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NPoCP: DeLorean Hovercraft NPoCP: DeLorean Hovercraft

I see this thing on occasion and it’s mind bending. “Who put acid into my drink?” is the first thought you have when you see a DeLorean out driving around on the SF Bay with it’s gullwing doors open.

So what's all this smoke in the air doing to my car?

A popular mod to get a couple more HP out of M5's is to remove the charcoal filter that vaguely restricts a little air from the engine. I opted to skip that. However the air here in SF is so bad that I can’t see SF from the bridge above it half the time.

Easily my worst autocross run of the day Easily my worst autocross run of the day

Porsche runs a nice autox series on my Island and while I am no longer a Porsche owner I’m still a PCA member so they let me run whatever I’ve got. While the M5 is no match for nimble little two seaters and I get my butt kicked it’s still nice to step on the gas in anger once in a while.

I just got back from Greece I just got back from Greece

Drunk people came pouring out of the restaurant to stand down hill from this to try to push it back onto the road after another drunk guy missed his turn in his (assuming here) rental car. It was one of those moments where trying to determine who the biggest idiot was impossible. But hey they got the guy loose and…

Not the fastest run either Not the fastest run either

I found the above photo online. The video below I shot myself. The pass before this one clocked over 190 mph. As telemetry revealed he continued to accelerate well past the radar trap and didn’t hit the brakes for turn 2 until he only had 100' left to slow down enough for the hairpin. Translation: he was hitting well…

What is wrong with this person?

Why simply buy a car when you can have your time wasted by someone with a head full of bats? 

I don't understand how people can be so awful

I also don’t understand why the universe seems to single you out once in a while and rain terrible stuff down on you all at once. I’ve been home sick for a few days now and finally decided come hell or high water I’d head into work today. I’m spare you the details on my gastrointestinal suffering but it’s nearly…

If you're an aspiring hit and run driver...

I have just the car to help you get away with your crime.

FFS Craigslist FFS Craigslist

Curiously no zoomed out photos showing how well those wheels look with the rest of the sedan but I think I’ve got a hunch about why. Jesus.

DOTS executive heavyweight DOTS executive heavyweight

Hoo boy that is a lot of car.

New office setup New office setup

It comes with a three burner alcohol stove, microwave, heat, bathroom, sloop rig, refrigerator, and a bed.

It's my birthday in two hours and I want to tell you about the first car I crashed. 

When I was 5 years old the family moved to a new house so I cannot tell you how old I was when this happened but I was big enough to sit behind the wheel and reach the shifter on the column.

I'm tempted to order one of these I'm tempted to order one of these

... and rewire my inoperative emergency assist overhead button to order quarts of oil from the driver’s seat with ease.

Indy 500, brought to you by Vaseline

These folks don’t seem to be getting any warning whatsoever before the snap understeer takes them out at 220 mph. Brutal.

This post is not car related This post is not car related

LCD Soundsystem vs The Yeah Yeah Yeahs tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, in just a couple hours.

Why do they give you both keys to a rental?

I’ve got a Hyundai Mistake with an excited squirrel for a motor for a few days in LA. It’s annoying to drive but what the fuck is with rental places giving you two keys that are crimped onto #6 gauge wire? Every time I rent a car I need a separate pocket for the two remotes for the same car, wired together which makes…

Nice hairline, moron. 

Chubby balding loser makes the news for being a loser.

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