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big big

it stole my driveway oh my lawd

found a shit box found a shit box

also... i know you lot know what car this is

evening entertainment evening entertainment

yeah yeah.. ill shut up after this

the kids are allright the kids are allright

i like these guys... they make good musics

oh look! oh look!


oh look! oh look!


heres one for friends passed heres one for friends passed

and one for friends not yet passed.... but working on it


man.... make a stupid comment on fp.. and i get the one guy that has no funny bone... id link the comment but kinja.. just check the bear in a honda story if anyone cares

dots dots

i found a thingy a wotsit a speed buggy!

gives you wiiiiiings aclock gives you wiiiiiings aclock

come on dovi and lorenzo... dont let that twat run away

went for a pokewalk went for a pokewalk

took pictures of random shit

motownlopnik motownlopnik

i love impala wagons

jazzalopnik jazzalopnik

first up me uncle... sadly no longer with us

dont do drugs... keep oppo sublime dont do drugs... keep oppo sublime

you’ll be gone too soon

opa tsupa lopnik opa tsupa lopnik

followed by the only logical follow up to this

evening entertainment evening entertainment

turned up on me netflix.... its irresistable must watch

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