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Full Moon Adventures: Lake Biking Edition Full Moon Adventures: Lake Biking Edition

Welcome to the latest installment of Full Moon Adventures. I’ve written about these before, but it’s not complicated: a friend and I try to do something interesting outdoors when the moon is full. Part of the reason is just that we don’t have free time during the day anymore - we started doing this more regularly…

Distracted Driving? Probably.  Distracted Driving? Probably. 

This afternoon I saw the aftermath of an accident that looked an awful lot like distracted driving. Nowhere near any kind of intersection, on a gentle curve in dry conditions, two pickup trucks collided. One was a 1st gen Titan, it was stopped in the opposite lane from the direction I was going, slightly askew but not…

Here's a Cheat Sheet For Sounding Like a Moron When Talking About Boats Here's a Cheat Sheet For Sounding Like a Moron When Talking About Boats

Sterndrive / I/O / Inboard/Outboard / Outboard / Inboard / Jetdrive: These are all just marketing terms that all mean the exact same thing. All of them will drain your wallet while sometimes propelling your boat across water. Whatever one YOU have, that’s the best one. 

Road Trip Today! Road Trip Today!

Went to Boston. Seent a couple cars, only got pics in a few cases:

Should I Stop Driving My Car?  Should I Stop Driving My Car? 

Yet another of my car’s siblings, a manual 325 wagon, appears on the most inflated of markets, Bring a Trailer. Yet, it is a market nonetheless. Should I just be polishing my car, fixing all the little details on it and cashing in on the Manual Wagon Craze? It’s at $4,600 with two whole days left! I doubt I’d get half…

new mudflaps who dis new mudflaps who dis

Spotted this in town this morning (I was stopped at the time).

1948 Sunbeam Talbot 90 1948 Sunbeam Talbot 90

Inspired by this post to go hunting my local CL for “barn” (as in “barn find,” if that doesn’t go without saying). And up came this gem:

Cotomer Sevis Cotomer Sevis

“I am sorry that you are passing through this right now”

*snowfort intensifies* *snowfort intensifies*

I am incapable of boredom. I look out at my deck covered in snow and instead of thinking, ugh, I have to shovel that off, I think, ooh I could make a fort! (for my kids... right?) I shared this in an earlier post, and it’s gotten bigger. Here it is at Phase [0.5] and Phase I:

Laptoppositelock Laptoppositelock

My work laptop is a Dell, about 3 years old. Up for replacement at 4. Lately I started noticing it would just insert a few characters of text while I was typing. Or not typing, for that matter. I’d get this (not with the quotes): “;E?” and then two <returns>.

In Living Colour* In Living Colour*

*colour available at additional cost

One in a Million - no, 20,000, no WAIT! 2,000!! One in a Million - no, 20,000, no WAIT! 2,000!!

Spotted this in the parking lot at work. Let’s not debate whether it was parked there legally, I’m over that I swear.

Giving BMW drivers everywhere a bad name... [updated] Giving BMW drivers everywhere a bad name... [updated]

I hate that this kid is driving a BMW because it just adds to the stereotype. It’s the one thing I don’t like about my car, and I try to, you know, use my blinker, and only take up one handicapped space at the grocery store (Kidding!!). And then people like this exist:

OppoSharing is OppoCaring OppoSharing is OppoCaring

But seriously, a big thank you to Highlander-MT tax evasion LLC. Mazda still rusty. A while back he posted about replacing his plates. I may have mentioned here before that I collect license plates, and when I saw that post I asked not-very-seriously if I could have one of the old ones.

New Toy! New Toy!

Quite literally. It’s a 1/64 model of my boat! It’s pretty detailed, even including the right decals on the tower. Of course, if you want to nit-pick, there are details that are inconsistent (e.g. some things are only found on the ‘05 but others are only on the ‘00 or ‘01). But it’s pretty accurate for what it is.

Interesting Strategy

I’ve never seen someone take this approach to selling a vehicle, short of something extremely special, perhaps. But even then, I can’t think of a dedicated website for a single item like this.

I Skied. A Lot. I Skied. A Lot.

This weekend I skied in a “vertical challenge” fundraiser, where you just see how many laps you can do in a set time period (in this case 4.5 hours), in teams. No breaks. It’s no 24 Hours of Aspen but it was a blast.

This is Also The First Thing I Would Do With a Tesla This is Also The First Thing I Would Do With a Tesla

Team O’Neil, grabbin’ some oppo in a Model 3.

Kings & Queens of Corbet's Kings & Queens of Corbet's

This just in - top 3 men, video on the u-tubez

Oh, no. An article about Ground Speed

Next thing you know, the ol’ Blackbird will be back in my sidebar. FOREVAHHHHHH

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