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missus been gone for 5 hours missus been gone for 5 hours

ive decided me daughter may only adress me as mister brodie sir

dots dots


the happening was a documentary the happening was a documentary

its all *sneeze* true

today is cream day im told today is cream day im told

go cream yer whatevers

bwuh bwuh

after being told all week the hospital would be keeping the mother in law over the weekend.... they just sent her home... this seems too soon...

dis good stuff dis good stuff

may want to save it for a rainy day as its nearly 3 hours total (or completely ignore it)

gnite oppo gnite oppo

heres all 3 races of round 2 of this years btcc

dots dots

found a trucky truck

hehehe... i shouldnt laugh hehehe... i shouldnt laugh

mother in law update

gnite oppo gnite oppo

i’d give an update on the mother in law but i cant yet.... missus still on the phone..... i got a thumbs up back when i asked tho... so take that as you will

welp...(updated) welp...(updated)

(update turns out we sent someone to check on her about an hour after she had a stroke... so thats fucking lucky.. her speech centre has been affected so it could be a while before she has all her words again... at the moment all she has is yes and bloody (bloody came out when served a bad cuppa... so that figures)…

baku (the race) baku (the race)

f1 spoilers may turn up here

went for a poke walk went for a poke walk

got distracted...

baku (qualifying) baku (qualifying)

f1 spoilers may turn up here

hey max hey max

you’re a twat...uhh.. i mean.. thank you for all the freebie racing coverage im getting now


Williams just can’t catch a break

farscythe friday! farscythe friday!

oh wait... its still thursday...

gnite oppo gnite oppo

that time of day again eh?

unimportant farscy ramble unimportant farscy ramble

found me first coworker i dont like much... not for any real reason dude just seems to be allergic to silence.. so i need to find a way to get him as far away from me as possible... cant take another day of his terrible jokes off tune whistling and general loudness (i came here for my peace and quiet forfuckssake...…

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