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Who's a Good Dog? Who's a Good Dog?

Not this one. That is a guilty face if I’ve ever seen one.


Interesting listing. Reads like a cheesy buy-here-pay-way-too-much-here listing with stuff like Phenomenal Snow Traction in the description, but not the reason for selling.

The Internet is a Cruel Mistress The Internet is a Cruel Mistress

[sort of politics, but really, this kind of thing could happen to anyone... right?]

We Were On Thin Ice We Were On Thin Ice

No, literally. The early cold weather this year meant that ice formed around our dock before we got a chance to take it out of the water. It’s about 3 feet deep off the end of the dock so normally I wear waders and wrestle the dock from in the water. I had even gone down the day before to open the water around the…

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Nice 3 digit plate 

This is a good thread This is a good thread

Yet more attention to the gigantic maw on the new HD Silverado, but at least there are some hilarious submissions. My half-assed attempt at humor is below.


When restoring someone’s bookmarks in Chrome, one of the bookmarks was ‘youtube - google search’ as in, someone wanted to see a video of some sort, presumably; went to the address bar - now also known as the place you can directly google search from - typed in ‘youtube,’ ok that’s fine. But then. In case this person…

FP: Cars In Movies FP: Cars In Movies

It’s a fun topic, “What about cars do movies get wrong?” and there are many, many things to mention. Continuity, broken cars being fixed in the next scene, or replaced with a different model, incorrect sounds, drivers never looking ahead... But come on, the last paragraph says, “No F&F, that’s too easy” and yet half…

Alternative Timeline Alternative Timeline

In which I had some boats:

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

You better KEEP BACK 500 FEET I’m telling you why... Santa Ford is coming... to town.......

Vehicular Chronology Vehicular Chronology

I went digging and came up with pics of nearly every car I’ve ever owned, or at least called “mine.” So here goes:

FunctionOverFashion's Hot Take FunctionOverFashion's Hot Take

On a truck that is not better than a Tacoma in any way, but looks cooler. So yeah, pretty much fashion over function. Which is a funny way to look at this beast:

Snow Day #2 - It's Still November Snow Day #2 - It's Still November

Yesterday was the second snow day for us already, and I was thinking it was a questionable call until my wife went to go to work at 7:00am and couldn’t get out of our road. We thought it was strange we hadn’t seen the plow yet, but it wasn’t the snow that was the issue - that had mostly stopped by 6:00am, leaving only…

America's Cup Prototype Boats Appearing America's Cup Prototype Boats Appearing

America’s Cup test boats are starting to appear (ok they’ve been appearing for several months, but whatever). The boats are incredible.

That's Not How This Works That's Not How This Works

Facebook marketplace car for sale - with fist covering the license plate. Man, this is Facebook. First of all, YOUR NAME is on the same screen along with your business name (in this case) and the fact that you’re the owner. In a few clicks I can see you like Indian motorcycles, muscle cars, bears, ‘MURICA, and also…

Slot Cars Anyone? Slot Cars Anyone?

I want to get my kids a little electric race track set for Christmas. The #1 best seller on Amazon is this one but the reviews are mixed. Like, lots of really positive ones, but then a full 20% (~73 reviews) are 1 star. And they’re not 1 star because the postal service counter was rude, or because they weren’t really…

Morning, Oppo. How Was Your Weekend? Morning, Oppo. How Was Your Weekend?

A random assortment of things from my weekend:

If Dogs Could Talk

*two dogs are sleeping*

Winter Came In Like Winter Came In Like

I mean, I love winter BUT I’M NOT READY

Most Honest Comment Ever Most Honest Comment Ever

Then it works and is useless to me again

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