Now with less noise. On the drive back I used the hand brake to stop the car a couple times (controlled, not jerking it). That seemed to fix the knocking noise under acceleration and partly correct the squeal-y noise. Now, instead of being noisy when decelerating, it seems to be…

Another Mazda update 

Still no answers. Took the big drive to my uncle’s shop. They spent almost the whole day with it and can’t find anything wrong. Runs and drives fine but makes weird and different noises depending on what’s going on (how long driving, speed, etc).

Mazda update

So, the shop I took it to was/is wrong. They said it was my front brakes. Now, I thought this was odd since the noise didn’t change when applying brakes but it was something I planned on doing this weekend, so I gave it a shot. I took a couple hours out of a busy day to replace the rotors and pads. Drove around some…

The 3 is in the shop

I jynxed myself with my mileage post. Dropped it off about an hour ago. We can play the guess what’s wrong and how much is it gonna cost game.

People keep posting mileage (not really) People keep posting mileage (not really)

Here’s mine. 2015 mazda3

Well that’s impressive  Well that’s impressive 

Wonder how much goes to charity

I spent almost $150 on bulbs....

I’ve had my Mazda for about 4 1/2 years and we’re a little shy of 173k on the clock. Since I no longer commute my yearly mileage has been cut in about half; which is good.

Hour rule  Hour rule 

Oh no. Don’t have a car pic handy....

New Kinja layout  New Kinja layout 

Looks awful. Looks like one of those pop up ad/clickbait sites that get shared all over Facebook.

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