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Shameless Plug #2 - It's Live! [shameless update] Shameless Plug #2 - It's Live! [shameless update]

*Update* Supposedly you can see the show on youtube right now, at least until the BBC takes it down if they’re vigilant. Skip to about 15:00 if you so desire.

I'm Famous! I'm Famous!

Er, not quite. Appearing on BBC Two is hardly the peak of stardom. And I’m not appearing at all; rather, my truck is.


I’m switching my truck’s insurance to Hagerty for a few reasons. I won’t get into that now, but the little sales pitch from my agent was comical. Reading directly from marketing materials, she says, “Oh and one nice benefit of Hagerty Plus is you get a guaranteed flatbed for your classic car! It’s not like AAA,…

Iceland Photodump Iceland Photodump

These are out of order because reasons. And we definitely took more pictures than this, but I’m not including all ~300 or so. I know, that’s not even that many. I tried to do things like, enjoy the scenery with my own eyes, talk to and enjoy the company of my wife (now of 10 years, the reason for the trip in the first…

Great Jumpin' Jimny! Great Jumpin' Jimny!

I’m back from Iceland! And I’m exhausted, so I’m not going to share tons of pictures right now. Here’s one of our trusty Jimny, though. It was a 2014 with about 115,000km on it, a 5-speed manual, 4 wheel drive, and heat. That’s... about it. It was all we needed.

Florence Flood Cars Florence Flood Cars

What are the odds that THIS is the cover image for a story on flooded cars left behind by Florence?

Calling Photographer Oppos Calling Photographer Oppos

I’m looking for a decent point-and-shoot that will take way better pictures than my cellphone, but not DSLR-level because I have an older DSLR that, while highly configure-able, it’s bulky and cumbersome just to take quick shots of average things. Extensive internet-review-reading led me to this:

Hey Wagon Friend Hey Wagon Friend

I rarely post anything remotely personal here. I’m making an exception. And sorry for not being specific; if this reaches its intended audience, this is as specific as I need to be.

Refrigerator Enthusiast Refrigerator Enthusiast

Most of you probably don’t think much about your refrigerator; you just open it, expect it to be cold inside, maybe even make some ice in the freezer, and don’t really think about how it works. “It’s just an appliance,” you say.


I was standing on pavement when I snapped this pic. Okay, *maybe* this guy is usually more adventurous. But I still got a little chuckle.


Parking lot at work. Time capsule Dakota. A rare sight here in Rust Hampshire. I love the graphics. It looks absolutely mint. It must have been garaged. I mean, the clear coat isn’t even faded.

I'm Unreasonably Excited... I'm Unreasonably Excited...

... to drive a Suzuki Jimny! I rented one for our trip to Iceland in a few weeks. It’s just my wife and me, it should be perfect. Plus, because we’re not in Auto-Merica, it’s a manual! Yay. Maybe it’ll even be a diesel. 

This Morning, in Drivers Who Shouldn't Be Licensed This Morning, in Drivers Who Shouldn't Be Licensed

My morning commute involves a 5-minute stretch of winding road with lots of hills, mostly a residential area with a few businesses. As we’re approaching a farm stand, a car in front of me slows a bit and taps their brakes. No problem, it’s reasonable to expect someone to slow down past the farm stand; it’s kind of a…

Here are some pictures. Here are some pictures.

In no particular order.

It's Been a Good Summer It's Been a Good Summer

As I’m not on drop-off and pick-up duty for the kids, I’m able to drive my truck to work most of the summer. It’s not far; it barely even warms up, which is too bad because it really does drive better after about 10-15 minutes. It’s only an 8 minute drive.

Boats of Craigslist: Tuesday Edition Boats of Craigslist: Tuesday Edition

Today we have another hands-down Nice Price if it’s what the seller claims. These aren’t exactly common, but seem to have a loyal following. I know a guy who drove to Texas from Massachusetts to get his, and it needed a full restoration. I’m sure he’s got more than $5k into his, but look at this:

Boats of Craigslist: Labor Day Special Boats of Craigslist: Labor Day Special

I’m very picky when it comes to boats. My friends often ask me “hey what do you think of [insert link to shitty used boat here]” to which I almost always reply something like “why don’t you just light some $100's on fire.” This could be for any number of reasons, not excluding “they’re not asking enough” - similar to…

I've Realized Something Important I've Realized Something Important

It seems like it should be obvious, but evidently not - at least to me.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These:  Sweet Dreams are Made of These: 

Link in case of Kinja attack:

Parking @ Work - A Rant: Part... 3? Parking @ Work - A Rant: Part... 3?

Gather ‘round, children! It’s time for another installment of Parking @ Work - A Rant.

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