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F-150 Did a Mustang F-150 Did a Mustang

This morning on my way to work I came upon an accident. Single vehicle, single occupant, no injuries, but the vehicle - a last-gen F-150 - was damaged and immobile. Fluids all over the ground and the right front wheel was properly borked.

Interesting MTB Trail Saturday [updated] Interesting MTB Trail Saturday [updated]

Saturday we visited my in-laws up near Conway, NH and as my wife was going out of town for work for 3 days, she said “Why don’t you get out on your bike while you can.” She didn’t have to ask me twice!

Boatlopnik Boatlopnik

About four years ago there was a Jalopnik article about diagnosing a car that won’t start, which prompted me to write one up about boats. What’s funny is I am STILL getting comments on it, even sometimes from people who are googling “boat won’t start” from their cell phones while stranded with a dead boat out on the…

Nice view of some passing showers tonight. Have a good weekend y’all.

A Tale of Two Minis [updated] A Tale of Two Minis [updated]

My kids LOVE Legos, and so do I. For my birthday my wife got “me” the Mini Rally set and I only just got around to messing with it yesterday. The three of us put together the first bag of parts which produced this:


So after I sold our “third” car (not counting the truck) last Friday, my wife’s 2015 Mini decided “Hey, let’s throw a party code!” Of course, if you believe the internet, Minis are horrible, unreliable pieces of crap. But so are old BMWs and I owned two of those over the last 10 years and never once did one of them…

Why Your Automotive Subculture Sucks: Rolling Coal Edition Why Your Automotive Subculture Sucks: Rolling Coal Edition

1. Because your automotive subculture IS “rolling coal.” 

I Sold a Thing I Sold a Thing

It will be missed but it will not be my last 90’s / 00’s bmw. I listed it for $4,200 and sold it for $4,100 to the first person who looked at it, extending my streak of selling things to the first serious buyer to about 5 now.

How Does a History Teacher Carry Books to Class? How Does a History Teacher Carry Books to Class?

I’m sorry, it’s all I could think of when I saw this.

Ur-Ford F-100 Ur-Ford F-100

This. This right here is why I started to like old trucks. I was probably 10 when my uncle found this truck in California (he lived there), manual swapped it and drove it to New Hampshire so my father could have a nice truck for not a lot of money. Since then it’s never been driven in the salt and probably has rolled…

Will It Rally? Will It Rally?

In case you missed it, Team O’Neil is now doing a series called “will it rally” which is exactly what it sounds like. They don’t take cars out to actual races, but they do run them around a timed lap of their roads and generally abuse them on the skidpad/slalom. So far, they did a 2000 Chevy Astro van (awd) and a 2014…

Long Weekend Long Weekend

My kids’ last day of preschool was Friday, so I left work at noon. It was BY FAR the nicest weather we’ve had this year, high 70's / low 80's in the day, no humidity, light breeze, and low 50's at night. We spent as much time as possible outside, and I touched my computer and phone as little as possible.

Save The Volvos Save The Volvos

Maybe this has been shared here, but if not, here ya go ya crazy animals:

Ugh, "Youths" Ugh, "Youths"

Trying to buy a small RC boat on Marketbook Faceplace:

Surprised This Isn't On BaT Surprised This Isn't On BaT

Original owner, 67,000 mile 2002 BMW 325xi wagon, manual.

Let The Tire Kicking Begin Let The Tire Kicking Begin

Of course I’m not going to say it outright, but I am going to aim a little high because:

there I fixed it . jpg there I fixed it . jpg

Got these pics from a friend who wanted to check out the house we lived in during senior year of college.

15 Years [update] 15 Years [update]

Tomorrow I’m heading to my 15 year college reunion. It’s a 600-mile round trip so we’re most likely taking the Mini - it’s just me and my wife with one bag each. But I’m really tempted to take the E46.

Seent Seent

Nice ‘74 F250, 4x4, manual 4 speed, $8,500. I don’t know a lot more (like, what engine - don’t know) but I certainly could find out, isn’t there someone here looking for just such a truck? This is for sale by a friend of mine. 

Then This Appeared Then This Appeared

While I’ve been trying to talk myself out of bidding on that beautiful blue V70R on Bring a Trailer, I found this:

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