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Stoopid Humanz (Rant) Stoopid Humanz (Rant)

But first, our loaner Mini:


I posted my sister’s ‘06 WRX 5-speed on a local rallyx facebook group page, after weeks of procrastination. I do like driving this car, but it’s got issues, which I disclosed in my listing, and accounted for in my price.

I Took A Week Off The Internet I Took A Week Off The Internet

And it was everything I though it would be. It wasn’t really intentional, and I did check weather, login to work for 20 minutes to help out, and checked my personal email some. But I didn’t do much else, and it was glorious. What did I miss? I don’t even know yet, and don’t care. I’ll get back to real life tomorrow.…

Dadlopnik Dadlopnik

Oh my where to begin. How about this: my kids are wonderful and I love them very much. Phew! Now that that’s established, let’s move on to today: this is the first whole day of our actual summer vacation. My wife and I haven’t taken a week off since the week between Christmas and New Year’s and that almost doesn’t…

Ring Ring!! Ring Ring!!

Me right now, trying to work on something that doesn’t involve talking to people about things I can’t really answer even though I have the information on the screen in front of me because it’s not public until Wednesday and NO the person who handles this cannot talk to you right now or else it will never get finished…

The Weekend The Weekend

How was your weekend? We started out dodging rain on Friday night, which worked out better than we could have hoped. We barely got a drop and only saw two other boats out on our lake, which is just incredible for a Friday night in July. I guess the earlier storms scared people away, but man, if you can bust out right…

New Music from Greta Van Fleet New Music from Greta Van Fleet

If you haven’t heard their first major album From the Fires, I highly recommend it. I’m waiting for their next one to come out, as they keep saying “soon.” Well at least we’ve got this.

Holy, Moly The SUN! Holy, Moly The SUN!

It’s been overcast since Sunday, with few exceptions. With a dewpoint within a few degrees of the temperature, rain came and went at a whim, sometimes light drizzle and other times torrential downpours, although admittedly we do need the rain - it’s been a beautiful summer with sunny day after sunny day, which is nice…

Shedlopnik - Complete* Shedlopnik - Complete*

*As ‘complete’ as any project really can be, that is. I shared some pics of this a while ago, but now that it’s at least enclosed I thought I’d share again. I’ve been slowly working on organizing the interior, finding places to hang/store all my yard tools, and anything from the basement or under our deck that should…

New Addition to the Fleet! New Addition to the Fleet!

I’ve posted a bunch on here looking for opinions on a replacement commuter car for my wife, and if were up to Oppo she’d have gotten a GTI case closed. But she didn’t want one of those. She kinda-sorta really wanted another X3 - we sold her 2007 6-speed manual X3 with over 200,000 miles in June; she loved that car, I…

Today I Learned: About Minis Today I Learned: About Minis

As I’m sure you know, it all started when Israel invaded Egypt in 1956. No, really. Without going into great detail, this conflict led to the closing of the Suez Canal (for a time) and subsequent high fuel prices in Great Britain, which contributed to the invention of the Original Mini as a fuel-efficient and perhaps…


First, a lifted 4x4 that is NOT a poser:

The noise, Noise, NOIse, NOISE! The noise, Noise, NOIse, NOISE!

I’m pretty sure I saw either one of these, or something very similar yesterday, even though I didn’t get a great look at it:

Yard Camping Ramblings

I’m camping in the yard with my kids. It’s literally a perfect summer night; it was above 80 today but now that the sun is down it’s quickly cooling, and will likely be 50 by morning. I’m sitting in a chair between the house and the tent with a gin and tonic and listening to the Red Sox via my laptop, so I figured I’d…

Oppo Mini (har, har) Review [UPDATE] Oppo Mini (har, har) Review [UPDATE]

(update down below. tl/dr - we’re buying it!)

An Actual Great List from Lifehacker

This came across my eyes this morning, and for once, it’s a really interesting list from Lifehacker:

Just Made Mt Prospect My, umm. Subordinate Just Made Mt Prospect My, umm. Subordinate

I’m keepin’ it clean, you know, fer da kidz. But I just came back from a mt. bike ride wherein I conquered a section of the trail, a short, but VERY steep and rocky/root laden section that I had previously considered not possible. It took me four tries and I drew blood on my knee (from my bike TIRE of all things) but…

An Insightful Youtube Comment? An Insightful Youtube Comment?

Like rubbernecking at an accident on the highway, I really try NOT to look at youtube comments. But for some reason I found myself drifting aimlessly downward into the realm of the comments section for Regular Car Reviews’ latest video, on a 2014 320i. While clearly not his first BMW review, he does delve into the…

Any Subie / Tuning Experts?

I have in my possession a 2006 Subaru WRX that belongs to my sister, I’m helping her sell it. It’s got some issues. I scanned it for codes (the CEL is on), and found only one code, P0244 -

School Me, Oppo School Me, Oppo

On this generation of Mini. My wife is interested in a particularly nice example of a 2015 Mini Cooper S 4-door with the 6-speed... automatic. While it goes against all my sensibilities to get an automatic example of a car that can be had with a manual, this is HER commuter car, and while she’s really never owned an…

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